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Time Off
By: Alexia


Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan, a dark-haired business tycoon was dealing with mounds of paperwork and a throbbing headache. He headed one of the most successful business companies in the world, had expanded internationally and was very popular and rich. He was also very bored with his life. He always had to sit in a stuffy office having meetings with old men who could bore anyone to tears and go over the same routine over and over again. He also unfortunately had a secretary that was either both obsessed with him and wanted to get into his pants as fast as she could or a real ditz who had committed her life to him and his company.

His name was Heero Yuy and he was sick and tired of his life and stuffy job. When his father left him his business, he had treated it as a mission. He would try and manage the company as well as he could without his father and try to create a company that would be number one in the world. Now, almost every single day, he was either sitting in a stuffy room with boring old men who droned on and on about how well the business was doing or he was sitting in his office, going through all the paperwork that had to be approved and signed. The mission, or his job, wasn't exactly very enjoyable because even though he had succeeded, he still had to over see business transactions or else the company might have fallen apart. With a low growl, he finally broke the pen he was tapping and thrust the papers away from himself and began to massage his temples. Unfortunately for him, his secretary heard him and poked her head in.

"Is anything the problem Mr. Yuy? If there is a problem, I'll be glad to handle it or do you need me to get anything?" She questioned.

Heero sighed mentally, "No thank you Relena, I'm fine. I think I'll go home early though today. I need to sleep off this migraine I have."

"Oh! Do you want me to call in a doctor? Do you want some aspirin?"

"No thank you, I'll just get some rest and be back by 9 tomorrow morning." Heero began to get up and pack.

"I'm sorry sir, you can't come in so late. You have an important meeting

with the president of the Winner Company, you'll have to be in by 7:30 sharp." Relena told him as she checked his schedule.

Heero gave off a low growl of annoyance. The president of the Winner Company was one of the rare people who were like him. Quatre, the president, was like him too; put in charge of an important company when their parents died and they were both still very young. The only difference was Quatre had his 29 sisters to help him out and Heero didn't have anyone to help him. Heero really liked his friend but even he needed to catch up on sleep sometimes or else the company would fall apart. Quatre would probably change the time of the meeting if not for the other officials from both their companies. They were the ones who requested the meeting to be so early and Quatre wasn't about to be so impolite as to change the time at the last minute. Heero would have but he had a deep respect for his friend's wishes. Heero paused for a minute. There was another person who could take his place at the meeting whom he trusted very much and was also friends with.

"Ms. Peacecraft, could you tell me what is Wufei Chang's schedule for tomorrow morning?"

Relena sat down in front of a computer and after a few commands, had his day's schedule in front of her. "He has a meeting at 7:00am with the other lower officials in charge of the operations in America, then he is scheduled to appear for a negotiation between two companies that both want to form an alliance with us but won't if their rival has signed an agreement with us, then he has brunch with the top officials in Tokyo to discuss our trading contract which expires in a few months. After brunch, he is to come back to the office to finish up some paperwork."

Heero sighed. There was no way he would be able to take Wufei out of such important meetings tomorrow without suffering a blow to the company.

"Fine, I'll be at the meeting tomorrow but I might be a few minutes late."

"Yes, Mr. Yuy, I'll inform them when they get here." Relena made a mental note to tell the others at the meeting.

With a curt nod, Heero finished packing up his briefcase and grabbed his coat. He left his office and waited for the elevator to arrive. While waiting, Wufei Chang also appeared. He had also left the office early to get some rest.

"Ohayo Heero-kun. Leaving work early?" Wufei greeted him.

Heero gave him a tired smile. "Headaches and paperwork do not mix very well. Besides, I need my sleep, I've been working past office hours to finish up the new project that we had just done so well on, and I have an early meeting tomorrow."

Wufei gave him a wry grin. "Mine's at 7, what about yours?"

Heero rubbed between his eyes. "7:30 with Quatre."

Wufei looked slightly surprised. "If it's with Quatre, then why don't you just reschedule it for a later time? I mean, Quatre knows how you feel and he's always considerate of others."

"I though of that too but the problem is, there are other officials with us and Quatre won't be so impolite as to change at the last minute and I'm not about to go against his wishes. They usually help the companies anyway." While they were talking, the elevator had reached their level and they entered it. They were alone in the elevator so they assumed their conversation.

"How long has it been since you've taken a vacation Wufei? A few years?" Heero asked.

Wufei groaned. "It's been 5 years in fact. How about you? I happen to know that it's been more then 8 years."

Heero gave a tiny smirk. "12 years to be exact. I have about 2 years of vacation time saved up."

Wufei gave a low whistle. "Damn, you really need to take a vacation. Go out and date someone, who knows, maybe you'll find someone you won't say 'Omae o kuroso' to every 2 minutes and might actually like. Go enjoy life, you deserve it after all your work. It would be a miracle though if you did." Heero glared at him. "I do not say 'Omae o kuroso' to everyone! Just the people I find annoying!"

Wufei raised an eyebrow at this. "Then you must find almost everyone annoying."

Heero settled for a glower as they exited the elevator and left the building. Wufei just grinned tolerantly at the expression. He was used to it.

