Title: Love's Records - Chapter 1/?
Author: Amy
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Warnings: 1x2, AU, Yaoi, Death, Violence (these are for the entire story, more warnings may crop up).
A/N: I promised Kit-chan I would post this for her birthday (::ducks:: Gomen! I forgot!!) I actually wrote this story as an original story for a children's literature class I took in the fall of 2001. But decided that when I was done with class I would modify it to GW as Duo and Heero's personalities, as I see them, started leaking into the characters. This is also heavily influenced by the Points series by Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett. I had been on my 10th+ read through of Point of Dreams. ^__^
I don't know when I'll get this finished. if ever. but I was bored and wanted to post it.
And the title is tentative. if I find something better I'll change it.
Oh, and this chapter was beta-ed by a published/professional author ::weeps:: She ripped me a new one. Lord knows if this will ever continued at her standard.


Love's Records
Chapter 1


I'm not quite sure how to start keeping a journal. Heero had suggested it to me some time ago, possibly in the hopes that I would talk myself out in here, rather than talking him to boredom later. I suppose, though, that I should introduce myself. if that is what one does in a journal.

My name is Philip Duo Maxwell, although the only person who called me by my full name is now long dead. Everyone here in the royal court calls me Duo. Apparently it's an easier name to yell when I get in trouble. And of course Heero, being the model courtier that he is, says that happens far too often.

Perhaps I should learn how to behave myself more like Heero does. After all, I am next in line to be the Court Mage. And I don't think the Prince Heir would take too kindly to a clownish Mage among his court.

At the moment, however, I am still an apprentice. Most of my days are spent bent over yellowed manuscripts, reading each line of scrawling text with care to avoid mistranslating or misinterpreting the arcane spells. Five years ago my master finalized my areas of study. My talents lay mostly in natural magics, but, as I the am the apprentice of the current Court Mage and his successor, my studies in other systems of magic certainly have not been ignored. Heero is pleased with that. Paranoid as most warriors can be, he often mentioned to my Master that my learning should encompass as many systems as were available in the University's vast collection of books.

Seeing as I have mentioned Heero so many times, I think I should say something about him. Heero and I are Starbonded. Apparently he and I were born under complementary stars. This, according to every text I could find on the matter, makes us perfect partners. If you ask me, I think that is terribly open-ended. What kind of partners can Starbonds be? Anything from sparring partners to lovers, apparently. I've taken my Master's suggestion to heart; I will let nature take its course. So if Heero and I become -


The sharp, barking voice startled me so badly that as I turned to face my tormentor, I fell off my workbench into a rather ungainly heap of hair, limbs, and long dark robes. My appearance is not exactly fitting for the future Court Mage, but I'm working on it. Looking down at me with a smirk was none other than Heero.

"What was so engrossing that you didn't here me call your name four times, Duo?" He was still giving me that almost evil little smile of his, as if he had caught me doing something bad again.

"For your information, I was writing in my journal, something you suggested. Besides, it's still too early in the day to get into any real trouble." Sticking an arm up I gave my best imitation of a lady's voice, "Now help me up." After a few moments of staring him down, I started wiggling my fingers and batting my eyelashes like the best of those painted ladies who wandered the halls.

Heaving a loud and seemingly fake sigh, Heero grabbed my flailing wrist. With barely any strain, he pulled me to my feet.

"And you still haven't braided that mass of hair. Sit down, let me finish it," said Heero. After forcing me back onto the bench, he went off in search of a brush and string.

Sometimes I thought I did this on purpose. I left my hair down, just for the excuse to have him help me.

A moment later, Heero returned with string and brush in hand. Pulling my hair to the back, he tapped me sharply on the top of my head.

"I should make you do this yourself," he said.

I started to give my best whipped-puppy pout.

He added, "But I don't mind doing this for you."

Heero began to carefully work out the tangles that bathing had created in my hair, easing each strand out of the little knots. When the little tangles were finally gone, Heero settled into a steady rhythm of strokes. Each pass of the brush tugged gently on my scalp, leaving behind that pleasant tingling sensation that only comes from having someone else brush your hair.

After several long minutes, Heero gave a satisfied grunt and began braiding my hair. Rocking slightly with each tug and twist I started to doze off, slipping into that almost trance-like state of total contentment.

Too soon, however, I felt him reach the bottom of my hair where he tied a piece of string around the ends, holding the plait together. But before I could stand up, or even turn around to thank him, Heero rested his head lightly on top of mine.

"Heero, shouldn't we go."

"Just another moment. I just." Strong, wiry arms slipped around my chest, pulling me into a rough embrace.

"I understand, we can wait a few more moments." And I did understand. For generations beyond my count, our kingdom had been at war with the neighboring Daemon Realm. There had been a few times of peace between the kingdoms, but the tensions had remained. For the last twenty years a tentative peace had been in place, but inexplicably those same tensions had flared up again. There were even rumors that farmers from border villages had seen and gotten involved in minor skirmishes. Along with these, there was even the possibility that whole villages were killed. But no one had confirmed this.

Slowly Heero unwound his arms. "We should go now, Duo." His kissed the top of my head so lightly that I almost didn't notice. "Everything will be all right, I promise."

He slipped one hand under my elbow and helped me to stand. Together we left my rooms and started the long walk from the dusty residential buildings of the University and the Magistry to the bright halls of Justice in the Court.

Down the narrow, cobbled streets that bordered the University and the Court we walked shoulder to shoulder through the afternoon bustle. The short journey was made in a companionable silence. The streets were far too loud to hold a conversation.

Nearly a quarter-hour later, I still followed Heero down the hallways. I had to rush in order to keep up with his long strides. "Did your father tell you anything else?" I asked.

"No, all I was told was to find you and then report to the council chambers. All I do know is that this whole situation doesn't feel right." The slight tightening around Heero's eyes told me that he was nervous, and anxious to find out what we were both needed for.

Tugging at the hem of his sleeve, I whispered, "Do you think it has anything to do with the war?"

Heero muttered something inaudible to himself before turning to look at me. "I have little doubt that this has to do with the skirmishes on the border. And please don't whisper about it. It makes you sound like the other ninnies around here. I know you're more intelligent than that."

Sagging against him I cried dramatically, "I've been found out!"

I was about to launch into another round of trying to annoy Heero. Just then we rounded another corner to find ourselves at the massive chamber doors of the Council.