Amy (Kikotei)



Title, Description and Parts

All that Matters
My God! It's trying to write again! My newest endeavor, for SnM kitty who requested it. Something is wrong with Duo, but what?
Shounen ai/Yaoi, slight OOC
  Chapter 1  
  Chapter 2  
Crash and Burn
I needed a little break from AtM. Never listen to the radio at 2am.
Sappy, Shounen Ai/Yaoi
Duo, the Big Braided Baka
Oh gods, some one help me. Inspired after too many days of story time for 2 year olds.
Food Ficlet
Put me on medication and weird things happen. Warning for wayward fingers.
Shounen Ai/Yaoi.
Gunning Down A Romance
Song fic from the Savage Garden dong of the same name.
Angst, Shounen ai/Yaoi.
Fall yard work is exhausting.
Yaoi, Sappy
Love's Records *NEW*
Duo and Heero are asked to help in their kingdom's war.
AU, Shounen ai/Yaoi
  Part 1  
The Nightlife Ficlets
Will Heero and Duo ever be able to share the same bed without killing each other? Will either of them ever get laid again?!
Yaoi, Silly
  Cold Feet  
One More Murder
Duo's past comes back to haunt him.
Shounen ai/Yaoi, Angst
Red Sector A
A sad songfic that speculates on how Heero came to be with Odin Lowe
Episode Zero reference
Ride of the Valkyrie - A gift ficlet
This was a birthday present for Ad-chan.
Yaoi/Ad-chan's conquering song
Right Here Waiting
Duo tells Heero that he will always be in his heart.
Yaoi, Death
My first completed fic ^_^;;. An introspection piece on Duo.
Vaguely shounen ai if you feel like looking for it, angst alert.