A Little Help From My Friends

By: Artemis

Disclaimer: I may not own the rights to Gundam Wing, BUT I CAN DREAM!! (zones out)

Author's note: Does anyone have any ideas on what some of Duo's demented little seduction plots could be? If you do, (and want to share them), please email me.


Wufei climbed into bed, joints and muscles aching. He had wanted to spend the night just relaxing, maybe reading.but no! Some idiot had just had to send all of them on some insane mission. You'd think the life of a Gundam pilot would allow a break once in awhile! At the rate that the whole thing was going, they'd all be dead within a month.

Wufei pulled the covers over him. He glanced at the clock. /6:17am. I hate mornings./ He closed his eyes, but then immediately reopened them. He couldn't sleep! The light coming from the windows were just too bright. With a groan, he got up and dragged himself over the window. He somehow managed to raise his arm high enough to grab the heavy blankets he had placed above the windows for these kind of occasions. Grasping the fabric, he let his hand drop. As he did, the room was plunged into darkness.

He shuffled back over to his bed and let his body fall onto the soft mattress. He laid there for a moment until he finally found the energy to pull the rest of his body onto the bed and pull up his blankets. He closed his eyes and settled in.

Once again, his eyes opened. Annoyed, Wufei searched his mind for what exactly was wrong this time. After a second or two, the light bulb came on. He reached his hand behind his head and freed his hair from its tight ponytail. Instantly, the tension that had been there was released and he snuggled back into his bed with a slight smirk on his face.

Now that everything was perfect, he could sleep. As his consciousness drifted away, he vaguely remembered the events of the day. The picnic he had in the garden. Playing chess with Heero...and winning. Walking in on Trowa and Quatre in the bathtub. That awful mission. /Hm.why were Trowa and Quatre bathing together?/ He was too tired to think about that now. The thought left him as he fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Heero glanced at the door. It didn't move. /Why hasn't Duo come to bed yet?/ The young pilot was disturbed by this notion. He was about to get up and go look for his lover when the door swung open.

Duo glided into the room effortlessly. This was amazing considering what they had all gone through. Heero thought that the other pilot would have to be carried back to their room. /There's something different about him./ Heero couldn't place his finger on it, he knew that something was wrong with his companion.

"Hey Heero!," Duo said, climbing into bed. "I've been missing you."

Heero gazed back into those wild violet eyes, trying to read them. "I'm sure you did."

Duo caught the hint of uncertainty in the words. "Heero.is there something wrong?" The braided pilot's voice rang with concern. Heero turn back to him and found Duo looking at him with care and curiosity.

"Oh no. It's nothing. I just thought you'd be sleepier than you seem to be. That's all." Heero closed his eyes and settled into bed, hoping that Duo would buy his lie.

Duo knew there had to be something more, but thought it best to get some rest before he inquired anymore. In their present conditions, they would probably just end up stressed out and angry. Taking Heero's cue, he settled down next to the other boy.

Duo almost hesitated to put his arm around the body next to him. /Maybe he's angry with me. What did I do to him? I didn't forget his birthday did I? No. That's two months from now. What could it be? He's probably just tired, that's all. Right?/ Duo tried not to think about the strange feeling he was getting and just sleep.

Some of his apprehension faded when Heero place his arm around him and pulled him close. Slightly reassured, Duo tilted his head up and place a soft kiss upon Heero's cheek. "Goodnight Heero."

Heero placed his hand to the base of Duo's neck and pulled him closer. "Goodnight Duo." Gently, he kissed Duo's forehead before letting him go to reposition himself comfortably next to him.

"Heero...I love you."

"I love you too, Duo"

A few minutes later, Heero heard Duo's breathing soften. The young American had fallen asleep with a slight and trusting smile on his face. Lying there in the dark, he looked just like an angel. Heero smiled at this thought.

Then he remembered.

Duo seemed normal now, but Heero knew that below the surface that there was something else. He could just sense it. He had no idea what it was but it disturbed him. He carefully reviewed everything that had happened lately, trying to find an answer.

He casually passed over the events of the last day and night until his mind rested upon something. Quatre's outburst in the living room.

