A Little Help From My Friends (Part Three)

By: Artemis

Disclaimers: I don't own any of the Gundam Boys. However, on occasions, I do borrow them for my own twisted pleasure. With that said.enjoy!


Trowa walked quietly into the room, expecting to find Quatre sleeping quietly. However, there was no one in the large bedroom except himself. /That's funny. Quatre's usually fast asleep by this time./

Even though they had the house to themselves, Trowa still had to share a room with Quatre. (Not that he minded that though.) There were a total of three bedrooms in the house. Heero and Duo had willingly taken the burden of sharing one of them for obvious reasons. That left Quatre, Wufei, and himself to decide who goes where. Wufei and Trowa were both pretty solitary people. Quatre on the other hand, would go insane if he were left alone. Since Wufei and Quatre really didn't know each other, Trowa decided it would be in the best interest of everyone if he stayed with Quatre.

At the moment though, he was unable to locate his roommate.

"Trowa! Is that you?" Quatre called from the bathroom. /Stupid me. I should have noticed the light was on in the bathroom. I must have worked to hard./

"Yeah Quatre. I'll see you in the morning good night."

Just then Quatre came out of the bathroom. For once in his life, Trowa was completely shocked. Quatre was wearing a red satin bathrobe that only covered him down to his knees. His golden blonde hair was slightly out of place, with a few locks draping over his angelic face. There was a slight hint of something behind his eyes. As Trowa's gaze lowered, he noticed that same hint of something reflected in a grin. /Quatre's never smiled like that before. I wonder if something is wrong./ Last but not least, Trowa observed a wine bottle in the young boy's hand. /Wine? Maybe he's been drinking. That's probably why he's acting so out-of-character. Then again../

"Quatre.are you feeling okay?"

Quatre giggled for a bit then let out an amused sigh. "Of course I am! I've been waiting for you. You've had a hard day. I thought it might be nice if we could relax a little bit. With all the missions, I think we deserve it. Care to join me in the hot tub?" The weird gleam in Quatre's eyes seemed to grow stronger as each word left his lips.

"Ummm..okay. Give me a minute. I have to put a few things up. I'll join you then." Trowa turned to lay out his clothes for the next day and carefully hide his gun. Quatre just couldn't help but notice how cute Trowa looked when he bent over like that.

There was no time to think about that now though. He had to proceed with the plan. Leaving Trowa behind, Quatre slipped into the bathroom and immediately put the bottle of wine into a bucket of ice beside the tub. After that, he turned the jets of the tub on and added just a tiny bit of bubble bath to the water.

/That should take care of that! This way Trowa won't see ANYTHING. Not that I mind him looking at me, but I don't know how he'd take it at this point. Besides, if it Duo's plan doesn't work, the bubbles will hide anything that might arise and therefore avoid a lot of embarrassment between the two of us./

With everything ready, Quatre carefully slipped off his robe. He stood there for a moment, completely naked, and looked around him. /Anything I forgot? Wait a second! The lights!!!/

Quatre scampered over to the light switch and dimmed the lights. He was careful not to overdo it though. Duo had been sure to teach Quatre just how much light was enough before sending him out on his own. If it was too bright, it just wouldn't be romantic enough. If it was too dim, they couldn't see and Trowa may get the idea of what Quatre was trying to do too soon. "There.perfect," Quatre muttered as he adjusted the lights.

After that, he slipped into the foaming tub of hot water. /Oooo! That's warm! Good thing Trowa didn't walk in just then. Man would he have been shocked. Last minute check.wine, done.glasses, by the wine.lights, dimmed.bubbles, bubbling.music, crap! I forgot the music./ Quatre grabbed a remote and switched on the CD player. Instantly, the soft sounds of classical music echoed softly throughout the room.

A second after Quatre finished, Trowa walked in the door. He was wearing a fluffy white bathrobe and a pair of slippers. He glanced around the room, taking in the atmosphere. After a second or two, he untied his bathrobe and hung it next to Quatre's. Kicking off his slippers, he turned back around to face Quatre.

Quatre smiled politely and invited him to join him in the water. Meanwhile, inside the little blonde's head, his panic light was flashing. /Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap! He's still wearing his boxers! What am I supposed to do! Will it disgust him if he finds out I'm naked?!?!?! Oh no! This is not good./

It was at that point that Quatre's sensible side (not to mention Duo's coaching) came back to him. /I'll just act cool about it. I don't have to get out of the water. He'll never notice. Hey! If things go well, maybe I won't be the only one in the nude here./

Trowa slid down into the water and took a seat at the opposite end of the tub. He leaned his head back and let the water seep up to his shoulders. He had obviously had a harder day than Quatre originally thought. At least the jets would help relax him.

Quatre, always the polite host, offered Trowa a glass of wine. Of course, no one can refuse Quatre's hospitality. Quatre gently tugged the wine out of its bucket and examined it one more time. He then popped off the cork.

Well.at least he tried. He pulled on it and bit it but it just wouldn't move. /Great! My entire night is going to be ruined by a stubborn wine bottle!/ Quatre gave it a final tug before giving up. As he held the bottle in his hands, he looked like he was about to cry.

