ok, so i know that i am susposed to be working on "Perks..." but when insperation hits, i run with it.....And the result this time is a fusion with "Real Genius" staring Val Kilmer. it has been changed a lil (in order to make certain parings work..hint hint) and some of the dialogue has been changed due to the fact that a lot of this is written from my memory... so, lemme know if it is worth finishing... here we go!

Title: Real Genius -part 1-

Author: Znma

Archive: Vinyl no Miko's, anyone else, sure!

Notes: fusion, oc, ooc, a Duo who hits on everyone, ummm the doctors are kinda bad... or something, you'll figure it out...

A specail thanks to my koi, Fallen Angel for insperation, and to Vinyl no Miko for beta and archiving for me!!!

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[on screen]

* * *

[A giant pyramid shaped space ship enters the shot. It seems to be positioning itself at a target.

"Libra, this is Barge. Ready to commence operations."

"Target locked. Tracing target."

A small screen traces an unknown path on earth.

"Target confirmed."

A laser is fired and some where on earth a man eating breakfast is killed by said laser.

"Good work, Libra."

"Barge, I'm coming home."

"'The Libra Project.' Because there is no defense like a good offense."]

The clip stops and a group of men sitting around a conference table clap.

"That is quite impressive, Dr. J," Duke Dermail commented as he stroked his beard.

"Does the United Earth Sphere Alliance know about this?" Mueller asked Dr. J.

"There is no need to know of the project," started Professor G.

"Besides, OZ has approved this project." Dr. J finished, then turned to Dermail. "So, how is it coming along?"

"There is a slight problem at the power source," Dermail reported.

"Duke, I don't care what the problem is as long as I have a working weapon by June," Dr. J said while he snapped his claw-hand.

"I'm sorry, I am going to have to ask for a reassignment." Mueller stood up and walked to the door. "I urge you to stop this." When there was no reply, he left.

"That's too bad. He used to be a good man," Dr. J smiled an evil, and very frightening smile. "We are going to have to liberate Mueller."

"Liberate?" Dermail questioned, "Don't you mean liquidate?"

Dr. J cleared his throat and then said, "Lets watch the movie on blinding techniques then get some lunch."

* * *

Treize Khushrenada pushed his way (elegantly, of course) and passed all the parents and students at Central High's Science Fair. People were trying to swarm him for an autograph and an old woman came up to him.

"Are you Dr. Khushgrinida?"

Treize cleared his throat and rolled his eyes. "That's Khushrenada."

"Yes, well I love your show and I was wondering what Einstein was really like."

"Dead," he replied as he slid by her.

On the other side of the gym a boy with messy brown hair was trying to explain his first place project to his parents.

"See, it's a prototype for an advanced ZERO system. It improves a pilot's abilities to handle his mobile suit by boosting his reflexes and he gets faster in making crucial decisions on the battlefield. This is done by hooking up the brain directly with the system. Thus, it bypasses normal human interfaces such as visual, and audio input by feeding the data directly into the brain. The pilot doesn't have to wait for his brain synapses to tell him what he saw or heard."

"Oh I get it. So you don't have to know anything because the information is already there, right?" Mr. Yuy asked.

"Odin, don't ask him too many questions." Renzi pushed her husband out of the
way and straightened Heero's tie.

"Mr. and Mrs. Yuy?"

"Ahh, Dr. Khushrenada-" Odin started but Renzi cut him off.

"Is there something wrong with Heero's test scores? I was sick that morning and I tried to make him waffles."

"No, Mrs. Yuy, there is nothing wrong with his scores. I just though that I would fly out here and give you the good news myself." Renzi pulled Heero close. "Congratulations. Heero is the first student to be accepted for the winter semester at Romafeller Tech."

Renzi screamed and started to jump up and down.

"He's the youngest too, right?" Odin asked.

"Well, no. Actually the youngest was twelve but he cracked under the pressure in two months." Treize informed them.

"Heero is fifteen. There won't be a problem." Renzi told Treize as she pushed Heero towards his project. Treize stepped forward to examine it.

"It's a base for an advanced ZERO system to increase the fighting abilities of soldiers. As you know there is considerable research being done on projects such as this as well as mobile dolls." Heero explained.

"You must be very proud." Treize said to Heero's parents.

"Yes." Renzi answered then moved closer to Treize. "I was watching your show last week on radio active isotopes, and I have a question, is that your real hair?"

"Tell me something, is Heero by any chance adopted?" Treize eyed Odin and Renzi.



"Isn't it?" Renzi smiled. "Come on, Odin. I'm hungry."

After they walked away Heero turned to Treize. "They aren't that bad. It's just that sometimes they don't have the slightest clue what I am talking about."

"I'm sure of that." Treize stated. "So, Heero, are you going to miss your friends?"

"Well actually, I think I intimidate most kids."

"Good boy." Treize patted him on the shoulder. "You see, Heero, compared to you, most people have the IQ of a carrot. People like us are different. Better."

Heero nodded.

"In fact, I am putting you on my own personal research team. Now there has only been one other freshman who has had this honor."

"Duo Maxwell in AC 192." Heero finished for Treize.

"You've heard of him?"

"He is a legend in physics club."

"Well you are going to be working with Duo, and he is just as brilliant as ever."

Heero smiled. He couldn't wait to meet him.

* * *

"...And this is the main office. It will all be waiting for you when you graduate." Said Mr. Jenkins, the head of Sank Corporations.

Duo Maxwell looked around satisfied. He put his hands in his black pants' pockets, pushing back his open dress shirt revealing his 'I heart toxic waste' shirt. His brown braid snaked down his back and on his head was one of those head bands with the springs and balls on top that bob when you move.

"Duo I would like you to meet Lucrezia Noin."

Duo looked her over appreciatively. "Nice to meet you." He said and winked a big violet eye at her.

"And this is Dr. Une who just designed the Veyeate Satellite."

"Veyeate? Isn't that the satellite that is raining debris all over Eastern Euro-Asia?" Duo asked.

Dr. Une humphed. "Why is that toy on your head?"

"Because if I wear it anywhere else it chafes." He replied. "No, seriously," Duo said taking off the headband, "I didn't want you to think that I was stuffy. No fun. All brains, no penis."

"You are Duo Maxwell aren't you?" Jenkins asked.

"I hope so, I'm wearing his underwear."

"It's a joke!" Jenkins laughed.

"I can't help it. You guys are just too much fun yourself," Duo tapped Jenkins in the arm.

"Well, we try. Isn't that right Une?"

"No." She answered and walked away.

"Well, I have to go, but Noin will show you around. Be careful with him, he's one of the top ten minds on Earth."

"Some day I hope to be two of them." Duo put on a fake laugh until Jenkins walked away. "You are very beautiful."

"Thank you." Noin replied.

"So, how did I come off? Too stuffy?"

"Well, you sure don't act like one of the top ten minds on Earth."

"Yeah? How many have you meet?"

"Seven. You'll be eight. Dr. Tuberov was number six." Noin informed him.

"Tuberov? Isn't he dead?"

Noin got really close to Duo and said, "He is now." Then she abruptly turned around and walked away, apparently ready to finish Duo's tour.

Duo lifted both eyebrows and followed her.

-end part 1-

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