Title: Gundam Wing: The College Years

Part: 2/?

Author: Znma

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Notes:i had this burst of insperation while watching PCU the other night then i saw Saved By the Bell: the college years on late late night TnT or something and this is what came out... AU, OOC most likely, humor. right.

ok this one is kinda stupid but the fic elfs ate the first version of this part that i had. don't worry tho, fallen angel and i set them on fire... yea, the next part will be better...

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Welcome to the disclaimer, that's right the disclaimer. This American apple pie institution known as parental discretion will cleans and innuendo or sarcasm from this fic which might actually make you think, and will insult you intelligence at the same time. So, protect your family. This fic contains explicit depictions of things which are real. These real things are commonly known as life. So, if it sounds sarcastic, don't take it seriously. If it sounds dangerous, do not try this at home or at all. And if it offends you, just don't read it.

### = change of scene
//...// = thoughts

Its funny how quickly old habits fall back into place. The boys (and Relena) had only been at their new school (1) for a little over 2 weeks and already Duo was back to bugging Heero with no avail and playing practical jokes on Wufei. Only this time, Duo got Quatre in on the action.

So far Duo and Quatre had successfully "accidentally" dyed Wufei's white pants pinkish, convinced Relena that Wufei wanted to listen to her practice singing love songs that she wanted to sing to Heero (and that is not a pretty sight, let me tell you-) and managed to string all of Wufei's boxers across the room like you would Christmas lights.

While Wufei had gotten mad at these stunts, he was being pretty good-natured about it. The ex-pilots, Wufei included, weren't sure why he was taking it so well. But, if Wufei honestly asked himself why, he would have to admit that he enjoyed their company and even missed the little pranks while he was away. But Wufei would never admit that to himself, so he never asked why.

However, Duo was baffled over the fact that he could not get a rise out of the Chinese teen. So he began to plot what he liked to call, "The Fall of Wufei," and got Quatre in on the project. At first Quatre, being the kind-hearted person that he is, didn't want anything to do with Duo's scheme, but humor, like it usually does, won over compassion in the end. And that is why Duo and Quatre are outside Wufei's room, with Quatre standing guard and Duo picking the lock.

The lock clicked and Duo looked at his watch. "3:15. Wufei should be out of the shower any minute now."

"Just how do you know Wufei's shower schedule?" Quatre asked.

"His last class ends at 1:30 so he works out until about 2:45 then comes back here to shower then start his homework. He's like clock work."

"Ok but that didn't answer my question."

"Oh. Well, Relena told me. It seems that she has all of our schedules memorized so that she can find Heero at anytime." Duo rolled his eyes. "Can we say 'obsession'?"

Quatre laughed as they quietly entered the room and sat down on Wufei's bed. About a minute later the water was off and Wufei stepped out of the bathroom with a small blue towel rapped around his waist, his hair down and dripping down his back.

Wufei jumped and almost dropped his towel when he noticed the two smiling boys sitting on his bed. "What do you two want? Can't I get just a little privacy? Is it too much to ask that you don't pick my lock Maxwell?"

Quatre ignored him and began pulling Wufei towards the door. "Wufei, you have to see this! It is so cool, you won't believe it!"

"What? Winner, can't this wait? I'm in a towel-"

"Don't worry its in Duo's room. Its just down the hall."


Duo stood holding the door open as Quatre dragged the reluctant boy from his room. Once they cleared Duo stepped away from the door.

"Duo! Don't close the-"



"Oops, sorry Wu-man. Where's your key?"

Wufei growled at him, "Inside."

"Aww that's too bad. I guess you wouldn't want us to do something like this?"

Duo pulled the towel off Wufei grabbed Quatre and made a mad dash to the stairs.

"Maxwell! Winner! I'll get you for this!" Wufei went to run after them but quickly realized that he was stark naked in the middle of the hallway. A blush was already beginning to rise on his cheeks so he faced his door and waited.

//the other ones were ok. But this? Well, this has gone too far! Damn it, Duo should have taught me to pick locks. No that's dishonorable. But so is standing naked in a hallway.// Wufei banged his head on the door. //Shit! Someone's coming. Please don't let it be- fuck.//

Relena was completely oblivious to the world with her headphones on and reading some romantic novel that she inserted Heero and herself into. She didn't notice a naked boy in the middle of the hall, and she sure as hell didn't notice Quatre and Duo hiding in the stair well. Just as she got to her door she looked up and saw Wufei.