"You want a ride Yuy? Or do you want to take a walk and risk getting mobbed by girls and women who are after your body?" Wufei teased Heero. Heero glowered at him but the shades he had put on hid most of the expression. "No thanks, I'm going to cut through the park. See you tomorrow."

With a wave, Wufei entered his car and drove off. Heero watched him go for a moment. Wufei was a very good friend and worker and if Heero wanted to take a vacation, he knew Wufei was perfectly capable to be trusted to take over his position as CEO for a while. Wufei had only a sister who had moved to America. She was also working for Heero as the head of one of his companies. Merian Chang was a good worker as her brother was and together, they had worked through his company's ranks until they were both invaluable to Heero. With a sigh, Heero turned away and started along the route in the park he took sometimes to relax and enjoy the scenery after work. While walking, he thought about Wufei's suggestion to take a vacation. Thoughtfully, he realized that after tomorrow, there weren't any scheduled important deals that he had to oversee. The rest of the scheduled meetings were paltry things and any high official would be able to take care of any problems that could arise. While musing, Heero didn't notice a black-clad figure with a black hat and a long chestnut braid running frantically along the same path he was on. With a wham, they both collided and fell on their butts. Heero sat up quickly, shaking his head to get rid of the little bright spots in his vision. He heard a groan from the person next to him and looked over. Next to him laid a figure that was rubbing his head. The next thing Heero heard was a deep, rich voice complaining. "Itaaiii! Did anyone catch the number of the bus that hit me?" The figure grumbled as he looked up. Heero was about to start yelling at the young man for not looking where he was going when he found himself looking into these deep violet eyes that seemed to entrance him. Whatever Heero was about to say left his mouth and brain as he took in the sight of a beautiful boy in front of him. The boy he had run into had to have been around his age and was wearing all black except for a white shirt that was exposed by his unbuttoned black leather jacket. With a start Heero realized that the boy was speaking to him.

"Saa... you okay man? Did I hit you to hard? Hello??? An answer would be nice so that I'll know I won't be sued." He babbled on.

Heero immediately focused in on the boy's face and the lips that were moving to form words. "Huh? Oh, I'm fine."

The boy extended a hand to help him up and Heero accepted it. He marveled at the softness he felt in the skin under his hand and reluctantly let go when he was up.

The braided boy looked up at him cheerfully. "That's great to know! I'm sorry for running into you but since your not suing, I'm also grateful." With a start, he looked at his watch. "Darn! I'm late again! Damn. See ya later man." With that, he left at a run again and narrowly avoided hitting an elderly woman who was also walking along the path. The shouted sorry was heard by Heero who came out of his daze. With a start, he noticed that the hat the boy was wearing was on the floor.

"Wait!! You left your hat here!" Heero called after him. It was too late though; the boy had already gotten so far that he was little bigger then a dot in the distance. "You haven't told me our name either." Heero murmured into the air as he stared at the retreating figure. With a sigh, he picked up the hat and continued on his way home. Maybe tomorrow, he would walk by here again, return the hat and maybe get the boy's name while he was at it.


Part 2
In another part of town in a clothing store…

"Duo Maxwell! Late again! It's been the FITH TIME THIS WEEK!! What's going on?!?!?!?" a portly, old balding man was yelling at the boy who had knocked Heero over. Cringing, Duo replied, "I had an emergency! One of the kids I know got lost and I had to find her before I went to work! I couldn't let her wander around without someone watching her!"

Mr. Peterson, his boss blew heavily through his mouth. "ONE MORE TIME!!! Just ONE more time and you're fired Maxwell!"

At this threat, Duo paled. He had the kids at the orphanage to help take care of too and the money he was earning was barely helping them scrape by. "Don't worry Mr. Peterson, this job is too important and I won't lose it. Next time, I'll be on time." With that his boss rolled his eyes and left.

Duo gave a sigh and went to start arranging clothes and helping customers. As he was arranging the shirts on a rack, he spotted his friend Trowa, who was sporting a long-suffering expression as a girl he was helping was poking at his bangs and making some suggestive comments. Duo grinned widely as he watched the scene unfold. 'How was Trowa going to get out of this one this time…?' he wondered. Trowa spotted Duo and glared at him. The message was clear: Get-me-out-of-here-before-I-do-anything-I-might-regret! Duo shook his head and grinned back. Trowa glared at him again before grabbing the girl's hand and said something to her while pointing at a rack of clothes that were on sale. With a pout, the girl nodded and went to browse over the clothes. Duo by this time was silently laughing at Trowa's murderous expression that was pointed at both the girl and Duo. Trowa stalked over to Duo and tugged on his braid for revenge.

"Itai! Easy on the hair man! It'd one of my best features!" Duo yelped, pulling his hair out of Trowa's hands. Trowa leaned against the wall, watching Duo reproachfully with his visible eye. "Why didn't you help me? You know what a pain it is to have to put up with these girls!"

Duo grinned. "When it comes to these girls, you're on your own there man. When someone takes away their 'prey' they get pretty angry. Besides, I won't want to have her pulling my hair if she saw me; you know how nuts girls get when they see us."

