Title, Description and Parts

Heero and Duo confess their love
Shounen ai
Heero goes home to Duo.
Shounen ai, angst
Happily Ever After
Duo tells his daughter a bedtime story
Shounen ai, humor
I'll Take Care of You
Heero fails a mission
Shounen ai, angst, death
In His Arms
At the end of the war, the boys try to figure out what to do.
Shounen ai
A Little More than Friends
Duo gives Heero a gift.
Shounen ai, fluff, humor
Missing You
Heero goes to talk to someone named Dylan
Shounen ai, angst
To strange to believe.
hentai, squick
Duo makes a promise
Shounen ai, death, angst
Slow Decent into Hell
What is hell really?
Shounen ai, angst, Relena finds out
Wish Upon a Star
Duo helps Quatre get Trowa
Shounen ai, fluff