"Tell me again, why won't you go back to your room?"

Duo looked away from the blond in front of him. "Well, it's kinda a long story."

Quatre smiled at his best friend, "We're not going anywhere."

"Ok so it's not really a long story but I don't want to talk about it," Duo admitted. Quatre gave him a look, "Fine. It all started with 'Animal House'."

-the night before-

Duo and Quatre burst through Wufei's door carrying snacks and drinks. Wufei sighed and they noisily invaded dorm room and made themselves comfortable.

"I swear, once you two are out of your uniforms you lose any common sense. Maxwell is bad enough by himself, but with you too, Quatre? You two might as well be women!" Wufei spoke the common lines as Quatre mocked him from behind, sending Duo into a fit of laughter. Of course this cause Wufei to get even more peeved.

"Aww, Wufeeeeei," Duo whined, "Just because we have to be good during school does not mean that this night has to go to waste."

"Yea, Wufei, its Friday! Relax or your gonna end up like Heero." Quatre chirped in.

"Winner, I thought you had more honor than Maxwell."

"Usually I do, but not tonight! We are having a party and even you will have fun." Quatre said as he shoved Duo into Wufei's room.

Wufei sighed as the door burst open once again and Sally, Relena, Dorothy, and Noin came in. Quatre greeted them warmly and yelled their presence to Duo.

"Welcome ladies!" Duo called from the bedroom, "Make yourselves at home."

"Wufei, I'm surprised you offered to have this at your place knowing what kind of trouble you can get in." Sally said, trying to engage her crush in a conversation.

"I didn't. Maxwell said he couldn't have it has his place because Yuy, the perfect student is studying there, and same for Winner's place with Barton there." Wufei just finished as a flash of black and brown went by him.

"TOGA PARTY!" Duo yelled as he ran around the room with a black sheet draped over his body, fluttering with his braid behind him.

"Maxwell," Wufei yelled over him, "what in the name of all that is holy are you doing?"

"Getting in the mood, Wu-man!"

Wufei was about to beat Duo for calling him 'Wu-man' when Zechs, Noin's boy friend, walked in and tossed Quatre a video.

"Kill him later Chang, its movie time." Zechs sated before pulling Noin and himself onto the couch. Relena and Dorothy had already claimed the big chair for themselves during the earlier proceedings, leaving Sally to sit at the other end of the couch and Duo, Quatre and Wufei to sit on the floor.

Quatre went to pop in the tape when Duo jumped up and stopped him. "Drinks! I almost forgot the drinks!" He ran into the kitchen and came back with an armful of beers. He tossed them to the guests as he explained the rules. "Ok here's how we play, take 2 gulps every time someone says 'delta'; and 5 gulps every time someone says 'omega'. Got it?"

"What movie is this?" Wufei asked completely clueless.

"Just one of the classics." Relena winked at him.

Soon they were all settled in and the movie began to play, showing two guys in suits walking on a college campus. The movie finally revealed itself as 'Animal House' and Wufei wrinkled up his nose, not knowing what to expect from a title like that. Sally laughed at him and slid down off the couch to sit next to him.

Soon Wufei's confusion was forgotten, as they were all mildly buzzed after 15 min of the movie. Duo kept yelling to Zechs to fast-forward to the party, thus causing Quatre to hit him with a pillow. Noin and Zechs kept playing footsie, and laughing a little too hard at the jokes in the movie and watching Quatre act out half the lines. Dorothy and Relena were sneaking kisses to each other in between drinks and whispering to Sally to make her move on Wufei who was sitting there being a bitter drunk.

Finally Duo got his wish and the infamous Toga Party scene came on. Duo tossed everyone sheets and pulled out a pair of dark sunglasses. He turned up the volume and began to dance around pulling the others with him. When his part came he stood up on the coffee table and held up his beer bottle like a microphone and began to sing part of 'Shout' in to. The other laughed, cheered and through popcorn at him. Even Wufei gave into his urge to dance around clad only in a bed sheet. And when Zechs yelled that unintelligible phrase that John Belushi yells(1), they sure as hell all hit the ground.

-mean while-

Heero sat in his room typing away on some report, just like usual, it didn't matter that it was a Friday night. His hands moved like lightning over the keys as he typed causing a rhythmic tapping to fill the room. And even thought to the untrained eye, Heero Yuy, the Perfect Student, looked fully involved in his work something, or rather someone, was distracting him.

Heero was not sure why, after all this time, he still boarded with that noisy Duo. He was such a distraction when he was in the room and even now Heero could hear Duo singing from next door.

::Yes, Duo is loud. Yes, he is demands attention. And yes, he is always all over me. But I should be able to block him out by now, right? Why can't I get him out of my head?!?::

-back at the party-

Zechs was standing up imitating Otter's speech: "'shouldn't we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is to blame, then isn't this an indictment on our educational institutions in general? I put it to you Greg, isn't this an indictment of our entire American.'"

A loud knocking on the door cut Zechs off. Duo looked around the room at the 8 teens. Then slowly counted each of them making sure they were all still there. When he came up with 8 again he shrugged and got up to open the door.

