Kitana Bradford



Title, Description and Parts

Duo is a Prince who's not quite normal
OOC, Yaoi, AU, Relena-bashing
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
Mirror Image
Duo meets a friend from the past, but what changes will it mean.
Shounen ai
  Mirror Image Illustation  
Obsidian Dipped in Blood
Duo is the last of an ancient winged race.
AU, Shounen ai/Yaoi
  Teaser 1 - Chapter 2  
  Chapter 3  
  Obsidian Dipped in Blood Illustration
For chapter 2, Duo's outfit in the nightclub.
The Perfect Soldier
Will Duo become the perfect killing machine in Dr. J's experiment.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Realm of Shadows - Prologue, Part 1 to Part 3
The boys and Relena must find a series of crystals.
AU, Shounen ai
Shivers - Prologue, Part 1 to Part 3
While exploring a potentional hide out, the boys discover this old building may not be all its cracked up to.
Yaoi implications, a bit of Duo torture
Unreal Tournament - Prologue and Part 1
After the war, a brutal tournament ring is opened.
Violence, Shounen ai