It was too much for Trowa to handle. He hated to see Quatre cry. He was such a nice guy, it just didn't seem right that he should have to suffer. Trowa moved across the tub to Quatre and delicately took the bottle from his hands. "Here Quatre. Let me help."

With one effortless yank, Trowa pulled the cork off. Quatre blushed a little bit. Partially from embarrassment and partially from being suddenly turned on by Trowa's display of strength. /Gosh! He's so strong. I must look weak compared to him. He probably hates me for being so helpless./

Trowa grabbed the glasses and began pouring the contents of the bottle into each of them. When he finished, they were exactly equal. Handing one to Quatre, he sat down beside him, letting out a sigh.

Quatre took a slip of the wine and sat back next to Trowa, mind reeling from their closeness. At that moment, everything was perfect. Quatre was with Trowa; they were in a relaxing and seductive environment; what could go wrong?

"Thanks Quatre."

Quatre abruptly turned towards the boy sitting beside him. "For what Trowa?" he asked with pure innocence.

"For this. I needed this. With all these missions, I don't have anymore time to just sit back and think. Lately, I've been feeling that no one cared about anything except battle. That just made all of my tension worse. I guess I was wrong. You proved to me that there was someone out there who still cared about life."

His last words barely reached Quatre's ears they were so quiet. For a moment, silence came between them. Not a menacing silence, but a calming and peaceful one. For an instant, Quatre felt as close to Trowa as he always wanted to be.

"Your welcome. I always thought you were to busy to care."

"Of course not! No one usually cares, so I just never let it show." Trowa let a faint smile slip across his face. He let his smile fade as he took a sip from his glass. "Hm. This wine is fantastic. What is it?" Not waiting for Quate's reply, he picked up the bottle to examine the label.

Carefully reading the name on the wine, he nodded his head. "Ah, I thought so. I'm impressed. This is a hard year and type to find. Where did you get it?"

A bit nervous, Quatre just shrugged. "Um.it was a gift from a friend." Well, it wasn't a lie. He knew he couldn't say that Duo gave it to him. That would just cause questions that he wasn't prepared to answer to surface in Trowa's mind. He couldn't let that happen. Everything was going so well!

Apparently, Quatre's answer was good enough. Trowa placed the wine back into the bucket of ice. As he drew his arm back though, he knocked a bar of soap into the tub.

"Oh. Sorry about that. Let me get it."

"Really Trowa. It's okay. I can get it."

Both of the boys reached down to pick up the missing soap, but neither could seem to locate it.

"I got it! Wait. It slipped again."

"Hold still Quatre. I think I know where it is."

"Ah! I stepped on it!"

"Watch it you don't want to break your neck!"

By this time, they were both slashing around the tub and causing all sorts of chaos on the surface of the water. Trowa checked one side of the tub while Quatre examined the other.

"Ha!" Quatre yelled, "I got it!"

He triumphantly held the soap above his head, proud at the accomplishment. He was just about to sit back down he slipped and fell directly onto Trowa's lap. They both just sat there for a moment, looking at each other. Quatre was the first to break the silence.

"Um.sorry about the Trowa I slipped."

"That's okay. Hey, umm.Quatre..You're naked aren't you?"

Quatre's brain shrieked. /AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I forgot something!!! He knows.I know he knows.WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!?!?!? Calm down Quatre. Just play it cool./

"Oh! So I am!" Quatre immediately hopped down off of Trowa's lap and moved to the other end of the tub, to embarrassed to say anything else.

"It's okay. It is a bath. I probably should have taken off my boxers."

Whoa..this was too much for Quatre's little mind to process. He had just sat on Trowa's lap naked, and Trowa didn't mind?!?!

Trowa looked off into space for a moment before returning his attention back to Quatre. "Well, it's not too late. I guess I could take them off now."

/What! No way! Thank you God! Ahhh! This is too much. NAKED TROWA!!/ Quatre violently surpressed a wide grin. Finally things were going his way!

Without warning, Wufei burst into the room. Quatre nearly yelped in surprise.

"Come on you guys. We just got a mission. We have to leave immediately."

Trowa let out a round of curses and then downed his wine, not wanting to be wasteful. He quickly hoisted himself out of the tub and began to dry himself off.

"You coming Quatre?" Wufei asked.

"In a second," Quatre mumbled, drinking down the contents of his glass.

"We have to leave immediately."

Trowa interrupted him before he could go on. "Don't worry. We'll be ready in a minute." With that, Trowa pushed Wufei out the door.

"Thanks Trowa."

"No thanks needed. Just don't let me down. I'm going to get changed." Trowa then left the bathroom and Quatre behind.

/Stupid missions always ruin everything!!!!/ Quatre crawled out for the warm water, dried himself off and threw on his bathrobe. As he entered the bedroom, he noticed that no one else was there. /Trowa must have already left./

Quatre threw on his clothes and ran down the stairs. As he reached the landing he saw a dark braided figure run out the door. /At least I'm not that late./ Shutting the door behind him, he ran out into the darkness and across the wet grass towards Sandrock. With no jacket with him, Quatre let the cold breeze swirl around him. It chill almost comforted him and his saddened heart. Before long, he had slipped into the night along with the others. Nothing mattered right then. Nothing.