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Title, Description and Parts

Balancing Act
Quatre and Trowa finally get together
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Being Duo Maxwell
Set during the first few episodes when Heero and Duo first meet.
  Making it Better  
  I'm an idiot for you  
  Duo's Letter  
  When You're Strange  
  Clare de Lune  
  Time to Feel Good  
  Someone Saved My Life Tonight  
  Amazing Grace  
  Closing In  
Cuts Deeper Than....
Heero tries to find out why Duo cuts himself
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Angst
Different Degrees of Maybe
On a campout Duo and Quatre contemplate life over a couple of beers
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Dim Lights
Peace is a farce.
Dark, Implied NSC, Death, Violence
Dreams of Yellowed Bone
Trowa has strange dreams.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Fool me once
Quatre will do anything to get Trowa.
Dark, Yaoi, Angst
From a Goodnight Kiss
Duo and Heero seduce Wufei into their relationship.
  In Close Quarters  
  Too Close for Comfort  
  Sharing Toys  
  Virtual Reality  
  Boys Who Wear Glasses  
  Listening Devices  
  The Best Part of Waking Up  
The Games We Play
Relena needs a bodyguard for the afternoon, and Duo is the lucky stiff.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Angst
Heero can't sleep, so he watches Duo.
Shounen ai
Lover's Quarrel
Duo and Heero try to work their way through a variety of minor and major quarrels
Duo recieves a letter that reminds him of the past.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Mild Angst
Tenets of Fear
Duo lets go of his barriers with his lover
An Understanding
Heero thinks about his life with Duo