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Title, Description and Parts

Always Found Wanting
A strange introspective of Wufei.
Heero and Duo each think about how much they mean to each other.
Shounen ai
Beat the Heat
Duo's complaining about the lack of air conditioning.
Yaoi, PWP
Duo is bored and choses Wufei as his victim.
Very slight shounen ai implications
Broken Pieces
Duo thinks about Heero and his role in the war.
Yaoi, Death, Angst
Calender Boy
Heero gets a christmas gift, a calender with a male centerfold. But why does he like it so much?
AU, Yaoi, Office behavior
Candy Cane Methodology
Duo loves Christmas for the candy canes. But will his Christmas wish come true?
Candy Cane Techniques
Sequel to Candy Cane Methodology
An odd response to the 'Clubbing' Theme Week on GWML.
OOC, Odd, Yaoi
Trowa tries to teach Heero the art of drinking coffee.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Coming Home
The best part of traveling is always coming home.
Mild Shounen ai/Yaoi
A quiet moment.
Sap, Shounen ai
Conversations with the past
Reincarnated lovers find each other.
Yaoi, Angst, Crossover
Creatures of the Devil
Phobias and Gundam pilots just don't mix.
fluff, shonen ai
A short piece about the beauty in a fall day.
Mild Shounen ai
Don't Leave
'Please don't leave me.'
Shounen ai/Yaoi
The Easter Bunny Episode
Heero gets a chocolate bunny for Easter, but some one beats him to it.
Fluff, Shounen ai
The Eggbeater
Treize, Wufei, and an eggbeater. Need I say more.
Fluff, Shounen ai, kink week challenge
Enemy of my Enemy
Mages, assassins and knights. All the political intrigue of the series without the technology.
AU, Shounen ai, Shoujo ai
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
  Part 4  
  Part 5  
  Part 6  
  Part 7  
Response to the 60 word challenge.
Mild Dark theme
Fallen angels gets caught up in the war.
Shounen ai, Angst
Finals Week Outtake
What happens when one has too many ideas and too many finals
Silly, Shounen ai
When Heero dies, Duo tries to piece his life back together.
Yaoi, Death
Forever Love
Duo and Heero promise forever.
 Yaoi, Death
Fresh Laundry
A sweet moment between Trowa and Quatre over a pile of laundry.
Mild yaoi
Heero loses his socks again!
A Good Enough Present
Duo tries to get a present for Quatre's birthday, but when he can't he opts not to give him anything.
AU, no yaoi!
Heero is a Guardian
Yaoi, Limish
Happily Ever After Gets Thrown Out the Window
Relena and Dorothy talk about Happy Endings
Shoujo/Shounen ai, Romance
Heero and Duo Do Dinner
Heero tries to follow one of Duo's recipies.
fluff, no yaoi!
The Hitchhiker
Quatre, Wufei, and Trowa are on a road trip when they pick up a ghost story telling hitchhiker.
AU, Shounen ai
Hot Chocolate
A special mission and hot chocolate on a chilly day.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
I Have (offsite link)
Manga version of Heero's essay in 'What Heero Wrote', by Hime D.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
I'll Catch Up
Heero and Duo are caught in an explosion.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Death
In a Bar on L2
Slight spoilers to Duo's past.
Mostly just odd.
In Memoriam
Heero and Duo face the end of their lives.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
  In Memoriam  
  The End...  
In the Fourteenth Year of the Lady's Reign
Duo has visions of the future.
AU, mild shounen ai/Yaoi, angst
In the Freezer
Heero and Duo get locked in the freezer togther.
Yaoi, Lemon
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
And Iris in the Rain
A GW/RK movie fusion
Yaoi, Angst, Death
  Part 1 - A Man Who Kills  
Of Internal Conflicts
A mental conflict. Complete with a Chibi-Demon and a Chibi-Angel
Shounen ai, AU
It's A Dangerous Game
When Relena and Duo see each other at a party, Duo teachs Relena about the truth she makes herself blind to.
Angst, Dark, Lime
It's Complicated
Quatre tries to find a way to tell his father he's not interested in girls
AU, Yaoi
Just Snuggling
Follows the Reaching Toward Understanding arc
Shounen ai
Justice Through Juvenile Delinquency
The joys of being a teenage delinquent.
Fluff, Shounen ai
Duo meets some one special while stewing away in a jail cell.
AU, Yaoi
The Lesson Left to Learn
How long does it take to learn a lesson?
Shounen ai/Yaoi, death, angst
Little Favors Between Friends
Good friends will jumpstart your Gundam.
A Long Time After
Can mistakes be forgiven, even after so long?
Yaoi, Angst
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
  Part 4  
  Part 5  
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Duo and Heero reflecting on their lives togther.
Shounen ai
Memorial Day
'All gave some, Some gave all', the others face life without a member of their family.
Yaoi, Death, Angst
  Carpe Diem  
  Memorial Day  
The Mission Gone Wrong
in answer to a Line Fic Challenge
Mission Suburbia
Heero and Duo attempt to live as a normal middle-class couple. ::snort:: I don't think normal is in their vocabulary.
