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Title, Description and Parts

An African Safari
Trowa and Quatre go on a Safari
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Caught or Not
Duo doesn't want to be caught.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Cloud Nine
A sugary silly little fic
Silly, Shounen ai
Desert Prince
Quatre is a Prince captured after a sandstorm separates him from his people.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, AU
  Part 1  
Double Trouble
Duo meet Duo-chan, Heero meet Heero-chan.
Shounen ai, Silly
Quatre goes hunting for a holiday gift for his favorite person.
Shounen ai, Sappy
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight)
Heero tries to figure out what Duo wants from him.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Sappy
Good Morning
Duo makes breakfast for Heero.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Guardian Angel
Quatre the Guardian Angel will do anything to be with the one he loves.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Heero-Cheese, Duo-Monkey, Relena-Rat, and Wufei-Dragon Shounen ai/Yaoi, Weirdness
A slightly nutty TQ fic from the unstoppable Stargem.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
TQ Minific. A sweet, quiet moment.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
If it wasn't for the nights
Heero misses Duo.
Shounen ai, Death
Duo needs a body, the choices aren't so good.
AU, Shounen ai/Yaoi
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
An Interlude
A sweet little fic about how much Trowa cares for Quatre.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Kisses Under the Mistletoe
A sweet little xmas fic complete with mistletoe and exploding Shinigami cookies.
Shounen ai, Sap
Let Go
Duo wants only to be let go of.
Yaoi, Angst
Nighttime Noises
A funny short about sharing a bed with some one who snores
Not a Good Idea
Sequel to Quiet Time
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Silly
Once Upon a Time...
Heero is a fairy tale prince, with both Duo and Relena after his hot little bod.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
One Rainy Day...
The boys find joy in a rain storm
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Sap
Quiet Time
A quiet moment for a very good looking couple.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Sitting in a Tree
A cute little story about the joys of really big trees.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Still Waiting
"I'm still waiting for you"
Sugar Sweet
Chocolate anyone?
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Take a chance on me
Duo pries the truth out of Heero.
Shounen ai
Tevel (Dearly Beloved)
Quatre follows Trowa through several lifetimes.
AU, Shounen ai/Yaoi
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
  Part 4  
  Part 5  
  Part 6  
Wan Chan (Dinner)
In efforts to find something new for dinner, Duo and Quatre convince Wufei to pick the restaurant.
Whom Will You Wed?
A strange little play.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Silly