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Warnings: Angst, Death ::meeps::, Shounen ai/Yaoi (for those with cranky mom's who screen their mail - two or more boys who enjoy making out with one another), and babble about relationships with is purely that - babble - seeing as I am not even familiar with the feelings described here.
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Right Here Waiting
Song by Richard Marx
Story by Amy (Kikotei)



[Oceans apart day after day
[And I slowly go insane

Pace one way. Then the other way. Sit at the computer and check for messages. Growl at the empty inbox. Get up and repeat.

Heero had been doing this for hours. Waiting for Duo to return from a particularly dangerous solo mission. Had the orders not been so specific that only one pilot go on this mission, Heero would have been there in a heartbeat, protecting the only thing that really mattered to him.

[I hear your voice on the line

"01, come in."

The shorthaired boy lunged for the Comm on the bed. "01, here. Has the pie been baked?" Heero grimace at Duo's choices for code on this mission.

"Two doves are winging their way home." Heero could practically hear the grin in his lover's voice. "02 out."

[But it doesn't stop the pain

Heero gently lay the Comm by his computer, deep in thought.

Was being in love worth so much pain to be separated from Duo so much, and by such great distances? Was it worth the sharp ache in his heart to watch his lover throw himself headlong into battle after battle?

An hour later Duo sauntered through the door, leaning casually against the dresser. But Heero seemed deep in thought, sitting at his laptop and staring blankly at the screen.

The longhaired American crossed the room with a sigh and draped his arms over Heero's shoulders, feeling the tension coiled subtly under the skin.

"Hey, love. Is something wrong?" Duo whispered into Heero's hair.

[If I see you next to never
[How can we say forever

"Duo," the Japanese pilot barely spoke above a whisper, "is our relationship worth the pain? Having to stand on the sidelines while you go on missions without some one watching your back hurts me. I don't like feeling like this. I like being with you, those feelings I like. But, is the pain worth it?"

[Wherever you go
[Whatever you do

"Oh, Heero." Duo pulled the chair away from the desk, then walked around to face Heero. "I guess no one ever taught you that sometimes love does hurt." Heero looked upset by his words. "But the best part about being in love, is the time that two people are together. The pain goes away doesn't it?"

[I will be right here waiting for you
[Whatever it takes

Duo settled himself over Heero's lap and wound his arms around the strong neck. "When we're together, the war goes away Heero. I'm free to be happy, really happy. I don't have to pretend or plaster fake smiles on. Even with the pain, I would rather be with you, than without you."

[Or how my heart breaks
[I will be right here waiting for you

Heero watched the content little smile spread slowly over Duo's face. "I'm sorry for doubting." He leaned forward to press a chaste kiss on the soft lips. "Aishiteru, koi. Zutto."

"Me too." Duo placed a hand over Heero's heart and the other over his own. "And I'll always be here, no matter where I am."

Both leaned forward to share a more passionate kiss, and the next few hours were spent tenderly reaffirming their love in the waning sunlight.


[I took for granted, all the times

Slowly a slender figure walked over the green hills. Following the graceful curves of the land.

[That I though would last somehow

All the while the boy remembered.

[I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
[But I can't get near you now

Memories and emotions one by one, occasionally overlapping, overwhelm him. Sweet moments. Nights of passion and lust. Terror.

[Oh, can't you see it baby
[You've got me goin' crazy

And he felt as if he was going mad.


[Wherever you go

Heero was cleaning the kitchen, washing the dishes from the morning's breakfast. A smirk crept over his mouth as he remembered just how interesting this particular breakfast had been. He wasn't sure if he would be able to look at eggs the same way again.

Suddenly a low cough sounded behind him.

[Whatever you do

"Love, another mission came in."

[I will be right here waiting for you

"For who?"

[Whatever it takes

"For both of us."

[Or how my heart breaks

"What are the odds?"

[I will be right here waiting for you

"Crappy. As always."

[I wonder how we can survive
[This romance

Suiting up and running their Gundams through pre-flight checks, both youths were heading to battle an hour later.

[But in the end if I'm with you

Both kept radio silence…

[I'll take the chance

…But neither let on that they kept their line open, if only to listen to the other breathe.

[Oh, can't you see it baby
[You've got me goin' crazy

The battle was not going in their favor. The information from their contact had been out of date. OZ had shifted more Mobile Suits to the base to protect a research team. The two Gundams, despite their advantages, were sorely outnumbered.

[Wherever you go

Heero and Duo where cut apart from one another, separated by a sea of Leos and Taurus's.

Radio silence was still being maintained, but neither could resist shouting warnings and information to one another every few moments.

"01, we need to pull out! There's too many to take alone!"

"I realize… Duo! Behind you!"

"What? Shit!"

A Leo had gotten in a critical hit while Duo's attention was distracted. A wide gash had been opened along Deathscythe's metal skin. From the shoulder and wrapping to the front of the knee joint the Gundanium had been rent and torn, leaving wires sparking in a sparking and spitting in a mad dance.

"Damage is extensive. Right arm, no longer functional, half a dozen… oh crap. Heero, move back 100 meters please."


"A secondary fuel pump was cracked."


[Whatever you do

Duo smiled sadly at the tiny image of his nearly frantic lover.

"There's no time, Heero. Don't risk your life for something that can not be changed." His fingers traced over the lines of Heero's face, leaving thin bloody trails. Finally stopping to rest a trembling finger over the pixelized chest, "Remember…"

[I will be right here waiting for you

The Japanese boy watched Duo's mouth move, not hearing what he was saying. Not wanting to hear. He didn't want to hear the truth. He wanted…

[Whatever it takes

"Duo…" Heero's hands reached for the American pilot, ineffectually grabbing for his lover. Helplessly watching as sparks began flying, blocking his view.

[Or how my heart breaks

Until Duo and Deathscythe disappeared, bathing the world in a storm of white.


Heero stood over the lone grave. High on the hilltop he carefully traced the gentle curves of the name deeply carved into the cold stone. When his index finger rounded the 'o', Heero lay his palm flat against the marble as if communing with the simple marker.

Opening his eyes, Heero moved his hand to cover his heart, his lover's last words echoing in his mind.

[I will be right here waiting for you