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Time Off
Part 5

At the other end of the bar, Heero sat sipping his drink. About half an hour ago, the manager had finally shut up and let him and Quatre explore the club. After they had ordered and were in the process of drinking, a young woman had approached Quatre and asked him to dance. Being ever so polite, Quatre had accepted and finished his drink before heading off, leaving Heero sitting by his lonesome. Unfortunately for him, a few ladies had taken that as an invitation to make moves on him but were turned away by his glare. After seeing so many girls approach, then leave so quickly, a bold man had walked up to him and tried to get him to talk by buying him a lot of drinks. The guy had been frightened off by his glare soon enough and that seemed to serve as a warning to any other individuals that seemed to have ideas of their own.

Heero had used his time to look around and just as he was on his way of becoming dangerously-I'm-gonna-blow-something-up-soon bored, a slightly familiar face had shown up. Heero hadn't paid much attention to that but after seeing a flash of the long, braided chestnut hair, his mind recalled the incident in the park. It was just his luck that they had sat at the far end of the bar. From his vantage point, he was able to see them without fear of them noticing. That boy… Heero licked his lips slightly. The boy had to be expecting someone to jump him. In that outfit, it was hard to think otherwise. Who was to do the jumping was debatable of course. Heero slid off his chair and headed out onto the dance floor.


Duo twisted and grated his hips along with the pounding beat of the music that was blasting around him. Bodies slid along his and errant hands reached out to caress him but thankfully, before heading out to dance, he had braided his hair again to keep it out of unknown hands and catches on some of the outfits surrounding him. None of these stayed on him for long though, for Duo was constantly moving around through the crowd, never staying in one place for a long time. He had long since released his body to the hypnotic movements around him and the result was one slender body with a braid lazily tracing every curve that played havoc with everyone's hormones as they watched him.

As he was dancing, a pair of hands held his waist and for a while, Duo allowed the person to dance with him for a while. When he tried to pull away, he was surprised to encounter resistance and tried to break free. However, the owner of the hands forced him to turn around to face him.

Annoyed, Duo whipped around about to voice his state of mind to the rude person behind him, when he looked up and took in the dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Recognizing the face, Duo relaxed a bit and grinned up at Heero. "Hey! What are you doing here?"

Heero shrugged but didn't let him go. "Enjoying myself. What are you doing here?"

"Same thing. I joined a contest and this was one of the fringe benefits before they chew us up and spit us back out in what they call training and preparation. Then we get to strut our stuff and go home." Duo replied as he danced.

"Aa. So are you here with anyone?" Heero inquired casually as his eyes focused intently on Duo's seductive movements and his hand twitched, about to grab the braid that must have once been the snake that tempted Eve.

"Yeah, I'm here with my friend Trowa. He's at the bar, enjoying his drink. What about you?"

"I'm here with a friend too. After this, we're going to start our vacation."

"Great! Well, gotta go. See ya around!" Duo called as he lost himself in the crowd. Heero was left standing in a sea of dancers that drifted around him but he had eyes only for the retreating tip of hair.


Quatre breathed a sigh of relief as the song ended. He tried to move away but the woman he was dancing with grabbed his wrist and didn't let go.

"Why don't you join me for some fun later? I'm sure you'll find it very… relaxing…" she whispered in his ear.

Quatre turned a bright red flush and was thankful that his head was down and she couldn't see it. "I'm sorry, I'll have to decline. I'm sure my friend is waiting for me. It was nice dancing with you." With that he pulled away and the lady released him with a pout and very reluctant hands.

"When you chance your mind, I'll be happy so show you some things that'll interest you through the night and into the morning." She whispered as she trailed blood red nails over his arm as he backed away.

"Ah… Thank you for your generous offer miss, but I'll be going now." With that Quatre hurried away, wishing that his face would stop burning and hoping the goose bumps would go away.

"The name's Dorothy, not miss! Remember that!" she called after him.

Heero met him at the bar and, judging by the amused expression on his friend's face, he had seen what had happened between the woman and Quatre. With a smirk, he got Quatre to glare at him and say "Not one word. One word and I leave you go your vacation alone and as my number one priority, I will tell Relena your hotel room number."

A scowl replaced the smirk on Heero's face as quickly as lightning flashes. "That's playing dirty and you know it. Maybe I should find out that lady's telephone number to even things up."

Quatre smiled at him sweetly. "You could do that… but then… I do have about 15 phone lines, about 8 of my people screening my calls and caller ID in my office. I believe I'm more covered then you."

Heero scowled. "I knew I shouldn't have told you the room numbers in the hotel…"

Quatre smirked. "You did and now you suffer the consequences. Now I'm going go get something to drink. That lady didn't know when to stop and she nearly wore holes into my poor shoes. They're brand new too!"

Heero raised an amused eyebrow. "You mean that woman with the… unique… eyebrows? Look, she's over there eyeing you with another one of her friends. Don't look now, but I think she's licking her lips and eyeing your behind..."

