Eternal Treasure



Title, Description and Parts

Beauty and the Kitsune
Duo is trying to escape his life as a slave when one of his slavers sees him.
Yaoi, NCS, OOC, Tentacles, etc
  Part 1  
  Part 2a  
  Part 2b  
  Part 3  
  Part 4  
  Part 5  
  Part 6  
  Part 7  
  Part 8  
  Side Story (PWP, no real ties to the plot)  
Duo of Loxley
Duo, one of the Silver Ones that may be able to save humanity, is cryogenticly frozen, until Quatre wakes him up
Yaoi, OOC, AU
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
  Part 3  
Dr. J and Mr. Heero
Duo goes to work for a Dr. J's household, only to wind up part of one of his experiments.
Yaoi, NCS, OOC, AU