Towa glared at him. "Well, you could have come a bit earlier today. There were a bunch of girls who came and started flirting with me. With you here, I wouldn't have had to deal with half those girls."

Duo winked impishly, "But it's so much fun watching you deal with them! It's so much fun to see you looking like you're going to strangle someone!" Trowa sighed. "Well, I wish I wasn't working here. Almost everyday, these girls come and don't buy anything and want so much help from us! Then the boss gets annoyed because he thinks we're flirting instead of working and gives us his famous lectures."

Duo frowned, "Don't I know it. It doesn't help that most of the girls go to me first and always say bye to me before leaving. I'm already in enough trouble for being late, I don't need more trouble from them." He sighed. "Too bad we won't be able to win some money and live the rest of our lives without having to worry about where our next meal will come from."

Trowa nodded in agreement. Suddenly, he remembered an article he had seen before. "Wait a minute, Duo come here!" With that, he strolled over to his belongings and pulled out a magazine.

Duo eyed it, unimpressed. "What about it? Doesn't look that special."

Trowa shook his head, "Baka, I'm talking about this article. It's about some kind of contest to find out who's the nicest and cutest guy in Japan. The reward is ten million yen."

Duo rolled his eyes, "Sure Trowa, we'll join and kicked out for being too 'rough' to join. Hello? Has the constant poking at your bangs affected your brains? We aren't exactly the smoothest guys in the country you know. We are a bit cute, but the nicest part has us down for the count."

Trowa rolled his, um, eye. "If you join, I know you'll win. A lot of girls have come up to me just to ask about you. The nice part, you can fake and you? Not smooth? Who are you kidding? You can charm the socks out of anyone you want."

Duo considered for a minute. Trowa was correct in some areas… Aw, it didn't hurt to try. The ten million yen didn't hurt either… "Fine, I'll join…"

Trowa gave him a small grin, only to have it wiped away when Duo continued. "…but only if you'll join me."

Trowa's eye widened. "NO way! I am not going to try and charm girls, my bangs hurt just thinking about it!" Once look at Duo's face was enough to convince him. "Fine, then you better win this thing."

Duo grinned at him. "We'll see, right now, let's get back to work before we get into more trouble."

Back at Heero's mansion…

Heero unlocked his door and was greeted by his dog, Wing, jumping on him and licking his face. "Whoa! Down boy!" Heero laughingly told his dog as he tried to dislodge the paws that were holding him down. With one last lick, Wing allowed his master to stand up. "Hey boy, I missed you too, but next time don't knock me over! I came home early today too." Heero jokingly admonished his dog as he waved a finger at him. Wing barked once and his tail thumped happily. Heero patted his dog, kicked off his shoes and flopped down on the sofa with the dog trailing after him. The maid that looked after his house when he wasn't there had already left. She had left him some dinner and had cleaned the house though so Heero wasn't complaining. Sometimes, he wondered how his house would be like without her. He shuddered at the though, it wasn't a pretty one.

While sitting down and taking a load off of his feet, his mind began to wander along with his eyes. Soon, his eyes rested on the black hat he had kept. With a sigh, he wondered about that boy. He seemed to be around Heero's age but in other appearances, appeared to be living the exact opposite life Heero was living. He was also very handsome. Heero petted Wing automatically when the dog's head found it's way under his hand. He seemed like someone Heero would get along with easily and would become a quick friend and confidante. Besides, he was very attractive… Heero started when he realized what track his thoughts had taken. It wasn't like he didn't know that he, himself, was gay but it had been a while since Heero had been attracted to another boy. Heero smiled slightly as an errant thought struck him. What would his secretary, Relena think if she knew the boss she liked so much was gay? He would love to see her face when she found out. Maybe she would find out if she saw him with another boy. Preferably the boy he had run into but as long as she got off his back, he would take anyone. Heero groaned. This was pathetic. Here he was, one of the most powerful men in Japan and he was daydreaming about a boy he could have found and have the boy taken to his home at a phone call. He did have many influential connections… No, there was no way he was going to do that to the boy. If he did want to get the boy to trust him, he would have to approach him personally.

With a sigh, he got up and went upstairs to his room. This wasn't the time to dwell on his love life; he had to take a bath. That was why he came home early, to relax and forget about business. Within a few minutes, he had stripped down to his pants and stripped those off too, before placing on a robe. He entered the master bathroom and filled up the tub with hot water and put in some scented bubble bath. When the tub was full and full of bubbles, he stripped fully and slid into the hot water.

Heero relaxed, letting the warmth seep into his body and slowly released the tension from his sore muscles. His migraine was slowly melting away and for once, he had something pleasant to occupy his mind with other then business. The violet-eyed boy he had run into today… With a groan of pleasure, Heero slid deeper into the water and closed his eyes. Behind his eyelids, he could see the bright eyes smiling up at him and hear the husky voice speaking to him. Damn… if only he could take a break from his work. Then his new mission would be to find the boy and befriend him. It would be nice to have a new friend and maybe someone more then a friend. Wufei's comment echoed in his mind, 'Damn, you really need to take a vacation. Go out and date someone, who knows, maybe you'll find someone you won't say 'Omae o kuroso' to every 2 minutes and might actually like. Go enjoy life, you deserve it after all your work. It would be a miracle though if you did…'

Heero considered his options for a while. Wufei was qualified to take over for a while, for the next few weeks, there weren't any important deals that he had to deal with personally, and if he wanted to take a vacation, he could carry his cell phone with him and they could call him in case of an emergency… It would be nice to be out in the real world like a normal person without a care in the world. Maybe he could convince Quatre to come with him too. It would be good to have a friend along with him.

