Inspired by being forced into manual labor all day today, trying to clean out the acre and a half yard before the Nor'Easter that's supposed to be coming makes it impossible to rake. Stupid wind made it impossible to use the leaf blower, so I was forced to rake every thing.

Warnings and Disclaimers: Yaoi-ish … of course. My favorite couple, of course. Doesn't belong to me, damn it.

A fall ficlet
By Amy-chan (Kikotei)


"Was that good for you?" Heero was panting hard as he lay back next to Duo.

"Shut ... up."

Both boys lay flat on their backs, trying to get air into abused lungs, staring blankly forward.

"Are we … done." Heero shifted his head just enough to see is lover out of the corner of his eye, Duo sounded angry.

"I suppose."

"Good. I don't wanna do that again. Don't make me." Duo whined.

"I won't."

The two Gundam pilots lay there quietly, absorbing the silence of their surroundings. All of a sudden a chilly fall wind began rushing through the treetops. Duo stared in shock as five hours of manual labor was destroyed in five minutes.

From under the new pile of leaves Duo began cursing and shouting.

"No, NOOOOO, nononononono. Damn it! Hee-!" Duo was cut off abruptly as Heero rolled over him and slapped a hand across his mouth.

"Shhh." The Japanese boy whispered. "I promised you wouldn't have to do all that again. Besides, I would rather find another use for this pile of leaves."

No more yard work was done that day.

(thank god)