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Duo quietly slipped the disk out of the computer. /He-he/ Heero would be back soon so he had to hurry. Throwing on an overcoat, he exited the dorm room and crept down the hallway.

He had just turned the corner and was almost free! He looked behind him to make sure no one had seen him. With this reassurance, he broke into an all our sprint for the stairwell. Suddenly a door hit him and he was knock to the ground.

"Oh1 Duo, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were there. I wouldn't have flung the door open if I'd known you were there!"

Duo looked up in pain. He didn't even need to see his assaulter's face to know who it was.

"Hello Quatre."

Quatre offered his hand to Duo who gladly accepted it. Duo seemed a little out of it now but was getting better. /Where had he been going in such a hurry?/

Quatre looked at Duo's coat. This long, black trench was very different from his usual leather jacket. Quatre got a strange feeling that something was wrong.

"Duo, where were you going? It's getting dark you know." Quatre's eyes looked deep with concern for his fellow pilot.

Dou met his gaze coldly. "Out," was all he said as he brushed passed Quatre and continued down the hall. He knew that Quatre was staring at him, but he couldn't worry about that now. He had more important things to do.