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Warnings: Angst, Shounen ai

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One More Murder
By Amy-chan (Kikotei)
Song by Better than Erza

[One more murder in this town
Don't mean a thing
Just lock your doors and drive around]

It was another quiet evening. And Duo Maxwell was bored. Which everyone knows is a dangerous thing.

Duo was sprawled out on the couch flipping through the evening reports of all the bad things that had happened during the day. Sighing remorsefully, he tried to find a channel that wouldn't damped his already low spirits. Finally giving it up for a lost cause Duo wandered over to Heero's laptop, which had been left on so that he could monitor the net for more missions.

[One more murder in this town
Don't worry the rain will
Wash the chalk marks from the ground]

Sitting in front of the laptop, the American rested his head in his palms and watched the programs Heero had set up run over and over, scanning everything and monitoring the net.

Heero. Duo wished his silent lover were here. If the dark-haired boy were here, then the silence wouldn't be so loud. Then he wouldn't have to think. He wouldn't have to remember.

[Saturday night shots ring out
Add one to the body count
You come alive to see another's end]

Duo had seen so many innocent people die in his short life. Even before he had taken up the identity of a nameless, faceless terrorist in a quiet war, he had seen more death than he cared to remember. He saw the people who he first could remember thinking of as family die, to leave the world in pain, screaming for release from they're broken bodies.

[Plead it to a lesser count
D.A. says without a doubt
In 3-5 you're on the streets again]

'Solo, Sister Helen, Father Maxwell. They stuck out as the most vivid in his life. The most vivid people, the most vivid deaths.'

'Solo, cut down by the plague that swept the L2 colony they were living on. Sweeping and cleansing the slums of life. Solo didn't even stand a chance, even after I had stolen vials of the cure for the all the children in our gang. And he knew, he knew that it was too late for him. It doesn't make me feel any better though. Solo was the only one to die, and I became the leader. I had to lead these children like he did. But I failed him, how could I have hope to be what these children needed to survive these slums.'

'Father Maxwell and Sister Helen took me in after I had tried stealing supplies from a Federation base. They were hoping that some nice family would adopt me. Good luck. I was an unholy terror on the street of L2, and everyone knew that. So I became Maxwell's Demon, and practically a permanent resident at the sanctuary. That is, until I screwed up. And because of me, I lost my new family. I had killed my family again.'

[One more murder in this town
Don't mean a thing
You get accustomed to the sound]

The laptop suddenly beeped, ragging the American boy out of the circular path his mind had started. Quickly scanning the attached file for viruses, he opened it and began skimming the file. The header proclaimed it from G. And that it was not a mission in the strictest sense … but something more personal.

[One more murder in this town
Block off the street and
Wrap the crime scene tape around.]

Wide violet eyes suddenly narrow, taking on a dangerous gleam. Lurching up from the table, Duo knocks over the chair in his rage. Grabbing his favorite cap and his gun from it's hiding place under the cushions, the young man known to his enemies as Death left his small shabby apartment.

[Hosanna! Hosanna!
I can't feel a thing at all!
Hosanna! Hosanna!
I can't feel a thing!
I can't feel a thing at all!]

[Saturday night you're going out]

Duo watched from the shadows of the buildings as his target, staggered drunkenly to his car. The parking lot was dark, which would make his job all the easier.

[Parking lot, a figure come about
Feel a piece click against your head]

The man finally made it to his car, but was still digging through the pockets of his overcoat for the keys. Now was Duo's chance. The streets where empty. Now! Go, before you lose him for another 8 years. And by then, you might be dead!

Detaching himself from the shadows, Duo walked forward on the silent feet of a predator.

An arm length behind his target, Duo drew his gun, clicking the safety off and placed it to the back of the man's head.

"Don't move you filthy son of a bitch." A sibilant whisper; that sounded nothing like Duo Maxwell, escaped from gritted teeth.

[Pleading to his sympathy.
Take the car, I got a family.]

The target, dressed in his evening finery, stiffened.

"What do you want from me," Came a keening whine, "if it's money you can take my wallet. Wait, wait, here, here are the keys take the car. Take whatever you want."

"What ever I want, eh? I want your blood spilled all over the ground! I want to do a little dance over your corpse!"

"But, my family…"

Duo bared his lips in a snarl of rage, "You should have thought of them before you unleashed that plague of yours. You should have thought of them before you took my first family. Before you made me who … what I am!"

"What … you are?"

[You hear a laugh.
It don't mean shit to me.]

A thin bitter laugh worked from Duo's throat.

"I am Shinigami."

[One more murder.]

Duo stood at the edge of the roof, arms wrapped around his chest as if to keep the cold away, watching the paramedics cover the cold, bloody body with a pristine white sheet.

[One more murder.]

"You killed a man in cold blood tonight."

Duo didn't look up at the nasal voice on the other side of the roof, by the fire ladder. "You followed me."

"Did it make the pain go away?" Heero questioned sharply.

"What does it matter, Heero, I killed. I shot a man in the back of the head for something he may have never been directly involved in. I let my anger control me," Duo peered at Heero from the side. "I wish I could shut off everything like you do."

Heero came up behind Duo wrapping his strong arms around his waist, resting his head just behind Duo's ear to whisper, "Then you wouldn't be Duo. But did it make the pain go away?"

[One more murder in this town, in this town.]

"No. It just made it hollow."

Together they watched the ambulance roll away, silently.