Heero opened his eyes. There was a determined glint in his eye that warned people not to try and change his mind. If they did, they wouldn't be a happy person the next day. Heero bathed quickly and after his bath, called up his old friend. He explained his plan to Quatre, and as he had expected, Quatre was happy to join him since he too was sick and tired of the regulations his rank as head of the Winner Company left upon him.

"Sure I'll come with you Heero!" Quatre exclaimed over the phone. "Where do you want to meet? Do I need to bring anything? What will we be doing?"

On the other side of the phone, Heero winced slightly and grinned at his friend's obvious enthusiasm. "I don't have all the details ironed out yet, but I'll call you later tomorrow to tell you about it. Make sure that people know you're on vacation."

On the other end he heard Quatre laugh softly. "Don't worry! I'll get everything worked out by tomorrow or else I'm just leaving and leaving the others to take care of the business. If my sisters can't handle the company for a few days, then I really don't know what they'll do when I decide to take an extended vacation!"

Heero smiled slightly. "I'm sure they'll manage. I have to go now, talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay, bye!" With that, both hung up.

Heero grinned and scratched Wing's head slightly. "I think this vacation will be… fun…"


Part 3
Back at the store…
Duo yawned as he and Trowa locked up the store for the night. "Hey Trowa, what are you doing tonight?"

Trowa considered for a minute. "I'm probably going to get those forms for the contest."

He received a blank look from Duo. Trowa sighed. "Let me guess, you're going to say, 'what contest?' and pretend you forgot all about it'.

Duo scratched his head and smiled innocently at Trowa. "Well, if you know me so well, why would I have to ask it? And I truly don't remember what contest!" Trowa rolled his eyes. "The contest about the nicest and cutest guy in Japan, remember? I forgot the title. But you agreed because you wanted to use the prize money to get a better job and help out at the orphanage."

Realization was like a light that had suddenly turned on in Duo's head. "Oh yeah! Well, have fun man! I'm sure you'll do well. Ja ne!" With that Duo tried to sneak away.

Trowa rolled his eyes and grabbed Duo's braid before he made his getaway. Duo winced and looked longingly to freedom in terms of the shuttle that was about to leave. "Hold it, do you really think that I'm going to fall for that?"

Duo sighed and grinned weakly. "Yes?"

Trowa gave him a disbelieving look and dragged him along with him. "Come on, you're coming with me so I see you fill out a form and submit it. No way did I agree to enter this contest alone. I agreed because you agreed to go. Now either you come or else I'm going to give your number to that girl, Hildie who is always asking for you." he threatened.

Duo held up his hands in defeat. "You got me there man. Let's make this quick and get it over with. I have to get back to the orphanage in time to play with the kids a bit and then help get them into bed or else Sister Helen would not allow me to hang around with the kids so much."

Trowa grinned at him. "You really love those kids don't you? You wouldn't enter this contest for anything else."

Duo smiled slightly. "Hell yeah I love those kids! You have to remember that I'm an orphan myself. Sister Helen was very kind to take me in from the streets and she gave me a home and family. She was my mother and for that I'm always grateful to her." With a faint grin, he remembered how his childhood was spent playing pranks on everyone and aggravating Sister Helen until she would practically give up on him. "Hey Trowa, remember how we used to annoy the Sister so much that she would almost give up on us? Heh, after being yelled at, we would always give her a bunch of flowers we had picked. She forgave us immediately after that."

Trowa smiled in memory of their unforgettable childhood together. "Even back then Duo, you were able to charm your way back into anyone's good graces." They lapsed into silence remembering all the pranks and silly things they had done when they were little devils. Both of their parents had died when they were very young and while Trowa was sent to the orphanage by the government, Duo had made his livings in the streets. Sister Helen had found him when she was walking back to the orphanage with groceries. She had seen Duo, a boy shuddering uncontrollably and bruised to no end, crouched in an alley after a bunch of bullies had beat him up to get the bread he had. Her heart had immediately went out to the poor boy and had taken him in. When he was at the orphanage, Trowa was the first friend he made and after a while, Duo settled into his new life comfortably and had many friends but his closest friend was always Trowa. After finishing school, they both got jobs together and occasionally visited the orphanage and played with the children. Duo was shaken out of his musings when Trowa grabbed his arm to keep him from walking further. "Huh, what?" Duo blurted after seeing himself in a different area then he was in about five minutes ago.

Trowa pointed at the doorway of a small office they were in front of. "We're here." There was a sign at the window saying: "The Japanese Bishounen Contest. Register within."