Why Quatre had done what he had done was none of his business, but there was something about the whole thing that gave him an uneasy feeling. Right after Quatre ran out of the room, Duo had followed to check on him. After that, Heero hadn't seen him until he walked into their room. /What happened with Quatre?/

Before Duo left, he seemed sluggish and sad. When he came back, he had seemed like his usual cheery self. /Where did his sudden change come from? If Quatre was as upset as he seemed, Duo shouldn't have been so happy. And why didn't he say anything about it when he came back./ Duo told Heero everything. The lack of comment made Heero's mind ponder.

Heero remember the last few days. Duo and Quatre had been spending a lot more time together. The two had always been close. Quatre was Duo's best friend, well.next to Heero. Still, these times together seemed almost secretive. Heck! Just yesterday, Duo was in Trowa and Quatre's room for almost two hours and when Heero had asked him what they were doing, Duo had said nothing.

Heero knew that he hadn't been spending as much time as he should with Duo lately. He hadn't had time with all of the missions. Between fixing the Gundam and researching everything he could about their enemy, he barely had a free moment. Duo needed lots of attention. Heero usually the time to sit down and talk with him, but lately he'd been strapped for time. Duo probably just needed someone to talk to. Someone like Quatre. /Just talking./

Then Heero thought of all the other things that he hadn't had time for lately. He and Duo never really hugged or kissed much recently. When they did, it was usually just a quick one exchanged in a stolen moment before they ran in opposite directions. Heero really couldn't help his neglect, but surely Duo understood that right? He wouldn't go to someone else for something like that. No! It had to be just talk! /Duo's not like that. He would never.he just couldn't.not him.he's.he's not capable of that.is he?/

For the first time in his life, Heero felt his heart breaking. Normally, he had no doubts about Duo and his relationship, but now, he wasn't so sure. /Is he.is he cheating on me?/ This thought brought a tear to Heero's eye. He blinked it away, only to feel it slip down his cheek.

Heero just stared at the ceiling, mind spinning. He couldn't think anymore. The pain was just too much to take. He stayed that way for about half an hour.

Duo's body shifting next to him brought him out of his trance. He'd almost forgotten about the sleeping body next to him. Heero looked at the dreaming boy with a sense of shock. After drifting so close to insanity for so long, it took him awhile to adjust to reality again.

Heero's stare soften after a brief moment. He watched as Duo pushed his head into his chest tenderly. He felt the youth's arm squeeze him tighter. Then Duo did something that made all of Heero's thoughts from the last half-hour fade away.

"Mmm...Heero...I love you...forever."

Heero hugged Duo closer to him. Duo responded by clinging to his companion even tighter. At this, Heero broke.

Heero placed his face in Duo's lilac scented hair and bitterly sobbed. He had doubted his sweet angel. This completely trusting and devoted creature that lay in his arms. He seemed so frail. So innocent. So content.

Heero cried till he ran out of tears. He felt bad about soaking his lover's hair with his tears. Heero placed his lips next to Duo's ear. "I'm sorry sweetheart." Heero's voice came out as a choked and broken mutter.

Luckily, Duo never woke up through the whole thing. Heero drifted asleep holding onto his most valuable possession, still upset that he'd ever questioned Duo's love.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Trowa heard the door open and close softly. He kept his eyes closed and listened to the light footsteps on the carpet. /Quatre./ They stopped momentarily at the foot of his bed before continuing on.

He heard the closet open followed by the sound of something place on the chair by the bathroom. The springs of Quatre's bed emitted a slight moan as a weight was placed upon them.

After a moment of silence, Trowa made out the sound of soft crying. /He thinks I'm asleep./ Cautiously, Trowa opened his eyes slightly. From the mirror he could see Quatre sitting behind him on his bed with his head in his hands. The sight of the young blonde was so heart wrenching that Trowa considered going over there and comforting him. He decided against though because he didn't want Quatre to know that he had been watching him. /He'd think I was spying on him and would probably never speak to me again./ That was something that Trowa definitely did not want.

Trowa closed his eyes again and pretended to sleep. A few minutes later, the crying stopped and the bed coils creaked as the weight sifted on them. Once he heard the blankets rustle, Trowa knew that Quatre was going to sleep. Glad that his friend's mood had stabilized, he let his mind drift away, not knowing what was in store for him when he awakened.