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Warnings: Whip cream and wayward fingers

Untitled Ficlet (anyone got suggestions?)
By Amy-chan (Kikotei)


"Heero … Oi, Heero! Wait up! Onegaii?!"


"Heero, will you wait up? It's not my fault!"

Duo's face screwed in a grimace. "Sure, I over reacted slightly. So I tossed the awful tasting pastry thing over my shoulder." He stuck his tongue out at the half-remembered taste. "It's not my fault that there was a convention of 'Food Fight Addicts Anonymous' behind me. And besides, you were the one that chose to step right in their range of fire on your way back from the bathroom."

Duo Maxwell stared at the whip cream covered Heero Yuy messily stalking down the sidewalk.

'I wonder what that stuff tastes like now?' Without further regard to his own physical health, Duo quickly dragged his index finger across Heero's spandex, and not to forget whip cream, covered backside.

Before he could even get his hand up to his mouth, Duo's wrist was caught in an iron grip. Nervously meeting the cold Prussian gaze, Duo tried to stammer out an explanation.

"H … Heero … I …errr … well …"

But Heero beat him to any explanations and put Duo's finger in his mouth. Duo could only blink as Heero slowly and thoroughly sucked the whip cream off his finger.

Releasing Duo's finger with a resounding pop, Heero gave him one last glare and continued stalking messily down the sidewalk.

All Duo could do was stand there and stare at the swiftly departing Heero, with his jaw hanging somewhere down around his knees.

"H … Heero! Oi, wait up man!"




"the love shack is a little old place where we can get together…"