Title, Description and Parts

1+2 CASE
Heero suffers from wagging eyebrows and still manages to drag Duo off o bed.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Silly
Another Cross
A short piece about Duo's cross.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Breaking that thin line
Will Duo cross the line?
Shounen ai, Dark
Breathing in Sickness
Duo is seriously ill... but he doesn't care?!
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Of Bullets and Barrels
In a world where science and sorcery co-exist, magic users have become weapons of war.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Dark, Hurt/Comfort
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
  Part 4  
  Part 5 *NEW*  
  Part 6 *NEW*  
Lighting candles for the dead.
Shounen ai
Classes in High Society
Heero gets sent to a school for special needs.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, AU, Dark
  Part 1 & 2  
Corrosion of Minds Angst, AU, Shounen ai
  Parts 1 and 2  
  Parts 3 and 4  
The Queen is dead and Duo is responsible?
Duo Maxwell is an idiot ...
Is Duo the idiot he seems to be.
Shounen ai, and a hint of darkness
False Prophecy
After an accident during battle something strange has happened to the five boys.
Shounen ai, AU, Dark
  Parts 1&2  
  Part 3 *NEW*  
Finding a View
Duo and Heero go to college and Heero take photography
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Lemon, Humor
Duo talks to Heero about guilt.
Shounen ai
Guilt, Introspective (Heero)
An introspective monologue of sorts during Guilt by Heero.
Shounen ai
Gunning Down A Romance
The death of another, destroys Heero.
Shounen ai, Death
Happy Fish
Heero loves Duo, Relena of course took it the wrong way
Yaoi, Language barriers, Mild Relena Bashing
Heero's Boyfriend
Duo has a 'moment' and starts singing on the tabletop.
Shounen ai, Silly
In Conclusion
Relena learns not to draw conclusions.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Intentionally Untitled Parts 1-2
After being treated like a whore for so long, Duo let's his mask slip and Heero bares the full force of his darkness
Yaoi, Dark
Randomly Babbling Sap, for Niki
Exactly what it sounds like.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Silly
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
Slaves, emotional or otherwise
Heero is the King of a realm expanding it's borders at the cost of other kingdoms. Duo is his newest slave.... or is he.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, AU, slight OOC
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
  Part 4  
  Part 5  
  Part 6  
Stabbing Back and Front
Stabbed in the back by your friends, and stabbed in the front by ones enemies, who can you trust?
Yaoi, Yuri, Dark
  Part 1  
  Part 2 *NEW*  
System Crash
Duo is possessed
Yaoi, Slight AU, Dark
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
There is Something Terribly Wrong with Duo Maxwell Shounen ai/Yaoi, Dark
  Part 1: Skins Shedding Skins  
Too Much Coffee
Duo's mind is a little off balance.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Slight AU, Dark
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
  Part 4  
Without A Doubt, Normal
Heero and Duo acting normal ^_^
Shounen ai/Yaoi