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Title and Description

Crosstown Traffic
Heero has to get across town to Duo, but can he ditch Relena in time? Jimi Hendrix fans will lynch me for this one.
Shounen-ai, vidfic, senseless destruction, characters OOC, literal and figurative Relena-bashing.
Don't Know Much About History
Sam Cook/Herman's Hermits probably never thought of this when they performed the classic oldie. Dedicated to everyone who's (groan) going back to school...
Shounen-ai, vidfic, silly.
As OZ a state-of-the-art combat system, the Gundam Pilots are forced to confront its true nature... and the shadowy links binding it to Heero Yuy.
Action-oriented, violence, shounen-ai later on.
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  Part 6  
Everybody Hurts
Set to the REM song, centered on the growing relationship between Quatre and his silent friend. In my opinion, this is a great song to describe Trowa.
Shounen-ai, vidfic, angst.
Is just a quick parody/songfic I whipped up. No timeline, just silly.
Shounen-ai, OOC, really stupid rhyming
The Gundam Wing Yaoi Fanfiction Cliche List (Ver. 0.5)
A not at all authoritative compilation of GW yaoi fiction cliches. If you groaned when Duo died of terminal cancer the 500th time, this list is for you.
Chock full of cliche and examples.
What if the world's fate depended on a person who refused to see reality?
What if the person she loved had to choose between his heart and his honor?
What if everything that mattered hinged on two constants, never changing, never ending... Love and death?
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Pretty Fly for a G-Boy
Silly yaoi parody, meant to do nothing but ridicule ridiculous couplings in fanfiction. 5X6X13 fans will find exits located to the front and side of the theatre...
Shounen-ai, songfic, silly.
Surface Of Sleep
A 1X2 "chaste" blanket scenario. Timeline: within series.
Shounen-ai, light angst, nudity, physical contact but NO lime/lemon
Tears In Heaven
Is a 3X4 songfic based on the Eric Clapton song. Takes place one year after Endless Waltz.
Shounen-ai, Angst, physical contact