Duo looked at the sign sheepishly. "Oh, let's go in then shall we?" With that they both went in and registered. When they came out, they were both sporting packages telling them all about the contest and what to do. Duo opened his and took out a letter from the administrators of the contest.

With wide eyes, he read the letter. "Oi Trowa! Did you know that we have to sing, dance and impress some girls they're going dig up for us to talk to?"

Trowa looked at him. "Well, that's not so bad. We can sing and dance. As for impressing the girls, you do that everyday, shouldn't be too hard for you to do."

Duo looked at him in disbelief. "Trowa! We also have to go to some kinda place called Korin with the other contestants and prepare for the contest there! Without coming back here for a few weeks! How are we supposed to visit the orphans and explain our absence to Mr. Peterson?"

Trowa considered this newly revealed piece of information. "Well, the trip to Korin is paid for and as for the orphans, we can always call back. But as for our boss… Do we have any vacation saved up?"

Duo thought for a minute. "We have about two weeks saved up so I don't know what we'll do if the trip takes longer then two weeks."

Trowa shrugged. "We'll just have to risk it then. Besides, if one of us wins, we were planning to quit and find a better job. Besides, we have already entered the contest and can't take back our applications."

Duo sighed. "Okay… I guess we'll just have to go with the flow then. Come on, the next shuttle that comes near the orphanage comes in about three minutes. Let's hurry." With that, the two caught the shuttle and made it in time to tell the orphans a story and tuck them into bed.

The next morning…

"What?! You can't mean that sir! There is no way this company can handle itself for a few days without you! We need you to handle all the important business interactions or else this company will fall apart and-" Relena cried but was interrupted by Heero. "I believe that this company is able to survive without me with able people like Wufei Chang managing the business. Besides, if any serious business problems would arise, Mr. Chang would be able to contact me. I believe that I need a vacation and unless there is some life or death situation, I am taking off a few days." Relena was looking at her boss in astonishment. It was after Heero's meeting and he had just informed Relena that he was taking a vacation, and had told her to keep all business problems away from him until he came back. As Heero had expected, her reaction was surprise and disbelief.

"B-but sir! What about the deal with the Winner company? That is a very important business deal that only you can see through!" Relena protested.

Heero sighed. "Believe me Ms. Peacecraft, I will be able to oversee that deal while on vacation and I have no doubt that it will go through smoothly."

Relena sighed. "Yes sir. But can you at least leave a phone number where you can be reached in case any problems arise?"

Heero was starting to lose patience with her. "I told you Ms. Peacecraft, I want nothing to do with business while I am on vacation and if any problems arise, tell Mr. Chang and he will either handle it or contact me. Either way, it does not involve you or anyone else contacting me so I do not see any reason to give out a number."

Relena recognized the signs that showed when Heero was about to lose his temper. It involved the little signs such as the little vein throbbing in his head and the clenching and tensing of all his muscles in his body. She wisely backed off and stopped arguing. "Yes sir." She sighed. "I will reschedule the appointments for the next week and if you need me to do anything else, you can contact me."

Heero nodded. "Alright, thank you Ms. Peacecraft."

Relena nodded and left. As soon as the door closed, Heero dialed Quatre's number.

"Hello, Quatre Winner speaking." A voice at the other end answered.

"Quatre, it's me. Have you gotten your schedule cleared up?" Heero asked.

"Hey Heero! Of course! I had it done as soon as the meeting was over. So where do you want to meet after work?" Heero could almost hear the grin that spread over Quatre's face.

"Hm, do you want to meet at a hotel where I have already booked rooms for us or would you rather meet somewhere and then go to the hotel?"

Switching to Quatre's end of the conversation...

"How about we meet somewhere and then go to the hotel? In case either one of us runs into a problem, we would at least know where the other is." Quatre suggested.

"That's fine. How about we meet at the new club, Excalibur at 7? It would be nice to spend our first free night out having fun." Heero replied.

"Okay! I'll see you there then. By the way, if I decided to bring along someone like Rashid, you wouldn't mind, would you Heero?"

"I don't care, as long as he won't attract unwanted attention. The point of this vacation is to enjoy ourselves without the attention and pressures our positions give us." Heero stated.

Quatre gave a relived sigh. "That's good. Rashid has been with us for a long time and he won't do anything I wouldn't want him to do."

"Now that that's settled, I think I'll start my vacation a few hours early and pack. You should do the same." Heero said.

Quatre laughed softly. "Yes, mother. Don't worry Heero, I do know what to do before a vacation even though it's been a long time since I took a vacation. Besides, my sisters have already packed some of my things that they claim I would need in a vacation. I don't see what a tuxedo would have to do with anything anyway."

Heero grinned. "I'll leave you to deal with your sisters. I'll see you at seven. Bye."

"Bye!" With that Heero hung up and after hearing a click, Quatre hung up too. He got up and went out to talk to his secretary. As soon as he confirmed all the appointments were rescheduled, his sister, Iria, came to his office and saw him leaned over, talking to his secretary. "Quatre!" She called, trying to get her younger brother's attention. Quatre stood back up and gave his sister a soft smile when she reached him.

"Is there a problem Iria?" Quatre asked.

Iria frowned. "Yes, there is a problem. How could you decide to go on a vacation last night and I find out about it just now? I have to help you pack!"

