I don't own the Gundam Boys (wish I did) and I don't own the story that inspired this. That belongs to Norman Bridwell. This based on a children's book series, 10 points and smiley stickers to who ever figures it out.

Characters acting quite OCC, but I think the wardrobe changes make up for that ::smirk::

"Name: Heero…"

"Arg!!! Try again Heero. You're supposed to be genki. G-E-N-K-I."

"Hn. What if I refuse?"

"Would you rather I switch you and Duo, so that you play…"

"Ninmu Ryoukai."

Duo, the Big Braided Baka
By Amy-chan (Kikotei)

"Hi. My name is Heero Yuy. And this is my baka." Heero tugs on the black leather leash in his hand. Attached to the lease is a black and silver collar. And securely attached to the collar is one irate looking Duo Maxwell. Dressed to kill in a rather snug looking leather body suit complete with floppy, fire engine red ears bobby pinned to his hair, and a tail pinned to the … errr … back of the suit.

"I am not amused." And judging from the expression on Duo's face, about ready to kill some one … a fic author maybe.

The Japanese boy gave a slight tug to the leash, signaling Duo for a moment of silence. AS I was saying, this is Duo, the Big Braided Baka." Both boys snicker slightly at some private joke. "Duo gets in a lot of trouble. Which is why I've had to leash him." A mutual glare is traded, but one could almost swear that Heero was smirking.

Heero suddenly whips a photo album out of spandex space. Yes spandex space, the same place where all the left socks of the world go.

"Just last month we had some new neighbors move in." Heero flips to the first page. "This is Wufei," on the page is a snapshot of a serene looking Chinese boy with his shoulder length hair tied back into a tight ponytail. "I let Duo go help Wufei unpack." The next page had pictures Duo accidentally dropping boxes of fragile things and babbling Wufei into a tizzy. "Unfortunately Wufei and Duo didn't get along." The last picture showed the same Chinese boy this time with hair straggling out of his ponytail and looking about ready to say something that wouldn't be approved by the TV censors.

"Its not my fault that boy has stick up his…"


The American wilted slightly under Heero's glare. "It's still not my fault." He muttered under his breath as he watched the other boy flip to the next page of incriminating evidence.

"After Wufei, Trowa and Quatre moved in across the street." The picture on the page showed a contented couple curled together on a porch swing. "I'm still not sure what Duo did when he went to go visit, but Trowa has taken out a restraining order on both of us." Behind the sedate picture, is a snapshot of Trowa trying to hold back Quatre from strangling Duo with his own braid. Can some one say Zero.

Heero leveled a glare at the longhaired boy. "What did you do over there Duo?"

The other boy attempted to look anywhere except Heero. "Saaaa…" Duo suddenly took interest in picking at the sleeves of his body suit.

"The last to move in was Treize and Zechs." The next picture showed two handsome older men lounging in elegant lawn furniture. "Treize had a very nice garden, that 'somebody' destroyed." The next page showed what was once a lovely rose garden, now in utter shambles. The photograph next to it had Zechs laughing himself silly in his lawn chair, while Treize seemed to be developing an eye twitch.

"I was not the ONLY one involved in that diabolical Mr. Perfect. After all I was just admiring the flowers when you - ACK!" Heero tugged sharply at the leash.

"Well Treize built a very tall fence around his yard. Mostly to keep Duo out." Heero returned the album to spandex space.

The American manfully tried to ignore this latest insult. "I hear that Wufei's started seeing a therapist for anger management lessons."

"Really." But of course the Japanese boy really wasn't paying attention to what was coming out of Duo's mouth. He was far more intrigued by the way Duo's rear was moving in all that leather. Duo caught where Heero's gaze was directed.

"Let's go home Heero. I need a bath." Duo smirked and sauntered slowly back to the house with Heero following close behind.