A Little Help From My Friends (Part Four)

By: Artemis

Disclaimers: Do you really think that I would write a little fanfic like this if I actually OWNED GW? Huh? Shut-up! It was just a rhetorical question! Baka.

Note: This was written awhile ago but I haven't had a chance until now to actually type it out and send it in. Oh well. This is my present to all of the people who still hope that I'll update more often. (Just in time for the holidays!)



Duo flopped down on the couch, completely exhausted. It had been a long, hard mission. There were points where he had questioned whether or not he would see the morning. Still, they found a way to overcome the constant onslaught of fire and win. If you could actually call something like THAT a win.

Heero followed him. He, unlike Duo, didn't seem phased at all. /How does he do it?!?/ Duo decided to figure that out later and instead rested his head on the other's shoulder as Heero took a seat next to him.

After a moment Wufei, Trowa, and lastly Quatre walked in. They didn't seem too worn out, even though they had had to land further away than Duo or Heero did. Trowa sat in the tall green chair in the corner while Wufei chose the leather recliner next to the couch. Quatre glanced around the room and took the last seat available next to Heero.

They sat there, hardly moving and not saying a word for what seemed like hours. Finally Duo wearily broke the silence, "That was hell."

Wufei mumbled his agreement while Trowa nodded. Heero placed a protective arm around Duo, trying desperately to comfort his shivering companion.

Quatre's eyes took in the scene around him. Dawn was still an hour or so away. All would be dark if not for the flickering firelight emanating from the other side of the room. The shadows danced in a strange pagan ritual on the floor. Quatre turned his head towards the couple next to him. Heero was gazing strait into the fire; His eyes blazed hotter than any flame could. What was the source or his gaze? Quatre could only wonder. Heero's arm was still clutching Duo close to him. The violet-eyed youth was huddled close to his partner. His eyes were closed tightly. He reminded Quatre of a lost child in a terrible storm. As Quatre watched, he moved even closer to Heero.

Having seen enough of the happy pair, his eyes shifted and found a new subject to take in. In the darkened corner of the room sat Wufei. The warrior sat in silence with a strange blanket of solitude over him. With his eyes shut it was clear that he was deep in thought. What those thoughts might be was unknown to all but him for that was the way he wanted it. Quatre decided that even his attention was too much for Wufei to ever accept and quickly turned away.

Unwillingly, Quatre's eyes moved towards the last and most painful sight in the room. /Trowa./ The emerald eyes that Quatre had gazed into with hope so many times stared silently off into the distance. Trowa wasn't sitting there.he was a million miles away. Quatre looked in the direction of Trowa's intent, trying to find a physical embodiment for the place in which Trowa's mind rested. /If only I could reach out to him.tell him.hold him and show him how I feel./ Quatre knew as he pined after the other pilot that the gap between them could never be filled if Trowa didn't want to be reached. /Dear Lord, please let him want to be reached. Preferably by me./

Quatre probably would have continued to sit there with a heavy depression swinging over his head. However, his thoughts were interrupted when Trowa returned to the real world. Almost as if he could sense he was being watched, Trowa turned his head around cautiously. Quatre immediately broke off his gaze. /Oh no. He knows that I was staring at him! I probably shouldn't have turn away as quickly. It made me look suspicious. Great! He probably thinks I'm some kind of psychopath now! Wait a go, Quatre!/ Quatre grimaced as he continued to mentally smack himself.

Finally, Quatre couldn't take it anymore. He could feel Trowa watching him with curiosity. Normally Trowa's attention was welcome, but considering what just happened, it made Quatre feel all the more awkward. In one sudden movement, Quatre sprang off the couch. He yelled something about a glass of water as he nearly ran out of the room.

Moments later, Quatre reached the bathroom. He fumbled to lock the door, but somehow couldn't manage to keep a hold of the locking device long enough for his numb fingers to turn it. He dropped his shaking hands to his side and took a deep breath in. Finally he reached up and turned the lock. Now he was sure that he was alone. With that absolution, he sank to the floor and started to cry.

He knew that he had to be strong and that his soft sobs would probably cause the others to worry, but he couldn't hold it in any longer. Ever since he had met Trowa he had felt a strange sense of closeness to him. That was so long ago, and yet they were no closer than when they had first met. /Am I doing something wrong? Why can't I just tell him? WHY?/ A great sob broke in Quatre's voice. His mind kept repeating that one word over and over, torturing the young boy.

