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Part Two

Duo ran down the stairwell of the abandoned base. He knew he had a lot to do before his guest arrived. Then again, he just might never show up. /No.that's just way too out-of-character for him./

He jumped over the last step and continued running down the hallway. Good thing he had scoped out this place ahead of time or he would have never been able to pull this plan off. He still wasn't sure he could.

/Ah! The control room! This is exactly where I need to be./ Flipping a few switches, he activated the lights and door locks. /Yes! No more running around in the dark. Not that the Shinigami doesn't like the dark.Let's see. Ah! Here's the door locks!/

Pushing the button, he was rewarded with the sound of doors slamming shut all over the base. He had locked most of the soldiers' living quarters. He knew that didn't account for the lack of people about, but it would have to do. He wasn't about to hire people to walk around just to make it more realistic, knowing they might get killed. Besides, this kind of thing was best kept private.

Duo laughed quietly at the thought of what he was doing. He probably would have kept laughing, but he had much more to do before his guest arrived.


Heero circled the entire area. He was in the middle of a large field. There was nothing around him for miles. /This is where the brief said it would be, but I don't see any base around here./ He walked to the edge of the field, but still, there was nothing out there.

He thought it was highly irregular for the mission to be wrong, yet he was starting to get the feeling that it was. Sitting down on the soft grass, he began to contemplate what he should do. If he couldn't find the base, he couldn't seduce this general, then he would fail his mission! He couldn't let that happen. He AWLAYS completed his missions.

Standing up again, he dragged himself across the field again. He would just have to keep searching until he found it or his time ran out. At least then he could say that he tried. Heero sighed at the thought of staying out here for another hour or two. Although he would never show it, he was tired. He just wanted to go back to his room and sleep.


Duo sat back in his chair and admired his work. In just a few hours he had cleaned up the entire base and prepared it for his company. He had even taken the time to add a couple of his own unique features to it.

"Well Duo, you've really gone and done it now! He's probably already here so there's no turning back now!" Duo laughed to himself like a maniac. Swirling around in his chair (oh yes, it swirled) he turned to the many TV monitors in front of him. He glanced from one scene to the other. Each monitor displayed different areas of the base.

Duo's eyes shifted from left to right, searching for his guest. /Not inside yet? Hmm..that's so unlike Heero!/ Sure enough, Heero was still walking around outside. That was the advantage of having an underground base to himself. If he felt like it, he could leave Heero out there to wander around all night long. Duo giggled at that thought. He couldn't do that though. He put in too much work just throw it away.

He glanced at the remote to his left. It was covered in multicolored buttons and small switches. This was the tool he would be using tonight. Not a gun, or bomb, or even his Gundam. All he needed to complete his own personal mission was this remote and his own natural abilities. Then, if everything went as he hoped it would, he would only be able to thank himself. Then again, if it didn't go as well, he'd either be dead or have to live in total isolation for the rest of his life. Neither option sounded very good, so he has going to make sure that things went his way tonight.

His hand brushed the remote softly. Carefully, he wrapped his fingers around it and lifted to eye level. Duo stared at it with a sense of awe. All of his time and effort were now embodied in this small box of circuits. He lowered it to look at the buttons displayed. Then, he moved his thumb over a large orange one in the upper right corner. He gentle let the weight of his hand settle on it.

"Oh well.Here goes nothing!" With that, he pressed down.



Heero turned suddenly as he heard a whirling noise behind. He hand instantly went for his gun. He spun around, ready to kill, but found nothing but air. Then as he was about to turn away, he noticed a strange light coming from the ground.

Cautiously, he walked over to it, gun still in hand. He looked down and saw that the light was in fact coming from under the ground. It was faintly outlined in the shape of a box except it had no fourth side to it. It was almost like.almost like./a door/!

So, it was an underground base. Heero smirked. The mission had been right after all. Still, there was something about the way he had found this entrance that made him uneasy. It seemed like whomever was inside almost wanted him to notice it. That could be it though. He had been careful, really careful. He would just have to watch his back, that's all.

/Now.how am I going to open this without being noticed? Hmm.I guess I'll just have to do it the way I always do./ Heero reached down and founded a space between the door and the frame. Then, straining his back, he began to pull it steadily out of the ground.


"Whoa!" Duo nearly fell over in his chair. "That's not humanly possible! Then again, Heero's not your average human. And I had been hoping to see him at least break a sweat!"


Heero grunted quietly as the door was freed from its place in the ground. /No problem./ There were bright lights all over the interior of the base. This came at both an advantage and a disadvantage to Heero. He wouldn't clearly be able to see anyone or anything he needed to, but that also meant that anyone would be able to see him if they were so lucky, or unlucky. Then again, Heero was a professional. He could be stealth if he wanted to. Duo wasn't the only one who could do it. /Stupid Duo! He really should have been the one to get this mission. It's just not my style. Someday I'm going to refuse a mission and see what they do! Ha! No one will see that coming from their 'perfect soldier'./

Heero poked his head partially into the opening and glanced around. No one! There was absolutely no one! Now Heero was really suspicious. He had seen the lights go on. The only reason the lights would have been turned on would be if someone wanted to check on something or get something from the room. Yet, no one was there. Heero was almost sure of it now. Someone wanted him exactly where he was. But how did they know? And who was it? This was definitely something to ponder.


Duo doubled over in laughter. He had never seen such a funny expression on Heero's face before. It was somewhat of a cross between constipation and a paranoid secret agent. Heero didn't realize he was being watched or he would have never let this expression creep across his face.

"This.is.the funniest.thing.I've ever seen!" Duo could barely speak he was laughing so hard. Duo managed to grab hold of the desk to keep him from falling over. /Well, at least tonight can't be a total waste. This is the best laugh I've had in years! So what if I might be killed!/ Duo managed to sit back upright and turned his attention back to the monitors.


Heero had the strangest feeling that he was being watched. /If I feel like I'm being watched, I definitely am./ Heero had always trusted his feelings. Then again, he had never had a reason not to. They'd always been right. Soldiers had to trust their instincts and he wasn't about to argue with himself.

/How did they know I was coming? They must have sent me that bogus mission plan! But how were they able to do that? No one else knows my security code. Heck! No one else knows that I'm a Gundam pilot! Well.except for the others./ Heero was curious now. Someone wanted him here. Why, he didn't know. Maybe it had something to do with the mission itself. Maybe this general guy he was supposed to seduce knew who he was and was trying to get some kind of secret plans out of him. Well he would have no luck there! Heero and his fellow pilots practically flew from the seat of their pants at times. Anyone who actually believed that they had intricate plans laid out before them was an idiot.

/Let's have a little fun now and see if this guy and follow me!/ Heero suddenly contracted his muscles and sprang forward with surprising speed. He let his entire body go limp and watched calmly as the ground rushed up to meet him. Finally, at the last moment, he fire off his grappling hook and swung into the shadows before his mind had time to fully grasp what he had just done.


"Whoa! He's fast! Luckily I've been around him long enough to know his tricks!" Duo stared at the screen, eyes rapidly searching for the hidden human form. Sure enough! There he was, hiding behind a large vat that had at one time been used but was currently empty. Heero didn't even notice that there was a camera behind him, recording his every move.

/Hmm.he thinks he's quite clever, but I know him too well! I definitely have the upper hand. I know who my victim is, he has no clue who his predator is!/ Duo chuckled to himself. He felt suddenly devious. "Oh Heero.you don't know what you're in for."