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Warnings: Probably some OOCness.. Yaoi, sugested lemon/lime... and very perverted and weird humor... and I think that's it... Oh yeah, uncooperative G-boys ::Glares at them::
Heero: ::Glares right back::
Alexia: ::Sweats and backs away::

Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 13x6x5

Note: This is what happens when my muse is hyperactive.. ~.~;;; Enjoy minna!

The Three Little Piggies aka My Muse Is Hyper
Duo: Big, Bad Wolfie.. ^_^
Quatre: 1st lil piggy... ^_^;;
Trowa: 2nd Lil piggy... ^_^;;;
Heero: 3rd lil piggy.... ~.~;;;
Narrator: me, Alexia! ^_^

(Three little piggies are building their houses. Let's see what the three little piggies are using.)

Quatre: ::Blink:: I like the wood ... it looks very nice, easy to build with and besides, that's what houses are usually made up of.

(::Narrator cannot say anything to Quatre's big chibi innocent eyes:: ::Sigh:: why do I get the feeling this isn't going to work out? Anyway, let's go on to the other piggies... )

Trowa: ..... ::Holds up circus tent Materials and poles:: ....

(OI! Trowa!! Your supposed to be using umm... err... ::Backs away from Trowa's one eyed glare:: Okay.. Circus tent material is fine... ~.~;;; And Hee-chan's using...)

Heero: ::Glare:: Gundanium, what else? I'm not as stupid as the other piggies.

(Anou.. But Hee-chan--)

Heero: ::Glare:: You cast me as a pig, don't push your luck. ::Glares harder:: And don't call me Hee-chan.

(::Sweats:: Saa.. but on the other hand... since Trowa was allowed the circus tent.. I guess it's okay... ^_^;;; ::Backs away::)

(So the three little piggys finish building their tents and spend a nice day getting comfy in their homes. Along comes the big, bad, cute.. bishounen... wolf ::Drool::)

::Duo comes out from behind a fake tree, wearing a bowtie at his neck, tight black tanktop and black leather pants, little fuzzy wolf ears on his head with his hair down, and a wolf tail stuck to the back of his pants::

Duo: ::Wink and uses the wolf tail to carress his legs provocatively:: I"m the big bad wolf out to blow the third little piggy.

(::wipes drool away:: Anou.. Duo? Um... Your supposed to say you are out to blow down the little piggies' houses, not the third piggy...)

Duo: ::Blink blink:: why would I want to do that? It's no fun.. besides, I've been tryin to get into the third piggy's pants for months now.. Can't I have some fun?

(Duo! Can you at least say the lines on your script?? PLEASE?? The others are twisting me around their pretty little fingers... ::Wails::)

Duo: ::Wince:: shesh.. if it'll shut you up.. fine.. I'm here to blow down the three little piggy's homes.. ::Mutters about how silly it sounds::

(::Ignores mutterings:: So Wolf Duo went to the Three little piggy's houses to try to blow them down. The first house he came to was Quatre's wooden house with the.. PINK CURTAINS??)

Quatre: ::Pokes head out of window:: Hey, I don't complain about your choice of colorings for curtains. ::Sees Duo:: Hello Duo, would you like some tea?

(~.~:;; Fine... Well, Wolf Duo tries to blow down Quatre the piggy's house)

Duo: Do you really think I'm going to Huff and Puff to get his house down like some exhausted runner?? Get real. ::Pulls out scythe:: SHINIGAMI LIVES! and he does not drink tea.. ::Starts attacking Quatre's wooden house::

Quatre: ::In a bored, I'm-about-to-fall-asleep voice:: Oh no... the big bad wolf is tearing down my house. I must flee. ::Hentai grin spreads:: Gee.. where ever should I flee?

(Ignorant narrator: Ne, Quatre, script calls for you to flee to Trowa's house-er tent)

Quatre: ::Wide grin, innocently:: Okay.. ::Enters Trowa's tent:: Ne KOI.. i need you to keep me safe from the big bad wolf! ^_^

Trowa: ..... ::Lets in Quatre::

(And so Quatre enters Trowa's tent to be safe from the big bad Wolf Duo who's tanktop is sticking to his upper body.... ::Drool:: umm.. yeah.. anyway, so now Wolf Duo decides to-- err.. cut down Trowa's tent)

Duo: ::Manaical grin, lifts scythe to slice and dice, about to bring it down and--:: Umm.. Alexia? I don't think I want to bring down this tent...

(::Growls in fustration::... Why not? It's simple, you bring down their tent, they flee for Heero's .. house and you chase after--)

Duo: ::Whisper::

(Fine.. i'll go listen at their tent-- ::Stalks over to tent and listens:: @.@ Umm.. Yeah, anyway, Wolf Duo decides to skip Trowa's tent and goes to blow down Heero's... err... Gundanium... house.)

