This was suggested by Ad, and the whole idea just started chewing on my ankles and wouldn't let go. The suggestion was that Heero grew up in a concentration camp and watched his whole family die, which led to his being as closed off as he is. Don't know if this came out quite the way Ad pictured it, but I can say that it was a wonderful catharsis for me, seeing as part of my family escaped Poland shortly before the events that led to World War 2.

Anywho here it is ^^

I dun own them, dammit Red Sector A belongs to Rush

Blood, violence, guns, rape, etc, etc.

Red Sector A
By Amy-chan (Kikotei)
Red Sector A by Rush

It has been said that war and strife is and endless waltz that humanity cannot escape. It has also been said that humanity has the ability to learn from its mistakes. When I was younger I believed in the power of humanity and its ability to learn.

But these days I'm far more convinced of the latter.

**All that we can do is just survive
All that we can do to help ourselves is stay alive**

I moved to this colony three months ago with my husband and my infant child. My spouse had grown up here and had always wanted to move back. And I being the dutiful wife, agreed.

But within the first month, we became aware of an undercurrent of hostility and barely restrained violence. But by then it was too late for us to escape. The Federation had restricted all travel in and out of the colony, and the council of governors became a council of tyrants.

And those who protested the change were swiftly incarcerated.

**Ragged lines of ragged grey**

Soon, however, that changed as well. People were sent to jail for any possible excuse. It was a reflection towards ancient earth history in the old European nation, when the governments turned to absolutism.

**Skeletons, they shuffle away**

Before we knew what was happening, my husband, our child and myself were in one of the colony's concentration camps. The prisons had long since over crowded and a number of camps had been opened throughout the colony. The prison would have been a better place to be.

**Shouting guards and smoking guns
Will cut down the unlucky ones**

The guards are cruel and sadistic, and take pleasure in tormenting the prisoners. The camp has become a place of martial law. The only way to ensure we get our daily allotment of food is to stay in the favor of the guards and to give them what they want. I must have food for child, if nothing else he 'must' survive. My son must survive to see freedom for himself, rather than listening to the stories I weave for him each night. And it's for him that I would do anything.

My poor dear husband did not understand this, and when he tried to stop a guard from taking advantage of me, he was made into an example.

**I clutch the wire fence until my fingers bleed**

He was staked out in the common grounds where everyone could see, as he was tortured in all ways possible. And was even forced to watch as the guard he tried to stop earlier raped me in front of him.

**A wound that will not heal**

He died three days later, and I was pregnant with the guard's child.

**A heart that cannot feel**

I know in my heart that I will not survive this pregnancy, but I do wish for this new child to live. This new life may have been forced upon me, but life is life. A child of rape is still a child worth living. But I worry for my first son; he has become increasingly withdrawn and cold since his father's death.

**Hoping that the horror will recede**

As I watch my son's eyes grow cold to the atrocities surrounding him, I begin to make plans for his future, because I know I won't be around to give him what he needs. I've seen it in my dreams.

**Hoping that tomorrow we'll all be freed**

I have asked the father of my second child for his help. Since my husband's death all those months ago he has offered as much help to me as he can. He has even offered to help us escape if we can survive another month until his child is born. Even if he is doing all of this out of a sense of guilt, Odin Lowe may prove my dreams wrong. I can only hope, it's all I have left to me.

**Sickness to insanity**

Mother is weakening. I may be young, but in this short life I have seen more than most adults do. If mother dies, I'm afraid of what will happen to me. But I won't let mother see that I'm afraid, I have to be strong now that father is gone. I have to be strong.

**Prayer to profanity**

I've been sitting outside of the building where we sleep for hours. The adults won't let me in. I know what's going in there. Mother is having her baby. Mother needs family with her, but the adults won't let me in.

**Days and weeks and months go by
Don't feel the hunger**

They finally allow me in afterwards. Mother is tired, but happy. She smiles and whispers a secret to me.

**Too weak to cry**

We'll be free. I've never known freedom other than what my mother used to tell me at night to help me sleep when the guards tried to starve us.

The guard, the one that gave her this baby will help us escape tomorrow. He'll sneak us out under the cover of night and protect us. Mother said he promised. I hope mother is right, but I'm still uneasy. All I can feel is dread. Some one will die tomorrow when we get out.

The day finally arrives, and night descends. Odin Lowe announces a slight change in our plans for escape. He says that he has bribed a guard to let us through, but we must go separately, or the other guards may notice. I open my mouth to tell Odin to take mother out first, but she beats me to it. She implores Lowe to take me out first.

**I hear the sound of gunfire at the prison gate**

Silent as shadows Lowe and I make our way out of the prison. Slipping past the guards to hide behind the burned out shell of a car. He tells me to stay still and hide while he goes back for my mother and younger brother.

As Lowe starts to head back for the prison, a large number of angry voices ring out from behind the glaring spotlights and towering walls. We both freeze in fear of being discovered.

**Are the liberators here?
Do I hope or do I fear?**

I can barely make out what the voices are saying … Mother! They've found my mother!

**For my father and my brother, it's too late
But I must help my mother stand up straight**

I break for the prison walls. I must save my mother. I must protect her. I promised! I come to an abrupt halt as a strong pair of arms wrap around my waist. Let me go, I beg. I have to help my mother. Please, please let me go. But the arms are unyielding.

I can see her now, with my little brother clutched to her breast. She makes a break for the gate, to freedom.


One of the guards has shot her, not fatally, but all she can do is lie there. Holding tightly to her newborn child. And she sees me, smiling through a haze of tears and pain. Telling me with that one look that she is happy, no matter the outcome of the night.

Suddenly the guards open fire. Riddling her broken body with bullets. Killing my mother and brother in a hail of metal.

**Are we the last ones left alive?**

It has been hours since they shot her. Hours of sitting there and watching the blood dry from life giving red to dull, dead brown. The guards will not move her body; they will let it sit there until the morning clean up crew arrives. A final insult to the tortures they have placed upon my mother's heart and soul for so long.

Odin Lowe's arms are still around me, as if to comfort me. But I know it is to keep me from running to the body to grieve. But what would be the use in that. She's not there anymore. All that is in front of my eyes is another corpse that will be jettisoned out into space.

**Are we the only human beings to survive?

As we turn to leave the camp behind us. I realize that my worse fears came true.

My last tears are for you mother.