Title and Description and Parts

Black and Blue Love
Heero gets tied up for his bad behavior.
Yaoi, bondage, angst
Bubbles and Spice
Quatre's recipe to unwind, gets Heero a little hot and bothered when Duo tries it.
Fear of Flight
Sequel to Order of Importance.
Yaoi, violence, angst
Heero's Lover
Sequel to Shinigami's Lover.
Yaoi, violence, angst
Hyperactive Duo
Puts a whole new spin on Duo Torture.
Yaoi, Humor
Sequel to Heero's Lover.
Yaoi, violence, angst
Order of Importance
Sequel to Interruptus.
Yaoi, violence, angst
Perfect Joker
Duo is the Perfect Joker.
Silliness, mild angst
Shinigami's Lover
Duo becomes seriously ill and hallucinates
Shounen ai/Yaoi, angst
Tie Me Up
Sequel to Black and Blue.
Yaoi, violence, angst