Quatre sighed and smiled ruefully. "Iria, you don't have to help me pack. With our other sisters helping me, I have enough clothes to last me a month, never mind a few days."

Iria frowned playfully at him then smiled. "Why are you taking a vacation now anyway? Have you finally decided to go find a girl?"

Quatre rolled his eyes. "Iria, you and the others all seem to have a one-track mind when it comes to me. You all are always trying to match me up with another girl. I am taking this vacation to relax, not to find a wife."

Iria sighed and ruffled he brother's hair affectionately. "I know that but your in you late teens and still haven't dated a girl. The others and I are starting wonder when your going to get around to starting a family. It would be nice to have a nephew or niece you know."

Quatre grinned. "Some of our sisters have already married and have children. There should be enough nieces and nephew for you there."

Iria rolled her eyes. "Sure they have daughters and sons but you're our only brother! We want to see you all married and happy with someone you love. We wouldn't even care if it was a boy!"

Quatre laughed softly. "I'm glad to hear that sister. Now, I'm going to leave early today and get some clothes packed that I want. Don't worry," he added, after seeing her expression, "I'm bringing Rashid along with me so I'll be okay."

"Well, with Rashid with you, we won't have to worry that much, but still-" Iria started doubtfully.

Quatre shook his head firmly. "No buts. I'm only taking Rashid or else I'm just going alone."

Iria sighed. "Alright, fine. But always keep your cellphone on and charged in case we want to reach you."

Quatre gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and smiled reassuringly at her. "Don't worry, 'neechan, I'll be alright. Now go, you have to start telling others about my vacation. Remember, I'm leaving you in charge and if you run into any serious problems, call me."

Iria nodded and went off to inform the other high-ranking officials in the company about what was happening in the CEO spot.

Quatre watched her go and then went back into his office to get his stuff together. He had to pack a few casual clothes or else his bags would be full of formal or dressy clothing his sisters had chosen for him. He loved his sisters but sometimes, they could be a bit controlling about the way he dressed. With a start, he looked at his watch. It was 10 and he had another meeting to go to before he could officially start his vacation. Just one more meeting with stuffy, old boring people then he would be free to do whatever he wanted for the next week… With a resigned sigh, he pushed open the door to the meeting room and went in.

Part 4
At Duo's place...

After Duo threw the last of stuff he needed in his bag, he looked around and sighed. As he surveyed his messy room with a sheepish grin, he remembered what Trowa had always said about his room. Since Trowa had once lived with Duo until he had gotten a place of his own, he had often remarked that he had gotten more injuries from Duo's messes then he had gotten when he was younger. He made a note to himself to clean up his apartment a bit before he left. After all, it wouldn't be good to come home and trip on a stray shirt. As his clock chimed 3 o'clock, Duo finished stuffing his suitcase and managed to lock it. 'I have got to get another suitcase, this one is so hard to close!' Duo thought as he wiped sweat off his brow. Well... maybe the fact that he had crammed it full might have a big influence on the locks but still, his suitcase had carried many loads that were bigger then this. Duo heaved it up and stood it against the wall next to a duffle bag he was going to take with him on the bus that carried things like his wallet and shades.

Duo checked his schedule one more time. He had to meet Trowa outside the registration office at around 6:30 and then at 7, they would meet the others that would be participating in the contest. At least the contest officials were a bit considerate. Before they would leave for Korin and start preparing themselves for the contest, they would first go to the club Excalibur to have a good time and relax. Excalibur was a very exclusive place and rumors said that it was also one of the hottest hangouts for stars and other famous people. With a grin, Duo looked at the outfit he was going to wear to the club. With his new outfit, he was dressed to kill. Duo's stomach then growled, reminding him that he hadn't eaten yet. With that he went downstairs to a little shop to get a bowl of noodles.

Back to Heero's mansion...

Heero glared at his clothes. "Omae o koruso.". Wing, who was lying down next to his master's feet whined up at him questioningly. Heero growled in annoyance. The only clothes he had were either spandex shorts and tank tops or business suits. He found it was easier to have a few outfits then having to decide what to wear everyday. He had to get new outfits or else everyone would be staring at him like he was insane or they might recognize him. Heero either had to risk it or else go shopping. He hated shopping... but then he wouldn't want his vacation to be ruined with reporters and tabloids following him around like slobbering dogs. He sighed. To shop or not to shop, that was the question (1). Well, he didn't have to go out and shop in stores... he could get people to bring the clothes to him. With that, he took out a card and went off to call a number.

A few hours later...

"Omae o koruso." Heero growled at the unfortunate assistant. Heero had just spent about 3 hours trying on clothes and being subjected to assistants poking him and seeing if the clothes fit. The quivering assistant had just unfortunately jabbed Heero with a pin while trying to alter a shirt so right now he was shaking under Heero's famous death glare.

