Title, Description and Parts

A Beginning to End All Ends
The end of the war, finds the Gundam Pilots simply enjoying each others company
The Chain
The chain will hold their souls together.
Shounen ai
Come Together
Duo goes out to the store to buy lube, and is stalked by just about every GW character.
Yaoi, Weird
Crazy for You
An evening at a club on Karaoke Night leads to a new relationship.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
Crossed Wires
Trowa and Duo just can't seem to get along.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, AU
Even Walls Fall Down
Duo worms his way through everyone's defenses.
Five Souls
A songfic paralling the events in the episode where the Zero System is used and Wufei and Duo nearly die in prison.
Flora and Fawning
Co-Written with Q-sama.
Masturbation, slight squick.
Friends and Lovers
After the war, Quatre and Trowa offer Duo a place with them
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Odds and Evens scene.
Heero goes to Shoe World
Duo takes Heero to find new shoes.
Yaoi, Het, silliness
The Hero
(Prequel to Superman) Boy meets boy, both boys blow things up. A look inside Duo and Heero's minds in the first couple of episodes.
Mild Shounen ai
Hit and Miss
Dragons in Drag. Yup.
Silly, Crossdressing
I Think it's Going to Rain
Duo and Quatre reclaim a few moments of childhood, while waiting in the rain.
Mild shounen ai
"I Will Survive" or "Heero Will Survive But Will We"
Heero gets a restraining order against the drunkard Relena
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Silly, Very mild Relena bashing
I Won't Tell
Duo thinks about Trowa.
Shounen ai/Yaoi
I'm the One Who Waits
What will happen after Duo finds that Heero has betrayed him.
Yaoi, Death
Quatre and Duo face the end together.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Death
Rock the Dradel of Love
Quatre and Duo try to have some quiet time.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Silly
Shackled by Sin
Heero is wrapped in the chains of his own sin.
Yaoi, Death
Follows The Hero.
Mild Shounen ai
These Things We've Done
Will the past break them apart.
Shounen ai, angst
  Part 1  
  Part 2  
Those Left Behind
Relena and Duo come together to face the lose of Heero
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Het, Death
Ugly Like Me
Duo and Heero try to figure each other out.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Angst
Walking Man's Road
Duo after the tragedy at Maxwell Church.
Spoilers, Death
Won't you Come
A Heero + Duo songfic.
Death, Shounen ai
Written in Blood
A serial killer is after Duo.
Yaoi, post series
  Prologue - Part 16  
  Part 17  
  Part 18  
  Part 19  
  Part 20  
  Part 21  
  Part 22  
  Part 23  
  Part 24  
  Part 25  
  Part 26  
  Part 27  
  Part 28  
  Part 29  
  Part 30  
  Part 31  
  Part 32  
  Part 33  
  Part 34  
  Part 35  
  Part 36  
You're Breaking My Heart
Quatre pines for Wufei.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Angst