"AHHHHHHH!!!! What are you doing?!? Why are you naked?!?"

"Stop asking questions, woman and open the door!"

Relena quickly unlocked the door and Wufei ran in, grabbed his clothes and locked himself in the bathroom. Relena sat down on her bed and shook her head. She pulled out the picture frame that once held the picture of her father but now held a candid picture of Heero working on Wing Zero. She kissed the picture then ran her fingers over the mark of lip-gloss.

"Oh Heero, I feel like I cheated on you by seeing Wufei like that-" Relena rambled on about monogamy and her one true love but a part of her mind wasn't focused on that. In the way, way back of her mind a little voice popped up and said //but you liked what you saw didn't you?//

When that thought got to the front of her head she screamed "NO!" then promptly passed out.

If Wufei thought it was weird to find Relena unconscious with a framed picture of Heero on her stomach, he didn't say anything. Instead he marched out of the bedroom without giving the girl a second glance, and went in search of Duo and Quatre. "Justice will be mine." He said as he closed the door behind him. Of course, this time he had a key.


Heero and Trowa were sitting in the library studying, like usual. Both boys seemed to have the mentality that school is there new mission and therefore must devote all their time to their schoolwork. So naturally they were so involved in their work that they failed to notice when Duo and Quatre ran through in a giggling fit and hid behind the biography section. Even if they had noticed, it probably wouldn't have fazed them in the least, both living with one of them and all. However they did look up from their studies when a giant thud hit their table about 15 minutes later.

The thud echoed throughout the library and made Quatre look up from the book he was skimming *cough* making fun of *cough*: "The Autobiography of Relena Peacecraft: A Lost Princess Found." and Duo drop the game boy that he held. "Shit Wufei's here." Duo whispered.

"Wufei. Is there a problem?" Trowa asked as he eyed the giant encyclopedia that Wufei slammed on the table.

"Where are you hiding them?"


"Maxwell and Winner! I demand justice!" Wufei yelled and then got hushed by the librarian. Heero and Trowa looked at Wufei like he had grown a third eye. "Those two locked me out of my room in a towel. Then they stole the towel and just left me out there." Wufei looked down at the table as if he was ashamed of himself.

"How did you get your clothes back?" Trowa asked.

"Relena came back-"

Trowa and Heero both cringed at that thought.

"So where are they?" Wufei was getting mad at the other two now, also.

It was at that moment that Heero looked over and saw Duo and Quatre trying to sneak out of the room. Duo made eye contact with Heero as he silently begged him to let them get out of this alive. Heero sighed and mouthed 'you owe me' as Duo winked at him and ushered Quatre out the door.

"I haven't seen them Wufei, now leave me alone." Heero said with absolutely no emotion.

Wufei looked at both of them quizzically, then turned and left muttering about justice. Trowa waited a while before he turned to Heero, "What was that all about?"


"That thing with Duo-"


"Ok, but just to let you know I'm not blind."

"Oh, like your one to talk, Trowa."

Both boys glared at each other for a moment before going back to their work.


Outside, Quatre and Duo collapsed in a fit of laughter in the middle of the quad. "Oh god that was priceless, Duo! I can't believe that Relena let him in and that Hee-" Quatre couldn't finish his sentence she was laughing so hard.

"I can't believe he let us off the hook! Was that really Heero?" Duo clutched his side to stop the laughter cramps that were forming.

Quatre stopped laughing. "What do you think he's going to do? You owe him remember?" Duo abruptly stopped his laughter as well. "I can see silence in your near future, Duo."

Duo looked thoughtful for a moment, then shrugged. "Oh well, it'll be like old times again, ne? Besides it was totally worth it to see Wufei's face when Relena came down the hall."

Quatre's laughter started up again. //yea, it was worth it. And it does feel good to be back with my friends.//

-end part 2-

1. i can't think of a good school name, so there is none.

next time on Gundam Wing: The College Years: heero's first party and a new guest star...