"Please try to refrain from killing my assistants Mr. Yuy! I'm afraid I need them to help get you new clothes." A voice called out. It belonged to Noin, the designer Heero had called to order a new wardrobe from. She had also designed the business suits he wore but was in no way in favor of his favorite spandex and tank tops. She bustled over and pulled the cowering man to his feet. "John, go get another shirt for Mr. Yuy, I'll handle this one." The assistant nodded quickly and ran the other way, happy to get away from the infamous glare. As Noin fixed the clothes, she scolded Heero. "Heero, don't you know that it's a bad thing threatening my assistances? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find ones who won't go around telling people about my clients' private information? The poor guy's new to the job and I don't want him to have a nervous breakdown on his third day on the job."

Heero sighed. "Hai, hai... but he should be careful where he pokes those things." Noin rolled her eyes. "What, don't tell me. Heero Yuy? Hurt by the prick of a pin? No way! I never would have guessed." She said sarcastically. Heero glared at her and she glared right back. Heero was the first to look away and Noin smirked at him behind his back. "Well, your assistant should be more careful and shouldn't be poking people with pins. If he did that to every customer you had, you would be getting a lot more complaints."

Noin sighed. "Let me guess, most of those complaints would be from you? All of my other clients haven't complained about him yet. The poor guy's just a nervous wreck working around you. In case you haven't noticed, your manners sometimes leave something to be desired."

"Hn." was Heero's only reply. Noin just shook her head and finished up on that outfit.

An hour and countless pinpricks later....

Heero was standing at the doorway of his house, rubbing his ass, watching the assistants run for the van and Noin, who was checking the money he had paid her. At least the clothing session was over. Now the only problem was what to bring. Noin had made him enough clothes to last a few moths without having to worry about wearing the same thing twice. With a sigh, he turned back and entered the house. He had only an hour before 6:30, which was when he had to leave for Excalibur so he had to pack now. 'Wonder if we're going to have fun there... Unlikely though... Hm... This outfit looks good. I'll wear it tonight.' Heero thought as he carefully selected his outfits for the trip and the one he was going to wear tonight.

6:45- In front of the registration office...

Trowa paced in front of the doorway, checking his watch every so often. 'Where is Duo? We were supposed to meet here at 6:30. He's late 15 minutes already!' Trowa thought worriedly. Just at that moment, Duo ran up the block, lugging a suitcase behind him and carrying a bag. Trowa looked at the suitcase and back at his own small bag and sweat dropped. Duo caught up to him, panting. Trowa frowned at his friend slightly. "It's 6:45, we were supposed to meet at 6:30. Where were you?"

Duo managed a weak grin for his frowning friend. "I was taking care of some stuff and lost track of time."

Trowa gave him a skeptical look but didn't pursue it. Instead, he turned and waved down a cab. "C'mon Duo. We'd better get a ride there... We're already late as it is."

Duo sighed. "Sorry man, it just took a long time to do." Trowa just snorted and entered the cab. Duo tried to lift his suitcase and found that for some reason, his suitcase was about 50 pounds heavier. Trowa stuck his head out the door and saw Duo struggling to lift his suitcase. With a silent plea for patience, Trowa got out of the cab and helped Duo fit his luggage in the back of the cab. "Thanks man! Iku zo!" Duo said enthusiastically as he bounced in his seat. Trowa just sweat dropped at his friends antics but was too used to it to care much. "To the club Excalibur." He told the driver and with that, they were off.

7:00- At the Excalibur...

Heero shut off the engine and got out of his car. After activating the alarm, he turned to see Rashid along with Quatre pull up into a space nearby. With a wave to Quatre, he sauntered over to them and watched while they parked. As soon as they were done, Rashid was left behind in the car while Quatre went to talk with his friend.

"Hey Heero!" Quatre greeted him. "Nice club here ne? Long line though... how do you expect to get in?"

Heero smirked. "Just because we're on vacation, doesn't mean I don't have my ways. I made arrangements with the owner of Excalibur before we came. We have VIP passes to get past the bouncer and he reserved a table for us."

"Aa, no wonder." Quatre replied and they approached the doorway and flashed their passes. As they entered the club, they didn't notice a taxi pulling up at the curb and two boys getting out.

"See Trowa? We got here in time!" Duo said as he came out. "It's exactly 7!"

Trowa sighed. "We only got here in time because you kept telling the driver to drive faster or else you wouldn't give him a big tip."

"So..? Besides, he should be happy, I tipped him well and he didn't get pulled over or anything." Duo shrugged. "Hey, look! They must be the others we're supposed to meet."

Standing off in a little pile was a group of boys and they seemed to be waiting for someone. As soon as Trowa and Duo joined them, a bus pulled up and a woman with two buns at the sides of her head came out. The first thing you noticed was the glasses that emphasized a pair of brown, sharp and calculation eyes and then you noticed the hair. Two braids pinned up in buns at the sides of her head. She was dressed in jeans and a white shirt and was carrying a clipboard. As soon as her feet touched the ground, her eyes were already sweeping over the boys who were waiting in a little group.

