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Warnings: Not much really. It is Yaoi, but only by default.

Moonlit (A nightlife ficlet)
By Amy-chan


Midnight. The moon was full, bathing the slumbering world in silvered tones. Creating a beautiful, if sterile, landscape. Not that he was in any position to appreciate the beauty.

Oh no, not Heero Yuy, not the night before the mission.

Lifting his head slightly off the pillow, Heero craned his neck toward the glowing red lights of the alarm clock. It was now 2:30 am, standard local time, and he still hadn’t fallen asleep yet.

Slamming his head back against the pillow several times in efforts to knock himself out, Heero decided to pull out all the stops and use his last option. Counting sheep.

At 75 sheep, and the clock almost to 3:00 am, standard local time, Heero surrendered to the inevitable. The sheep just weren’t doing a damn thing for him. Flipping onto his side, the Japanese boy stared at his longhaired bedmate, who hadn’t given Heero the time of day since the sock incident. ‘Well, maybe he had given more than the time of day.’ his hormones growled at him. ‘He’s been flashing you little bits of flesh since you had that fight. Now look at him, sound asleep. Brat.’

Heero did look at Duo very closely. The shaft of moonlight coming through the crack in the curtains caught in Duo’s hair, making it shine and giving him an almost otherworldly beauty. And making him a threat to his control over his raging hormones.

Raising himself up on one elbow, Heero leaned over to watch his lover carefully. Heero was positively seething that Duo, who was the initiator of most of the activities in their bed, was sound asleep. What Heero wouldn’t give for a quick bang to tire him out. But a bet was a bet, and he was not about to admit defeat.

The longer Heero stared at Duo, the more he was inclined to just reach out and slap Duo right across the face. No, nothing damaging, just enough to wake the fey creature who was keeping his hormones running at full speed. But that wasn’t something in his character. He was the Perfect Soldier, he could ignore these little temptations.

Finally at 3:25 am, standard local time, Heero again surrendered to the inevitable. Heero reached out toward his lover, and slapped him right across the face. As Duo came sputtering and flailing into full wakefulness, Heero quickly flipped over and pulled the covers over his ears.


“Go back to sleep.”