This is insane. I wrote it in about an hour at the urging of one Ad-chan. This is actually the second in a ficlet series. The first one isn't cooperating with me. But I couldn't resist posting this one. Enjoy ^_^


Cold Feet (Part of the Nightlife Ficlet series)
By Amy-chan


"Duo, no."

Large violet eyes blink in confusion. "Nani?"

"You will not get in this bed until you put socks on." Heero folded his arms across his chest. His bare chest, which was distracting enough as it was, Duo nearly missed what Heero had said.

"But why Hee-koi?"

"You have cold feet."

Another round of blinking followed. "Cold … feet?"

Heero glared from under his unruly hair. "Hai. You will not get in this bed and you will not…" He grabbed the dazed American by the chin, "… get any of this…" a prolonged exchanging of saliva punctuated Heero's words, "…until you wear socks to bed." Releasing Duo's face, Heero stalked to the large bed and threw himself under the covers.

"But what kind of idiot wears socks to bed!" Duo agitatedly hopped from foot to foot by his dresser.

"You, unless you plan on living like a monk." Came the muffled answer.

The long hair pilot glared for all he was worth at the blanket covered lump that was his taciturn partner and koibito.

"Stop glaring and get your socks, I'm not going to sleep with the lights on all night."

"How … oh never mind, I don't even want to know." Yanking open his sock drawer, Duo dug around for his pajama boxers and a pair of socks. Stripping quickly and putting on his pajamas, he bounced towards his nice warm bed, and even warmer bedmate.

"Socks first."

"See, although I don't know how you can see under all though blankets, I am putting on the pair of socks that to so 'kindly' requested I wear. Happy?" All that answered Duo's tirade was a soft snore. "Inconsiderate creep. Doesn't even wait until I get in bed."

Crawling in beside the warm body, Duo started inching closer when all of a sudden … one sock slipped halfway off his foot.

"What the…" reaching under the covers, and resisting the urge to sneak a quick grope of his lover's backside which was to be saved for the return trip from under the covers, Duo gripped the top of the sock and pulled it back over the heel of his foot.

On his return trip through the covers, just has he was about to discreetly give Heero the old feel up, the other sock slipped down to his toes.

Grumbling, Duo once more diving beneath the cover, giving a rain check to the inviting behind, grabbed the misbehaving sock and pulled it has hard as he could.

"There, damn sock, don't move or die." He felt a little silly threatening his socks, but there was a great deal at stake here. Cackling under his breath, Duo curled up to strike his unsuspecting prey. And just as he started to launch himself in Heero's direction … both socks slipped down to his toes.

Doing as little dance of fury at the foot of the bed, Duo silently cursed the sock manufacturers of the world, and most of all, the one with the most cursing in his general direction, one Heero Yuy, sound asleep and uncaring of his lover's predicament.

Rage expended for the moment, the wheels in Duo's head began turning. A sly grin spread across his face. He knew just what to do.

Reaching past his toes, he grabbed both socks by the ends. Sliding up beside the Japanese boy, Duo whipped the socks out from under the covers with a magician's flourish. Carefully, the braided boy peeled back the blankets from his lover's head and gently laid the socks over his head.

Sliding as far back as he could, Duo curled his legs up to his chest. And firmly planted his freezing cold feet in the very center of Heero's back.

With a decidedly undignified yelp, Heero Yuy fell off the bed.

Duo leaned over Heero's side of the bed. The slight of his lover lying there with a pair of socks draped over his head was almost enough to send Duo into a fit of giggles.

"Lets see how long you last oh great Monk Yuy!"