::Incoherent sounds start to grow in volume from Trowa's tent with an occasional moan and groan and shout mixed in and the tent rocking starts to speed up::

(::Blush:: As the audience can hear, The first two piggys are otherwise.. umm.. occupied... So Wolf Duo goes off to bring down Heero's house)

Duo: That's a house? ::Points to huge Wing Zero gundam where Heero is residing with a sign over the cockpit's hatch saying: LEAVE OR OMAE O KOROSU!::

(::Sweatdrop:: Umm.. I guess so..)

Duo: How the hell am I supposed to blow THAT down?? I don't think even my SCYTHE can do anything!

(I don't know.. IMPROVISE!)

Duo: IMPRO-- ::Hentai light goes off:: Nee... if that's what you want... ::Innocent blink and sweet smile:: Nee... Hee-chan..!!! ::Slaunters up to Wing Zero and shimies up the mecha's leg to the cockpit:: I'm here to huff and puff and blow you down.. ^_^

(Umm.. Duo, I don't think that's part of the script... ~.~;;)

Duo: ::Wink:: sure it is... Anyway... Heeroo.. Open up..

Heero: Hn.. No, Omae o korosu.

Duo: Ne K~O~I~!!! It's me... Open up.. or else I"ll have to huff and puff and blow something down.. ^_~

Heero: Hn-- Matte, what are you planning to blow down? O.o

Duo: ::Wicked grin:: Let me in and find out...

Heero: ::Glare suspiciously but opens hatch::

Duo: ^o^ ::Jumps in hatch and slams it shut::

(::Sweatdrops as Wing Zero starts rocking in the same rhythm as Trowa's tent:: Anou.. I think it's time to call in reinforcements... Introducing: Wufei: the helpless piggy in a straw house Trieze and Zechs: The big bad wolves)


(But Wu-chan- -)


Trieze: ::Dressed smartly in outfit Duo was wearing. Duo's said outfit is currently being tossed out of Wing Zero's hatch into the audience:: But Dragon.. I think they're very cute and.. interesting... Don't you agree Zechsy?

Zechs: ::Eyes Wufei hungrily and tail starts twiching:: Yes, I do agree. They do look *so* interesting and imagine what we could do with them... >:)

Wufei: Onna.. you did not cast them as the wolves...

(But Wu-chan... everyone else was occupied and Sally was off doing something... and these two volunteered so... ^_^ Don't worry.. It's not like they will eat you up or anything. ^_^ <--- Extreamlly ignorant author)

Wufei: -.-;;; don't be so sure...

(Oh c'mon Wu-chan.. just get in the house and act like a helpless little piggy.. It's for NATAKU! ^_^)

Wufei: There's a logic gap there somewhere.. but since it's for Nataku.. I shall bear with you... but no eating me up! >:(

Trieze and Zechs: We wouldn't imagine eating you up.. don't worry! ^_^

Wufei: ::Suspicious glare, heads toward house::

(Wufei the innocent little piggy is happily living in his house when suddenly, two big bad wolves show up at his doorstep and try to huff and puff and blow him down-- err.. I ment, blow his house down)

Zechs: ::Smirk:: you got it right the first time.

(::Blush:: Um.. yeah.. so they both approach Wufei's house and try to blow his house down)

Trieze: ::Shocked look:: why would I do anything as unelegant as huffing and puffing just to blow down such a pretty house? It could do with some remodeling and afirm structure but still.. I'ld much rather knock.. ::Knocks:: Dragon, It's me! Open up! I would like to come in you-- ah hem.. I ment come in.

Wufei: NO! Leave me alone!

Zechs: Tsk tsk tsk.. is that something you'ld say to someone who asked so politely?

Wufei: ... Fine.. come in.

(Anou.. guys? This isn't working out well..)

Trieze: Do be a dear and be quiet. Zechs and I have something to discuss with our dragon...

Wufei: YOUR dragon?? I am no one's dragon! This is injustice! I REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE ANYMORE IN THIS -- MPFH!

Trieze: ::Smirk:: I do believe that Milliard has Wufei occupied. If our distinguished audience would allow me, I will join my companions in their.. talk. ::Closes door and yet another house joins the rocking rhythm of the tent and gundam and the groans, moans and now shouts increase::

(ARG! I can't belive it.. I try for The Three Little Piggys and I get the Four Horny piggies and the Wolves Who Keep Them Occupied! That's it.. I'm done ::Leaves stage which is now rocking along with the tent, gundam, and house.::)


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