With a groan and gesture he signaled the waiter to get him something slightly stronger. Preferably a strong shot of brandy or three…


Duo slid into the stool next to Trowa, slightly out of breath. "Hey man! Still here huh? Why didn't you come and join me out there?"

Trowa raised an eyebrow as he took in Duo gulping down his scotch like it was water, the sweat sliding down the side of his face and the general disheveled look of Duo and refused to comment.

Duo grinned. "What? I got in my daily quota of exercise!"

Trowa rolled his eyes and sipped at his drink again. "We have about half an hour before we have to leave. Get you share of exercising quickly. We don't want to miss the bus."

Duo rolled his eyes and sighed good-naturedly. "Hai hai… Oh and by the way, why don't you ask that pretty blonde you've been eyeing to dance?"

Trowa threw a surprised look at Duo. "How--?"

Duo grinned impishly. "It's not really hard to figure out who when the entire night you've been watching the same person without looking at anything else."

"I'm surprised you could see me. That other guy I saw you all cozy with on the dance floor seemed to hold your attention pretty well."

Duo blushed slightly. "Nah, he's just someone I bumped into, literally. He was nice and we talked. That's it."

Trowa smirked. "And just how nice was he? You two were grinding your groins together and you were plastered against him like you were his security blanket. I was surprised that you didn't go down on him right in the middle of the dance floor."

Duo blushed again and rolled his eyes in an attempt to cover his embarrassment. "Yeah, well at least I was on the dance floor enjoying myself unlike a certain someone I could mention…"

Trowa rolled his visible eye. "I actually have a bit of restraint. I'm not trying to get into anyone's pants at a public dance floor or molding my backside to anyone's crotch."

Duo blushed and eyed Heero's outfit. Black leather pants that just had to be painted on his slim legs and narrow hips had felt incredibly good against his and lower body areas that had become uncomfortably tight while they were "rubbing their groins together". A blue silk shirt that gaped open for the first four buttons and bared part of a smooth, hairless, muscular chest that Duo had ran his hands over causally while dancing. His hair was the usual messy shock of dark brown hair that looked wild and untamable as the boy's sullen cobalt eyes had first proclaimed him to be. With a mischievous wink at Trowa, He leaned over and motioned for him to lean over. "Can you blame me? Have you seen his ass and that chest?" He swooned dramatically and fanned his face with his hand, while grinning like a fool at Trowa. "Damn, he's HOT."

Trowa just laughed and shook his head. "You may like him, but he's not as good as some people I've seen." Without meaning to, his eyes strayed to where Quatre and Heero were sitting, watching as Quatre laughed, the faint sounds of his laugher caught by Trowa's sensitive ears. "Much less attractive then some people…" he murmured.

Duo tilted his head from where he was watching the dancers. "Didja say something Trowa?" he queried, distracted by the throbbing tempo and hypnotic rhythm and grace of the people who were dancing.

"Nothing, nothing important. C'mon, we have to go now; it's time for that Une lady to be coming with the bus. Don't want to be late now do we? Or do you want to admit defeat and save yourself a lot of trouble by leaving me to win the money?" Trowa arched an eyebrow at Duo and hid a smirk as Duo bristled at the challenge.

"No way man! You'll be on your knees, begging me to give you some cash before I give up! Besides, that lady's scary. Don't wanna piss her off. C'mon, let's go!" With that, they left the club and headed out to the waiting bus.


Heero ran a bored gaze over the crowd of dancers that seemed to have no end to their energy. Glancing at his watch, his eyebrow rose slightly and he tapped the slightly tipsy Quatre on the arm.

Quatre beamed a bright smile to a point somewhere over Heero's shoulder. "Hey Heero? Why d'ya have five eyes? And since when didja split your face in half? Didn't it hurt? Saa... Heh… Looks fun'y to see ya glare at me from all those directions… Do you have someway of contro'in your eyes without havin' them attached like tha?"

Heero sighed and heaved Quatre to his feet. "Come on. It's getting late and I need to get some sleep. And I hope you might want to be asleep in a comfortable bed instead of in an alleyway."

Quatre grinned and swayed unsteadily on his feet. Then he paled slightly as he noticed who was sitting a few seats away. "Hey Heero… 'm dreamin' right? 'cause I coulda sworn I only see girls s'at weird and scary when I've had an Jalapeno chedd'r cheese steak with a raspberry tomato milkshake. And didn't I swear offa those? They're good though… wonder why I swore offa 'em…?"

Heero glanced behind himself and held back a laugh as he realized whom Quatre was talking about. Occupying a seat three seats behind him was that lady who asked Quatre to dance. And it seemed like she had acquired a whip and cuffs since the last time he saw her… she was also eyeing the inebriated Quatre who had just giggled and waved at her with a predatory gleam in her eyes. Heero glared at her and pulled Quatre after him as he stalked to the exit. "Let's go before you start bringing home Mistresses."

Quatre giggled. "I don't bring them home…. Rashid does!! Oops. I promised never ta tell… Heero… you're nice right? You won't tell 'im I told ya righ…" With that Quatre's head drooped and fell as Heero found himself supporting a drunk and passed out Winner heir in the parking lot of a dance club.


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