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Title, Description and Parts

A prose poem
AU, Shounen ai
Heero realizes that his life is not with Relena, but after the true love of his life gets married will he be able to move on.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
  Part 1 - Crazy  
  Part 2 - Meant for  
  Part 3 - Simple Truth  
Dark Matter
The Preventors are asked to help the police catch a serial murder who takes only boys.
Yaoi, Rape/NCS, Angst
Death, Love and Other Complications
A little role reversal goin' on. That and some gay Galapagos tortoises.
Yaoi, Weirdness
The 'Dis' Series
Duo and Heero make errors in their fledgling relationship, causing them to separate. Can they get past these problems and start again, or are the doomed to distrust one another.
Dive Trilogy
A vidfic trilogy about Heero and Duo's life together.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Falling Water
A trip is planned to Falling Water, Heero and Duo enjoy an evening away from the world.
Shounen ai
Fortress of the Drow
GW meets D&D, good lord - the carnage, the sparkly deedly bops, the ... spiders...?
Gambit (sequel to Second Chances)
Heero tries to break Duo's contract.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
A Good Catholic Boy
Duo is a good catholic boy, attending school and saying his prayers. That is til he meets Heero.
AU, Yaoi, Experimentation.
Good Cop
A little Heero/Duo PWP to satisfy the lemon bug.
Yaoi, PWP
Heero are you Queer?
Sounds silly, but its actually a very serious songfic about Relena realizing Heero has no real feelings for her.
AU, Yaoi
Heero in the Garden
When Duo loses Heero he loses his artistic muse... or did he.
Yaoi, Death
H. l. hattai
Duo is lusting after Heero, but Heero keeps running off at the same time every month. Duo is more than a little intrigued.
Yaoi, Slightly AU
I'll be Waiting
A vidfic. The war is over, but for Heero and Duo, separation is more painful.
Shounen ai
I'll be Waiting
The full fic version that was spawned by the vidfic.
Shounen ai, Sap, Angst
I'll Have To Say I Love You in a Song
Heero requests a special song.
Shounen ai
Inbound Telemarketing
Heero can't seem to hold a steady job after the war, until he gets into 'Inbound Telemarketing' and talks to the last person he suspected one day.
Jungle of Terror
Five teenage terrorists with out of control phobias, one jungle teeming with wildlife, and a pith helmet.
Yaoi, Silliness
The Micro/Mini Fics
A collection of humorous shorts. Includes repeat nosebleeds, radical changes in hair color and a healthy dose of bishounen butt grabbing.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
  A New Color  
  Heero Strikes Back  
  The Phantom Keanu  
  Size Matters  
  The Aquarius Challenge  
A Nice Little Vacation
A PWP sequel to Good Cop.
Yaoi, PWP
Non-Euclidean Geometry
Walking on the beach, Heero tries to figure out the geometry behind why Duo's arm fits his back so well.
Shounen ai
Second Chances (Borrows ideas from #712)
Duo signs a contract to keep Heero alive a little longer.
Shounen ai, Death, tissue alert
Soldiers and Fools
Heero and Duo are forced to work together shortly after Duo saves Heero from the hospital.
  00 Preface  
  01 Opening Doors  
  02 First Steps  
  03 Fanning the Fire  
  04 Moments of Peace  
  05 Buried Treasures  
  06 Hopeful Secrets  
  07 Confutatis Maledictis  
  08 Lacrymosa  
09 Reunion  
  10 Discoveries  
  11 Wind of Heaven, Stuff of Earth  
  11S Listening (Side story)  
  12 Ending 1 - Benedictus  
  13 Ending 2 Part 1 - Sans Dire  
  14 Ending 2 Part 2 - Sub Rosa  
  15 Ending 2 Part 3 - Ad Infinitum  
Soldiers and Fools Sequels  
  Not as Strong
A 'Soldiers and Fools' story, takes up after part 15.
Yaoi, Angst, Alcohol abuse
  What Walls Say
Another 'Soldiers and Fools' story, also set in the universe created by ending 2.
  The Rejects Arc  
Heero helps Duo find a terrorist group - who have more in common with Heero that he is willing to admit
Yaoi, Lemon
    Identifying Marks
How to tell your Heero from a roomful of them. Mark him.
The clones formulate a plan.
Yaoi, Lemon
A set of clones is sent after Duo and Heero.
The set of clones sent after Duo and Heero may be the only key to stopping all of the clones.
  A Season of Peace      
A short fic about Duo and Heero's relationship after the war as Preventors
Sequel to Gifts. Heero and Duo go to Hilde's house.
When it rains
Duo and Heero are trapped in a basement before they can escape the city. In their efforts to escape they both share a little of themselves.
Shounen ai, Sappy
When You Are A Soldier
When Duo's mission involves the death of innocent bystanders, will Heero be able to help him recover.
Mild Shounen ai