She stepped up into the center of their group and introduced herself. "My name is Une. I will be your guide in Korin and will be preparing you for the contest. This trip is meant to prepare you for the contest and is not a free trip for you guys to have fun in. As you should know, this contest chooses the best bishounen in this group and if you are lucky enough to be chosen, you will be going around the world to public functions and act as a representative for Japan if need should arise. You are watched and judged before the actual contest and your actions may be the deciding point if there was a tie. I don't deal with jokes, pranks or any other kind of behavior I deem inappropriate. If you piss me off, you get kicked out. It's as simple as that and if you think you can't handle it, leave now." As she finished her speech, some boys shuffled slightly but mostly they were attentative and when she finished her speech, they looked at one another as her words sank in. A couple of boys shuffled around a bit more, and then looked at each other. As the others watched, two of them walked up to Une and talked to her a bit before grabbing their bags and leaving.

"Anyone else?" Une asked. They peered at each other, judging if anyone would leave, and no one else did. "Alright then. Follow me. First, we are going to the club Excalibur where we will spend the evening then it's into the bus where we will go to Korin. Right now, you will each get a pass from me and don't lose it or else you will be thrown out of Excalibur."

After they each took one, Une led them to the entrance and they entered a different world. It was a world of dizzy, swirling lights, pounding tempos and twisting, turning bodies swaying to the tempo. As Duo took in the sights, he had only one thing to say. "WOW!" he managed after opening and closing his mouth a few times. Trowa turned to look at him, amused. "Duo Maxwell? The Duo- shut-up-or-we'll-stuff-a-sock-in-your-mouth-and-an-old-smelly-one-at-that Maxwell who has an unlimited vocabulary, which most of is not very proper and used all of it already? Speachless? I'm surprised. Your mouth would usually be motoring away by now."

Duo grinned and punched Trowa on the arm playfully. "Shut up... even you can't say your not affected by this place. It's great!" Trowa nodded in agreement. The others were also similarly awed and absorbing as much as they could at once. Une was surveying their reactions with a satisfied look. 'Well; now I know that none of them have probably been famous or had previous with all this before. It'll be a bad thing for me to deal with an arrogant person who whines all the time because he thinks he knows more then me.' She thought.

"Now, we meet back here in three hours. I expect everyone to explore to their content but a word of warning. If you get drunk, don't expect me to bail you out of trouble and haul your sorry ass to the bus. If you're not here and ready to go by 10:15, we're leaving without you. That's all I have to say now go have some fun." With that, Une turned and walked into the crowd.

As the little group broke up, Duo dragged Trowa to go exploring. Admiring gazes caressed their slender forms as they treaded their way through the crowd along with quite a lot of lustful eyes. Duo was dressed in tight black leather pants with silver accents scattered in random patterns and a silver belt hanging on his slim hips. He also had a white almost-see through tank top that glowed when it was in direct light and over the tank top he had an open black, short-sleeved silk shirt that slid like black ice over the white brilliance. As for his hair, he had braided it halfway and the rest of the hair was loose and caressing his body with every movement he made.

Trowa had on form fitting, laced dark blue pants and a halfway opened forest green silk shirt that revealed half of a smooth, and slightly tanned chest. The sleeves were short and billowed out slightly and on his wrists, he had a thin band of green laced with shots of blue. It was no wonder that females and males alike were practically drooling over the two boys even though they had seen much beauty in their lives. Many hands had reached out to touch them but the two of them had nimbly avoided most hands as they headed for the bar. Once there, they ordered drinks and sat down to drink before going out and dancing.

"Isn't this something? Didja see all the famous people here?? Man I wish we could come here everyday!" Duo exalted. Trowa just smiled and nodded in response. While they had been going through the crowds, he had though he saw a golden-haired boy among the bodies that were pressed so closely together. For some reason, the shock of golden hair and a face that seemed to radiate innocence had grabbed his attention. Now he was searching the crowd again with his eyes to try and spot that person again. So far he wasn't having much luck.

Duo watched his friend's eyes roam over the crowd casually but knew that he had to be looking for something. On the way here, Trowa had seen something that made him stop and though Duo tried to see too, that person must have disappeared because Trowa had begun moving again. Must have been a pretty good-looking person if Trowa was looking for him/her again. As for himself, no particular faces or bodies had grabbed his attention yet and he was anticipating a night of dancing with whoever ended up as his partner. He downed his drink and stood up to join the crowd.

"Hey Trowa, you gonna join me now or are you going to take your sweet time with that drink?" Duo asked.

"Hn. I'll probably take my time with the drink for now. But later I might do a bit of dancing. Don't worry about me; just remember to get to the entrance by 10:15. Wouldn't want you to be left behind now would we." Trowa responded absently.

Duo raised an eyebrow at the absent tone and grinned when he noticed his friend was preoccupied with finding something else. "Ah well, if you need company, there's a whole club full. If you want to find me, I'll be dancing close to the bar. See ya!" With a wave and a grin, Duo disappeared within the moving mass. Trowa barley acknowledged it with a nod and went back to searching oblivious to the pair of sharp cobalt blue eyes that held him in a calculating gaze for a moment before returning to watch Duo dance.

1) Doing a Shakespeare report while writing fics influence you a lot! But I thought it was funny... so... I couldn't resist! Don't hurt me! ::cowers from the rotten fruit, vegetables, etc being thrown at her:: ^_^;;;;
(2) Iku zo- informal way of saying 'let's go'

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