Welcome to the DHML Archives, your one stop shop for all things Duo and Heero.

:: What is the DHML? ::

DHML stands for Duo/Heero Mailing list. The DHML is one of the oldest english language based Duo/Heero mailing lists. We've been in operation consistently since November of 1999. The list is devoted to discussion, fanfiction and art for the characters Heero and Duo from the TV series Gundam Wing.

What you will find on this site is fanfiction by members of the DHML dating back to when the list began. While not every author who ever posted on the list will be archived here, you will certainly find old favorites and new works that just might become favorites.

:: Warnings ::

The DHML contains items both of art and fiction that may have sexual content between characters. Any viewers who are underage to be viewing this content are encouraged to find safer places to play.

:: How do I join? ::

Joining is fast and easy. The DHML is a Yahoo!Groups list, so all you need to do is go to the website and click Join. Don't have a Yahoo! ID? That's an easy fix. Just follow the onscreen instructions, you don't even need a Yahoo! email address to get an ID.

:: Miscellaneous ::

For the curious the quote in the banner was taken from the series Full Metal Alchemist, specifically from the first ending song Inerasable Sin by Nana Kitade.

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