Title: Crumbs
Series: Nightlife
Author: Amy (a.k.a. Kikotei)
Archives: DHML & Kikotei's GW Archive
Pairings: 1x2x1, they’re versatile
Series Summary: Little things keep coming between Heero and Duo before bedtime. Will either one of them ever get some nookie again.
Warnings: Silliness, mildly OOC behavior
Thanks: MadamHydra: for an idea and a line I couldn’t resist.



“Must sleep…”

“Nice to see you too, love. How did the mission go?” Turning his head slightly to one side Duo adopted Heero’s usual stoic expression. “Hn. Blew stuff up. Made the Ozies look like cockroaches. Wanna… eheh. I’ll shut up now.”

Snorting, Heero completed his stagger to the unmade bed on the other side of the room before collapsing face first into his pillow.

And shifted. Frowning into his pillow, Heero decided to try flipping onto his back.

“You okay Heero? Usually you barely even twitch after you belly flop like that.”

Glaring at the ceiling, the shorthaired boy muttered. “Something isn’t right with the bed.”

At the desk, Duo just blinked for a moment. “Hey, let me try something!” Launching himself across the room, the American pilot leapt onto the bed, bouncing with a satisfying squeak of protest from the springs. Rolling right up to plaster his body against Heero’s side, Duo whispered in his ear. “Sounds good to me, but maybe you should check too.”

“I want to sleep, Duo, not tire myself out more.”

“Who says I was suggesting that?”

Raising an eyebrow, Heero gave his lover a look that positively screamed disbelief.

“Okay, so maybe I was. Is there a problem with that?”

“No.” Suddenly the Japanese boy sat up shock straight.

“What now?”

Turning onto his hands and knees Heero stared in disgust at the sheets. “Duo…. Have you been eating cookies in bed again?”

“Um… yeah. So?” Before he could even begin to wonder why, Duo found himself in a heap on the floor with a small flurry of crumbs pelting him in the face. Edging up to carefully peer at Heero, he was witness to a strange sight.

Brushing his hands over the sheets the much-feared pilot of Wing was muttering to himself. “Crumbs. Cookie crumbs. Can’t sleep. Not on cookie crumbs.”

Resisting the urge to smack his face repeatedly into the mattress, Duo simply stared. “For some one who can fall asleep on gravel and wake up well rested, I can’t believe you’re being such a wimp over a few cookie crumbs on a soft, cushy bed.”


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