Title: A Beginning to End All Ends
Author: AstroKender
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Warnings: none
Spoilers: Again, none
Notes: This is in honor of my one year anniversary of being a part of GWML and gw-fan. And specifically, this is dedicated to Babaca, who was the person who encouraged me to join these lists. Thanks Barb.
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"It's really over," I murmur to myself as I watch the evening's festivities. I sit on a small hill, away from the others, my arms curled around my knees for warmth. I never though I would live to see this day, indeed, I never gave the idea of this day much thought at all. But sitting here, now, makes me realize that, deep down, this is what I've been fighting for all along. Not for my identity, or the one I had stolen, but for this. For peace.

A wavering shadow falls over me and I tense, relaxing only when I recognize WuFei. Glancing down at me, he nods silently, before taking a seat beside me on the cold ground. We both are silent, watching the figures dancing around their bonfires. We are too far away from them to feel the warmth of those flames, but just watching the smiles on everyone's faces as they gathered around is enough to ignite a warmth within that makes the ice covered hill much less uncomfortable.

"It is finally over," WuFei states softly, more to himself than to me. I say nothing and, for the first time since I had met him, WuFei relaxes. Leaning back on his elbows, the fearsome pilot of Altron smiles, wiggling his feet to the music that someone had begun playing.

I smile when he isn't looking and turn back to the party, scanning the crowd for familiar faces. I spot Duo almost right off, the boy's natural presence being more visible than even that yard of hair hanging from his head. Duo is talking animatedly with Hilde and Relena, gesturing wildly. He must be telling a joke, since his hands stop in mid air and the two girls begin giggling in amusement. I shake my head ruefully, Duo will always be around, I think, to lighten everyone's burdens.

I blink as I suddenly notice Heero in their little group; I wonder why I didn't notice him before. The Japanese boy is half turned away from the others as he stares off into the distance. But maybe he was keeping half an ear on the conversation before him, because he smiles suddenly. It was a tiny smile, but one of such brilliance that I could see it plainly from the distance in which I was sitting.

My eyes scan through the mass of people, searching for a familiar blond head. I look for many minutes before WuFei raises his arm and points to a large group of people. "He is in there," the Chinese boy grunts.

My eyes follow to where WuFei is pointing and I see him, the center of a maelstrom of Maguanacs and other well-wishers. Quatre stands there calmly, talking politely to those around him. The Arab looks up and over at me, somehow knowing exactly where I am, and smiles. His attention is taken from me back to the group around him and he begins talking once more, though I catch his gaze drifting up more than once to where WuFei and I sit.

A face pops up in front of me and my eyebrows rise in surprise. Duo grins and claps me on the shoulder, before taking off his jacket and balling it up, using it as a pillow as he plops down bonelessly in front of us. He says nothing, just lays there staring up at the half moon that hovers over us. Beside me, WuFei snorts and pokes the L2 pilot in the ribs with the toe of his boot.

"You are going to die of exposure laying like that," The black-haired boy gestures to the sleeveless red shirt that was the only thing between the American's back and the frozen grass. Duo waves his hand at him consolingly.

"After all I've survived, a little cold isn't going to kill me, so don't worry unless you'd prefer to be my pillow." Duo grins and winks.

Duo's eyes widen as we both wave him up and he grabs his jacket and puts it on hurriedly. He pauses in front of us uncertainly, a vulnerability in his eyes that he had never shown us before.

"Is it over?" he asks us. We both nod and he smiles, before situating himself so that his head is pillowed on top of WuFei's lap and his legs are hidden under the protective bridge of my own. He goes back to watching the moon, and doesn't speak another word.

"Can I sit with you guys?" Quatre asks from the bottom of the hill. He is alone, his entourage nowhere to be seen. We all wave him up and he smiles brightly, his large eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

He kneels next to me and lifts Duo's feet up slightly so he can slide underneath them. One hand toys with the American's boot as the other slips around behind me to rest on the ground. I hear him give out a little sigh before he rests his head gently against my shoulder.

"I am so glad it's over," Quatre whispers, closing his eyes.

We all rest there silently, wrapped up in our own thoughts. The temperature must be dropping but I really don't notice, the people around me more than enough to keep me warm. But the perfection seems off somehow; some small but vital peace is missing from the puzzle.

"Hey Heero," Duo murmurs sleepily. "What took ya so long?"

I look behind us and, sure enough, there Heero Yuy stands. He gazes at us all for a moment, before nodding and moving to sit with us. Facing the direction opposite of the bonfires, he rests his back gently against my own, being careful not to crush Quatre's hand.

I smile softly as he relaxes against me. Now the puzzle is complete. Heero reaches out silently and places his hand over WuFei's, and a moment later Duo's hand snakes around and joins them. I release my legs so I can twine my fingers through Duo's as the other hand reaches over and grabs Quatre's own as it glows palely against the surface of Duo's boots.

This is one thing that I didn't expect to get. A family. I find myself musing fondly over a girl residing on a certain colony, even now probably celebrating the end that we are all thankful for. My sister. My family. My hands tighten their grip slightly, the reassuring warmth underneath them comforting me. I close my eyes and listen as the party begins to quiet and silence drifts up the hill like smoke. It has finally ended.

"It is really beginning," Heero murmurs from behind me. My eyes open in confusion.

"What is?" I ask, my head titled in curiosity.

"Life." He replies simply.

It was a beginning to end all ends.




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