Here are the policies that have been developed for the DHML. Most of these are simply proper ‘neticate’. If everyone tries to follow these things, everything will work to the lists benefit.


  1. Flaming in any way shape or form is not tolerated. People who flame may find themselves summarily booted off the list.
  2. This is a Yaoi friendly list. There will be fanfiction and pictures with both yaoi and shounen ai content. If you don’t want that there are mailing lists available that are non (not anti) yaoi lists.
  3. No advertising for other mailing lists, contests, or personal websites (even if the majority of the content is Heero and Duo related) without contacting the Admin for approval. Permission is generally given within 24-48 hours if cleared.
  4. No spamming. Period.
  5. When replying to mail make sure to snip any content that you are not directly replying to.
  6. Do NOT forward other people’s fanfiction or art without their permission in advance. Recommendations and links are welcome however.
  7. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Period.
  8. Attachments have been turned off on the list. Please use the file space provided by Yahoo!Groups or contact the Admin for assistance.
  9. Everyone should attempt to remain on topic. That is, that you should at the VERY least have mention of Gundam Wing, and Heero and/or Duo in your post. Replies to fanfiction, introductions, and such are fine. Refrain from holding personal conversations via the mailing list.
  10. Problems, questions, and concerns should be forwarded to the Admin first. Should it become necessary the Admin will contact the list with these concerns.
  11. Rules are subject to change as different needs arise. The list will be contacted of any changes that may occur.



The same policies that are used on the mailing list are used on the site. The following are additional items.


  1. All DHML members can ask for login permissions on the site. Use the registration form.
  2. All members who wish to receive login permission will be registered with the site as a contributor. This will allow members to archive their own works on the site.
  3. All posts will be approved by the Admin prior to them going live on the site.
  4. Fanart is a sticky, wobbly line. Generally speaking the Admin prefers that artwork not created by a member not be posted. If a member has a piece that fits their story; but it was not a commissioned from an artist for this purpose; the Admin will consider links to the art on a case by case basis.