Fluff, Shounen ai
  Keeping Heero Busy  
  Shopping with Duo  
  Tender Loving Care  
  Rekindling the Spark  
  Duo and the Scanner  
  A Room With A View  
  Duo's Horrible Day  
  The Joys of Aloe  
  Those Summer Afternoons  
  Making Heero Laugh  
  Beef Jerky  
  When a Refusal Conversion Just Doesn't Work  
  The Pudding Incident  
  If it does a little good ...  
  Of Conniving Neighbors  
  Fair Play  
  How It All Started  
  Rain Dance  
Heero thinking about his moments with Duo.
Mild shounen ai
When Relena's wedding is interrupted by the sudden disappearance if the groom, everyone tells their part in the events.
Yaoi, Angst, Lemon
  Near Miss  
  Passing Infatuation  
Moonlit Reflections
Odd Man Out
On the troubles of being the fifth wheel.
Shounen ai, Angst
Of Wizards and Warriors
Prequel to The Stars Know All
Shounen ai/Yaoi, AU
Okane and Omae o Korosu
The imfamous fic where Tamahome and Heero switch bodies.
GW/FY crossover and AU sidestory. Yaoi.
  Parts 1-5
  Parts 6-10  
  Parts 11-15  
  Parts 16-20  
  Parts 21-25  
  Parts 26-30  
  Parts 31- 39  
Braided Bakas, Unite!
Braided Bakas, Unite! is a side story which parodies events in O & O.
GW/FY crossover and AU sidestory. Yaoi.
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
Only Happy When It's Complicated shonen ai, angst
Paint It Black
Heero loses his other half and he repaints his Gundam in memory.
Deathfic, Shounen ai
Pass The Conditioner
Duo needs to wash his hair, but with a sprained wrist he can't. So who does he ask for help?
AU, yaoi, lemon, PWP
Patient Tenderness
shounen ai
When one is a Gundam pilot there needs to be a way to release the pressure.
Yaoi, OOC
Pilot's Day Off
The boys get the day off. And do some of the oddest things.
Fluff, non-yaoi
Playing Games
Heero and Duo just after a mission
Fluffy, Yaoi
Playing the Game AU, yaoi
  Part 1  
Power Struggles
Duo gives a history lesson
Yuri, Yaoi, Silly
The Promise in a Feather
Ai shiteru is forever.
Angst, Shounen ai/Yaoi, AU, Death
Pursuance yaoi, AU, post EW
The Rage
When a loved one takes their own life, rage fills you.
Yaoi, Death
Reaching Toward Understanding
An arc of ficlets about Duo and Heero trying to find an understanding
shounen ai
  I Don't Understand  
  Where are you?  
  Three A.M.  
  Just a Little Longer  
  We Should Talk  
  Fast Enough  
  Naming the Beast  
  Hopelessly Addicted  
  Not too Much  
  While you Sleep  
  The Most Perfect Thing  
Just for noise.
Fluff, no yaoi
  A Gundam with a Tessen  
  To Chibify a Gundam  
The Stars Know All
The stars guide our destiny, and Quatre must marry the person who is destined to him, even if it is another man.
AU, fantasy, yaoi
Take That Look Off your Face
Dorothy confronts Relena about Heero and Duo's relationship.
Slight shounen ai
Tangled Song
a poem
To Make You Feel My Love
Quatre and Trowa, and Heero and Duo find love where they didn't quite expect it.
Shounen ai
To Strenghten Resolve
A little Trowa Barton story (the real Trowa Barton)
A Transient Rose some shonen ai hints
Truth is The Side of a Coin
Heero lives forever without Duo...
Shounen ai, Angst
Two's Company ...
But three is just more fun.
Yaoi, lemon
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
  Part 4  
  Part 5  
Understanding the Soldier
What does it take to understand Heero.
Shounen ai
Untitled Blanket fic yaoi, lemon
Valentine's Day
Stories for Valentine's, each story is separate.
Yaoi and non-yaoi pairings
  First Fic  
  Second Fic  
  Third Fic  
  Fourth Fic  
Can one ever learn to be completely vulnerable with the one they love.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Trowa watchs the rain.
Mild shounen ai
The way we used to argue
Complacency can change a relationship. Follows the 'Reaching for Understanding Arc.
Yaoi, Angst
What Heero Wrote
For Squick Challenge week on the GWML. Duo has to do a creative writing assignment.
Yaoi, Squick factor.
What Words Can't Say shonen ai, AU, OOC
When It All Falls Down...
in response to the hentai shirt challenge
When it Snows
The first snow of winter can be beautiful ... until the first snowball fight.
Mild shounen ai/Yaoi
When The Mood Strikes... followed by ... Listen!
When the mood strikes for a little nooky, you better follow through.
AU, yaoi, OOC
Who Wants To Live Forever?
The trials of being in love during war time.
Angst, AU, Shounen ai
Witching Hour
Duo and the others try to call spirits in their yearly ritual, with unexpected and unwanted results.
Yaoi, Spookiness, angst
Words of Love
The blond guy from Relena's school, tries everything he can to win Relena's heart away from the Spandex Soldier.
Shounen ai, Silliness
The Worst of Pandora's Evils
Duo tries to tell his roommate something important.
AU, Yaoi
You do not write me Poetry
A poem about writing poetry for the one you love
Shounen ai