A Little Help From My Friends

By: Artemis

Quatre breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He hadn't seen Trowa for a week. In his mind he cursed the stupid missions they were forced to complete. Everyday it seemed like they got more idiotic. He was beginning to wonder if there was any point left to this war.

He brushed those thoughts out of his mind and ran down the stairs to see Trowa. Quatre was so excited that he nearly fell down the stairs twice before reaching the bottom.

Trowa was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee with Duo. Trowa sat quietly and stared at his cup as if it held the secret of life within it. /There's something bothering him./ Quatre thought.

Duo didn't even notice Trowa's expression because he was to busy chattering on about some movie he had just seen. Every once in a while his mouth would stop to take a sip of his coffee. Then the endless babble continued.

Ouatre just stood there in the door way for a while watching the two of them. He could tell Trowa wasn't listening to a word Duo was saying. /He looks so sad.I wish I could help him./ Finally, after a minute or so, Quatre decided to make him presence known.

"Ahem!" Goodness, that sounded a bit more forceful than he wanted it to. It got the job done though.

"Hey Quatre! Look who's back! Man! You should see his Gundam. It's gonna take MONTHS to fix it. Gosh Trowa, you must have got into some fight to have damage like that! I mean it's all bent and crushed and ma.."

"I GOT THE POINT DUO!" Quatre yelled. /Wait a minute. Did I just yell at him? Oh no. I think I'm in worse condition than I thought../

Duo nearly fell out of his chair. Quatre never raised his voice to anyone. He was always the quite one out of the group. Maybe he had hit a nerve in him somewhere. He'd have to ask later.

Quatre's sudden outburst even startled Trowa. Trowa had put down his coffee and was now staring at Quatre with a look of disbelief on his face.

This sudden attention made Quatre blush a little. /Well...at least I got Trowa's attention now. That doesn't happen often./ He felt a smile creeping across his face at this thought, but violently suppressed it. It only made him look stranger.

Duo burst out laughing. Trowa looked at him puzzled. Quatre swore that he was going to kill Duo later. /What am I saying! I'm being to sound like Heero!/

Quatre just stood there, not knowing what else to do. After what seemed like an eternity, Trowa excused himself from the table.

"Trowa! Where are you going?" Quatre asked, a little bit concerned.

"I'm going to check and see if Heero will help me fix Heavyarms." With that, Trowa turned and walked outside. Quatre stared after him, a little frustrated, but enjoying the view.

Quatre sat down in Trowa's empty chair. He could still feel the heat on it for his fellow pilot's body. /(sigh) What I wouldn't give to experience his body's warmth first hand./

"You love him, don't you?"

Quatre suddenly turned to look at Duo. "How.h..how did you know?" /Is it really that obvious?/

"Come on! You're always staring at him, making him things, going out of your way to make him feel comfortable." Duo ignored the surprised look on Quatre's face. He was acting like this whole thing was incredibly normal.

"Do you think HE notices?" Quatre asked with a hint of worry in his voice.

" No. You could smack that boy in the head with a brick and he wouldn't even notice. Well.He might notice, but he wouldn't care. He's just like Heero in that respect. Neither one of them seems to feel any emotions."

Quatre quickly reflected on Duo's words. /What if Trowa didn't notice. Does that mean he's not interested enough to look? And if he does notice, why doesn't he return it? Maybe it's because he doesn't feel the same and doesn't want to embarrass me. IT'S NOT FAIR! Duo gets Heero, the coldest human being that ever lived, and I can't even get a response from Trowa!/

Suddenly a thought dawned on Quatre. Duo had Heero. Heero was a lot colder than Trowa. He wanted Trowa. Duo wanted Heero. Duo got Heero...Duo knew what do.

Seeing a crazed look in Quatre's eyes, Duo quietly slipped out of his chair and began heading for the door.

Quatre suddenly pounced on him, knocking Duo to the ground. Duo struggled to get away but Quatre was sitting on his chest holding him down. Quatre's eyes were bearing down into him with some kind of strange and intense feeling he's never seen in Quatre before. At that moment, Duo feared for his life.

Before Duo could beg for mercy, Quatre spoke. "Maxwell.You have Heero. You somehow seduced him and made him yours. I want Trowa.and you're going to help me get him."

Duo was a little shocked. THIS was what it was about. Maybe he should just be happy Quatre wasn't going to kill him. He felt sorry for Quatre. His desperation was driving him insane. And for some strange reason, he thought that Duo could help him.

Having no other choice, Duo agreed. Quatre instantly sat up and smiled. /Yes! With Duo's help, Trowa is as good as mine!/

Duo wearily stood up. This new side of Quatre was a tiny bit frightening, but still interesting. He was still a bit shaken when Quatre suddenly hugged him.

"Thank you Duo! I knew I could count on you!"

It suddenly came to Duo what he had just agreed to. Somehow, he had to find a way to make Trowa fall in love with Quatre. This was NOT going to be easy. Yet, he had to do it. If he didn't, who knows what Quatre will do.

"Leave it to the love doctor Q! When I get through, Trowa will be begging you for affection." Duo sounded a lot more confident than he felt.

Ouatre smiled and looked out the door. /Don't worry Trowa. We'll be together soon./