"Oh, hey Trowa, come to join the party?" Duo asked the tall teen. Trowa just shrugged and walked in. He took a seat on the floor next to Quatre and the attention was once again back on the movie.

"ANIMAL HOUSE?!?" Trowa suddenly yelled. "You are watching Animal House without me?" All eyes were on Trowa and jaws were hitting the floor as the shock of the quiet teen yelling registered in their brains.

"Man, I must be wasted, Barton just yelled." Wufei rubbed his temples.

"You like this movie?" Dorothy asked, suddenly very curious.

"Doesn't everyone?" Trowa asked.

"Drink?" Noin held up a beer. Trowa nodded and she tossed it to him.

"Duo, you playing with the delta/omega rules?"

Duo sputtered. He couldn't believe that this was Trowa talking to him. "Yea," was all he could manage to squeak out.

Everyone was in major shock. "Did Trowa and Duo just switch bodies?" Sally asked before she fell over laughing and landed on Wufei.

Trowa looked confused for a minute then turned around to watch the movie. Quatre was grinning like a madman. He wanted Trowa so bad but was afraid to try anything and now he was beginning to think that tonight could be the night.

As the end of the movie neared most of them weren't really watching it anymore. Relena and Dorothy were making out like, well, something that makes out a lot. And believe it or not so were Wufei and Sally, who in an alcohol induced haze admitted their feeling for each other. Noin, Zechs, and Quatre were watching Trowa recite Bluto's lines ("was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?") and laughing like crazy.

With all that going on no one notice that Duo had slipped out of the room.

-in Heero and Duo's room-

Heero was finally finishing one of his reports. Duo's voice was no longer the dominate on next door, it was Trowa's. ::Trowa? What the hell is he doing over there? And reciting the movie? I never thought that would happen.::

Suddenly the door swung open and a very inebriated Duo, still just wearing a black sheet and boxers, strut into the room.

"Oh, Heero? Where are you? I've come to play with you!" Duo giggled at he what he thought was a sly pick-up.

Heero was shocked at the sight before him. Duo looked great wrapped in a sheet, and the way that Duo was saying his name wasn't helping this odd attraction he suddenly felt.

Duo sauntered over to Heero and sat on his lap, looked at him with a quizzical look on his face then finally kissed him.

-back at the party-

The happy kissing couples had stopped their activities to watch the final parade scene and then to all sing an interesting rendition of the theme song. This is not to say that the second the movie was over they all went back to their respective partners, this time Noin and Zechs included. This left Trowa and Quatre standing there looking at each other dumbly.

Trowa being much more forceful, not to mention vocal, when drunk made the first move by grabbing the smaller blond and dragging him across the hall back to their room where they didn't reemerge till the next day.

-Duo and Heero's place-

After making out like whatever Dorothy and Relena were making out like earlier, Duo got Heero naked on the bed and managed to handcuff him there. Duo, himself was naked and was just about to do many fun things to Heero when he passed out.

Heero's head shot up from the pillow when her heard the thump on the ground and looked down to see an unconscious naked Duo Maxwell sprawled out on the floor. Heero tried for a while to get out of the cuffs, but he was the perfect student, not the perfect solider, and therefore could not get out.

Duo woke up 10 hours later to a very angry, very naked Heero Yuy still handcuffed to the bed.

"The second I get out of these, Duo, you will wish that you were never born." Heero threatened from the bed.

Normally a person strapped to a bed's threats would be empty, but the glare that hit Duo from Heero's ice blue eyes was enough to make Duo "meep," grab boxers and run across the hall.

Duo burst into Trowa and Quatre's room to find them both asleep on the bed wrapped in each other's arms. Duo went to back out of the room but tripped on a basketball and fell knocking over a stack of book.

Trowa and Quatre looked groggley at Duo then laughed. He looked pathetic sitting on the floor like that looking like he had just seen a ghost. Trowa kissed Quatre then went to take a shower and leave Quatre to deal with his best friend. After all, the alcohol was worn off and the movie was over, Trowa had reverted back to his quiet self.

"Duo are you ok? You look like you just saw a ghost." Quatre pulled on some boxers then patted the bed beside him for Duo to sit on.

"Worse," Duo sighed. "I saw Heero's death-glare. I am never going back to my dorm room again."

-end flash back-

"So you're telling me that you passed out leaving Heero chained to the bed naked?" Quatre said between laughing.

"Yes, and it's not funny! I'm going to die." Duo was getting frustrated.

"Duo," Quatre said finally calming down, "I think you should take full advantage of this situation." He winked at Duo and shooed him out of the room.

Duo smiled manically, getting the idea. He gave Quatre a hug before running across the hall were he planed to take pictures of Heero in a naked rage, then act out all the dreams he had of Heero during his sleep.

He opened the door. "Oh Heero! Play time!"

Heero growled at Duo in anger but soon it didn't matter. Heero had just as much fun as Duo, but kept thinking about all the things to he had to do get back at Duo.


(1) if anyone knows what the hell he is saying could you please tell me? i have been watching this movie for years and i still can't figure it out, neither can any of my friends. so ya, if you tell me i will love you forever :)