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'Ride of the Valkyrie'
Amy-chan (Kikotei)
A gift ficlet for Ad-chan's birthday (if she's brave enough to claim it)

There was something utterly gorgeous about cloudless nights. Being outside, under the stars. With your back on the grass staring heavenward to watch the ageless stars dance in the night sky. And made it even better was that Duo had successfully dragged Heero out to see it, and judging from the way Heero was glaring at him 'somebody' was gonna get laid tonight. Duo nearly cackled at the thought.

Heero's glare intensified at the sound of giggles that occasionally escaped from Duo's throat. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing at all." Duo looked up at Heero with wide eyes that glittered brighter than the stars overhead.

"Baka." Heero suddenly shoved Duo toward a conveniently shrub covered hill.

Commence make-out session!!

Lying back on the hill, Duo wriggled happily as Heero nipped at his ears and unbuttoned his shirt.

"I so glad you decided to take a walk with me koi." Duo closed his eyes and sighed as Heero finally got his shirt unbuttoned. Heero was too busy with Duo's upper body to give back a descent retort.

Without any warning Heero's head snapped forward and smacked into Duo's ribcage. Both boys sat up, grumbling as they rubbed bruised parts and egos. Looking around, Heero spotted his assailant.

Crawling innocently across the grassy hill was a small snapping turtle … dragging a parachute? Duo and Heero traded troubled looks before both focused their attention above.

Falling gracefully through the cool night air were hundreds of tiny snapping turtles. Heero turned to glare at the bewildered American.

"Who did you piss off this time!?"


Inspired by a midi of Ride of the Valkyrie ... or rather the turtles were ... Spandex Boy and Shinigami came along for the ride.