Rules for Submitting to Kikotei's GW Fanfiction Archive

Actually more like guidelines than rules, I bend like a swizzle stick ^_^;;;;


  1. Grammar and spell check before you email it, PLEASE. Don't trust me to make grammar corrections, 9 times out of 10 I miss my own.
  2. This is a shounen ai/YAOI friendly archive (me...a rabid 1x2/2x1 fan....nah!). I'm very lenient on posting lemons, my question is more of 'Do you want it available in a public archive?' sort of thing.
  3. Must have Gundam Wing content. And it has to be more than a passing mention of something GW related.
  4. I've very very leary of 'Mary Sue' fics. As a general rule, I'd rather not post them. Self inserts like Seiza-chan's Bishounen Productions is ducky.
  5. I do not host incest fics (>_<) therefore no QuatrexIria or TrowaxCatherine. The only time I will host those is as a squick (something written to purposely make you shudder) or parody.
  6. And finally email them to me. Its all well and good to ask me to post them, but you really should send them too. ^_-


General Information for posting fics:

When you do send me your fic please use this simple header to make archiving them less of a migraine as I don't often have time enough to read each post as carefully as I would like. ^_^

*Sample Fic Header*
Author/Alias: Kikotei (
Title/Part Number: All that Matters Part 8
Catagory/Warnings: Serious, Angsty, Yaoi, Slightly AU
Pairings: 1+2/2+1 and 3x4
Feedback: Yes (Yes on Feedback means I can post your email addy)