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Part one


Heero opened the door to his room. Well, it really wasn't HIS room because he shared it with Duo. Oh well. You win some you lose some, right? He remembered the first night they had spent at the school. Duo stayed up all night talking to him. After a long hard day, Heero had just wanted to sleep. Duo made that impossible though with his constant rambling. Eventually, Heero couldn't take it anymore and had just handcuffed Duo's limbs to the bed and secured his mouth with a heavy layer of duck tape. After that, Duo didn't bother him at night anymore.

Thinking back on it, it was kind of funny. Heero suppressed a wicked grin as he walked into the room. The first thing he expect was Duo to instantly start chewing his ear off about something stupid that had happened to him during the day. However, he was only rewarded by silence.

/Hmm.Duo must have gone out./

Heero lay on his bed for a few minutes and tried to release that stress within him. Being a Gundam pilot wasn't an easy job! Every few weeks switching schools, never enough time to get to know someone, pointless mission after pointless mission.it was getting to him.

/Man it's quiet in here. Stupid baka. He didn't even leave a note or anything./ Heero really didn't mind sharing a room with Duo. At first it had been a little uncomfortable, but now everything seemed okay between them. Duo was a good person at heart, even if he did get annoying sometimes.

With nothing else to do, Heero flipped the switch on his computer, sparking it to life. Once it was really loaded and ready, he inserted a plain black disk into the drive. Calling up a private file, he began to write:



Date: June 21
Year: AC 197

Events of the day:

Classes were satisfactory. My grades for today were sufficient and behavior was impeccable as usual. However, Duo got in trouble for talking again. Baka.

Trowa started a food fight in the cafeteria this afternoon. I would have never thought that he would be the kind of person to ever do something like that. Of course, he wasn't caught. I guess he really doesn't look like a troublemaker.

Quatre sprained his ankle in gym class earlier. Trowa had to take him to the nurse to get ice even though it was only a minor injury.

Wufei is still on his mission. He is supposed to be back sometime later tonight. In meantime, we have to keep up the front of him being at his grandfather's funeral. If these missions don't lighten up soon, we're all going to run out of relatives.

Duo has apparently gone out for a walk tonight. Maybe at last I'll get some peace. Although, right now, it seems a bit too quiet. I don't know why that is. Well, I do, but I'm not going to mention it again.


Signing off,

Heero Yuy (1)



With that, Heero closed down the file and saved the changes. He then slipped the disk out and hid it back under the desk draw where Duo would never find it. Then again, if Duo ever did find it, he'd never hear the end of it!

Shrugging off that scary thought, Heero checked through the missions log. Hmm..there was a new one. Quickly skipping through the usual crap about "if you are caught" and "proper conduct for a soldier" he began reading through his mission.

"To be completed by 3:00 am June 22." That left him six hours before the deadline. He hoped that whatever they wanted him to do this time wasn't far away. There was no way he could accomplish it then. /I should have checked this earlier. Guess I'll just have to push it this time./

Luckily, the mission location was only a few miles from the school that they were staying at. It shouldn't be to hard.run over there, blow some Mobile Suits up, laugh at Oz's misfortune for a few minutes and go back. Well.before he said that he should actually read what he was supposed to do. His eyes scanned down to the bottom of the screen.

WHAT THE...! What kind of mission was this! There was no way, yet here it was before him. He couldn't just delete it and forget it, could he? No, a soldier does what he is told, no matter how bizarre.

Sighing, he hit the enter key to accept this newest mission. How in the world was he going break into a secret Oz base in the middle of nowhere and seduce the commanding officer? He'd just have to figure that out when he got there. He really didn't have much time to plan it out.

/Why did I get this mission? Duo's better at this than I am! He should have got it! Doesn't matter. He went for a walk. Baka./

Grabbing his coat, Heero walked down the hall with a scowl on his face, stopping only briefly to rap on Quatre's door.

"Hey Heero! Where are you going?" Quatre asked, a pleasant but curious look on his face.

"I just receive a mission that has to be completed tonight. Don't worry about me. I'll be back before sunrise."

Quatre just sighed and shook his head. First Duo, now Heero. It was a good thing that tomorrow was Saturday. At least then they could sleep in. He shouldn't worry about them so much though. They could take care of themselves. Still, something bothered him.

Duo had gone out an hour ago. If he were just taking a walk, wouldn't he be back by now? Maybe he went out to a nightclub. But then again, he usually wants company when he does that. He had been so mysterious, Quatre didn't know just what to think.

"I'll see you later Heero! Let me know if your mission goes well! Good luck!" Quatre waved a good-bye to Heero who was already walking out of his range of sight. Once he was gone, Quatre sighed and pulled the door shut. It was going to be a long night.



Reaching the stairs, Heero picked up his pace. He knew that if he got caught by one of the patrolling instructors, they would question him for hours. Then, he would have failed his mission. He must not let that happen!

Silently, he opened the door to the dorm and slipped out into the night. Instead of strolling along the sidewalk, he crept through the bushes. He really didn't need to. No one ever cares if you're outside in the night. They just don't want you wandering though the hallways causing trouble.

Why did he go through the bushes then? He was a soldier. He was supposed to be perfect in every aspect in combat, including sneaking around. Or maybe he just thought it was cool. He really couldn't decide because his mind was somewhere else at the moment. Whatever the reason, he was careful not to disturb the leaves and make his presence known.

It was just a little ways more to the fence. Breaking into a jog, he hurled himself down the path towards the front gate. /Hmm.the gate is locked./ With hardly an effort, he sprang forward and in one swift motion had cleared the fence.

With nothing left to stop him, he ran down the street towards his destination. He knew he could have taken a cab, but he couldn't take the chance of the motor being heard by the enemy. Besides, it was a beautiful night. The stars where shining and the earth was silent. Why not run?

/And everyone thinks that a perfect soldier like me doesn't have time to look at the sky. They just don't know me well enough to realize my other interests./ Heero smirked at the thought of the others discovering his true nature. He'd just have to surprise them one night, after the war was over.

All these things passed through his mind as he continued down his path into the unknown.


(^.^) "hehehehehe"


(1) This my impression of Heero's diary. I mean, the guy really doesn't talk to anyone about anything, so he must have to let his thoughts out into somewhere or he's explode. (Although, he'd probably like that just as well..)