His mind finally snapped and he fell on the floor still weeping a little. Gently, he fell into an exhausted sleep, his heart still stinging from the pain that only the lonely know.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The remaining Gundam pilots looked at the doorway through which Quatre had just ran. They just sat there staring for a few minutes, partially from the abruptness of Quatre's exit and partially because they were incredibly tired.

"That's odd." All eyes turned to Heero as he cut into growing silence.

Duo turned to look at his lover, intrigued as to what could have drawn Heero of all the people into a conversation. "Why's that?"

Heero cast his eyes back to the fire. "He said he wanted a glass of water."

"So?" asked Duo, who was obviously missing Heero's point.

"The kitchen is the other way." Heero let those words fall bluntly into the room.

"I knew he was going to crack one of these days. People like him shouldn't even be fighting!" Wufei yelled. It was apparent that he was being affected by the tensions of the war as much as anyone was.

Trowa perked up at Wufei's words. "Don't be so hard on him. He's a good person." Trowa's voice may have been monotone, but there was defiantly something behind his words that kept Wufei from talking back. Wufei nearly shuddered. /He's creepy./ He turned away from Trowa to avoid anymore of the taller pilot's threatening stares.

"I wonder what's wrong with him?" Heero asked.

"I don't know," Duo lied. "I had better go check on him."

Once Duo had left, the other three just sat there for awhile. Finally Heero announced he was going to bed. Wufei quickly took Heero's idea and left too.

Trowa watched them leave. Once he was certain that they were gone, he let out a large sigh and sank down into his chair. /What did I do?/ he wondered. It had to be his fault. Quatre had been fine until Trowa had looked at him. /Maybe I freak him out. I don't know why, but he always seems to be a little nervous around me. Do I intimidate him?/ Trowa sat there with a puzzled look on his face.

His mind played the image of Quatre face right before he ran out of the room. It had looked like he was in some sort of terrible pain. Trowa was about to go over to him and ask if he was all right, but Quatre had run out before he had had the chance to. He wasn't sure how, but Trowa was certain that the whole incident had something to do with him. Trowa sat back in the chair and looked out he window. The sun was just beginning to come up. Trowa then realize just how tired he was. He rose out of his chair and slowly walked to the room he shared with Quatre.

He looked around the room and realized that Quatre wasn't there. /Why am I beginning to believe that there was something besides a glass of water that made Quatre leave?/ He couldn't think about it anymore. These thoughts were too strenuous for his sleepy mind. As he lay in bed, he once again thought of Quatre's painful look. /he just wanted to get away from me. He hates me. That's it. That's all it could be./ Trowa then closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Quatre.Quatre?" Duo had heard a few sobs coming from the bathroom a second ago, but now everything was silent. Concerned for his friend's safety, Duo picked the lock and quietly swung open the bathroom door. Duo's heart fell at the sight before him.

Quatre was curled up in a ball, lying on the bathroom rug. From his breathing, Duo could tell he was sleeping. As he crept closer, he noticed the wet streaks that were drying on the young blonde's cheeks. /He's been crying./

Duo felt a twinge of regret, but decided to awaken Quatre. "Quatre. Wake up Quatre," Duo murmured as he gently shook the sleeping body next to him.

Quatre opened his eyes wearily, only to find a set of big violet eyes looking back at him. "What is it Duo?" Quatre groaned.

"What happened back there? You worried all of us." Duo said quietly, afraid to upset the other pilot anymore.

Quatre's shoulders shook a little and a few more tears slipped from his eyes. "I was so stupid. Trowa hates me now. I know it!" Quatre reached out his arm to Duo and the braided youth accepted him into his arms. "It's okay Quatre. I'm sure he doesn't hate you. Trowa's not the kind of guy to hate anyone!"

Quatre sniffed and looked up and Duo, hope shining on his face. "Really?"

"Yeah really! I'm sure everything will be fine between you two!"

"I guess.but now everything is ruined. And it's all because of that stupid mission! Everything was great until that mission came in!"

Duo's face suddenly sparked with interest. "Whoa! Wait a second! You mean that it was going good until you were interrupted?" Duo was amazed. He had never really thought that his plan would work.

"Well.yeah." Quatre looked at the ground uncomfortably.

"That's great!" Duo yelled. Quatre jumped at the sudden volume change. "That means there's still hope! This is perfect! We'll start phase two tomorrow!"

Quatre's eyes widened. "Phase two?" /Oh no. What have I gotten myself into?/