Title: Thoughts Of Yesterday

Author: Znma

Archive: if you like...

Notes: Duo's POV

Disclaimer: duhh

um please let me know what you think of this, its the first poem i've sent and im always more nervous about poems than i am about stories... thanks :)


Thoughts Of Yesterday

A golden flash across the sky
Echoing final glory in the night
The wings of fire illuminate all
Eyes burning of green glowing light
As I lift the blade leaving streaks across the black
The dripping red pools at the feet
And the life slips away in the blink of an eye
Slashing away as my wings unfold
And calmness fills the space
Alone at last it fills my veins
And chills me to the core
I lay my head upon the boards
And try to catch my breath
I've been alone all along
Fighting battles in my mind
Another night with dreams
And thoughts of yesterday
And sinking to my knees
I cry of things I've left behind
I close my eyes and try to dream
Of something other than blood filled glory


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