Oct 02 2012


Title: Knees
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1×2
Categories: 1st Person POV, Established Relationship, PWP
Warnings: Kink
Summary: It’s not wrong, just different.
Notes: Okay I wrote most of this in BWI waiting for a flight texting with Kitsune. Who is a terrible, terrible influence.

Being on my knees like this should feel wrong, or maybe degrading. But with Heero it feels different. Not wrong or right, or even particularly special. Sometimes it feels like the universe is playing some sort of nasty joke on us, while other times it feels like everything has shifted into its proper place with a quiet click.

We didn’t even make it to the bedroom this time, much less a piece of furniture. Heero’s got one hand braced on the inside of the door and the other tangled in my hair, nails scratching at my scalp, setting the rhythm and pace.

I had barely managed to get Heero’s fly completely open and underwear out of the way before I dropped to my knees and licked him from root to tip. Sure that his attention was squarely on me I took him as far into my mouth as I could and started sucking as hard as I could.

And now Heero is close to coming, his body starting to demand release if the tighter grip is any clue to go by.  Without stopping I lift my gaze, catching Heero’s eyes to tell him that he can if he needs to he could grab with both hands and just use my mouth until he gets off. That it would probably get me off more than the hand I slipped down my own pants ages ago.

Fortunately Heero gets the message and the hand he was bracing himself with joins his other at the back of my head.  And with only that for warning he begins thrusting in earnest, pushing in deep and strong, tugging my head forward to meet each stroke.

It only takes a few more thrusts before the rhythm of Heero’s hips begins to speed up and finally stutter, flooding my mouth with his come, dripping past my lips and I find my own release just then.

This may not be anyone’s idea of a good relationship, much less a healthy one. But Heero’s gentle fingers on my face mean more to me than any sappy declarations of devotion.  It may not be good or right, but it’s us and it works.

Orginally posted August 19 2012

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