Title: Gundam Wing: The College Years
Part: 1/?
Author: Znma
Paring: none in this part, eventually 1x2/2x1, 3x4/4x3, and 5x?
Notes: i had this burst of insperation while watching PCU the other night then i saw Saved By the Bell: the college years on late late night TnT or something and this is what came out... AU, OOC most likely, humor. right.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Welcome to the disclaimer, that's right the disclaimer. This American apple pie institution known as parental discretion will cleans and innuendo or sarcasm from this fic which might actually make you think, and will insult you intelligence at the same time. So, protect your family. This fic contains explicit depictions of things which are real. These real things are commonly known as life. So, if it sounds sarcastic, don't take it seriously. If it sounds dangerous, do not try this at home or at all. And if it offends you, just don't read it.

on to the fic:

Part 1 - the enrollment

The war was over. They had lived. It was unexpected, yes but they were glad.

The war was over and they all went their separate ways. Unbeknownst to each other, they all decided to go to school like normal teens. And if that wasn't enough, they were all enrolled in the same school.

Of course none of them knew this. If they did, most of these events probably would not have happened. But they did.

The war was over and they were moving on. Who knew that it would be together?


Duo pushed his bangs out of his violet eyes, wiping the sweat off his brow. He looked up at the three flights of stairs, then back at the three boxes that he had to carry up them. He couldn't, for the life of him, figure out when he had accumulated three boxes worth of stuff, but it didn't matter where it came from, just that it got up the stairs and into his dorm room.

Ten minutes later Duo had finally dragged all of his things into his new home; room number 12 (1). "Hm, might as well begin unpacking!" he said to himself as he began to pile everything on to the small bed he claimed on the right side of the room next to the window. Directly to the left of him was a desk, then next to that a door to the bathroom. The left side of the room looked exactly the same as the right, as if the bathroom was splitting the sides so you could walk in a direct line from the front door to the bathroom (2).

"I wonder what my new roommate is going to be like? After sharing a room with people like Wufei and Heero during the war, I'm sure I can stand almost anyone." Duo thought out loud to himself.

Once he finished unpacking most of his things (mind you I said nothing about putting them away), he had plugged in his stereo and was currently dancing around the room singing some song about a mail-order toy (3).

"I saw you on a cereal box, said it cost just three mere bucks. I shipped it off..."

Duo was cut off by the thump of luggage being dropped. He turned around and "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

He was standing face to face with his new roommate. Sure he could have said "hi" or greeted him with a smile, but Duo did the first thing that came to his mind- fainted.

Heero shrugged and stepped over Duo into their room. <<Now this is a surprise. I didn't expect Duo to go to school after the war, and certainly not this one. Fate, it seems, has stuck us together. Again.>>

Whether it was fate at the hand of some unknown god or the manipulations of a crazed fan-fic writer (although they are pretty much synonymous, ne?), we will never know. But Heero and Duo were paired together and it was defiantly going to be an interesting year.


At about the same time that Heero and Duo discovered that they were to be rooming together someone was walking down the halls looking for his room. The blond stopped down the hall to the left of Heero and Duo's room and looked up at room number 32. He looked at his key of the same number then unlocked the door and when in.

The blond looked around the room noting that his roommate had already chosen one of the beds and unpacked. He walked over to the remaining bed and started to settle himself in.

He was anxious to meet his new roommate; in fact he was downright excited. He hadn't had any friends besides the other pilots he met in the war, and longed for someone 'normal' to talk to.

That thought made him frown. <<It's not as if I don't like the other guys I do, a lot... but...>>


The blonde's eyes widened at the sound of the voice. He spun around.

"T... Trowa?" he sputtered. "What are you doing here?"

"It appears that I am your new roommate." Trowa stated calmly, even though he was more than a little shocked to find Quatre in his room unpacking.

"Wow, that is such a coincidence! Out of all the people in the school, well, actually out of all schools, we end up together. Again." Quatre said, both happy that he was going to spend the next few years with the closest thing he had to a best friend, and sad that he isn't going to meet someone new.

"Yes," Trowa said. "It might be nice to get to know each other without the stress of the war."

Quatre smiled and nodded as he resumed his task of unpacking. <<Yes, it will be nice. This year might actually be more fun that I anticipated.>>


Down the hall to the right of Duo and Heero's room, Wufei threw open the door to room number 5. "Justice." He said as he walked through the door. Being the solitary dragon that he is, Wufei requested a single room. However as he walked in the room he noticed to things right away. 1) There were two beds in the room, and 2) there was luggage on the aforementioned second bed.

"Injustice." He said out loud.

He could hear water running in the bathroom so he sat down on his bed and waited to confront his new roommate, hopping it would not be someone like Maxwell. Suddenly the bathroom door swung open and out stepped the roommate, who at one sight of Wufei visibly paled.

Wufei on the other hand screamed "ONNA!" and fled from the room.


Quatre and Trowa looked at each other as a scream filled the hall.

"Was that..." Trowa started.

"It couldn't be. Could it?" Quatre replied.

Then they heard it again: "Injustice! Have you know honor, you onna!"

"Wufei?!?" They both said together and stepped into the hall.


Wufei's scream brought Duo back to the land of the conscience and even made Heero look up from his laptop, which he had already set up.

"Did I go back in time? I'm sharing a room with Heero Yuy and I swear I just heard Wufei scream 'onna'."

Heero looked at Duo and raised an eyebrow. Whoever yelled that did sound a lot like Wufei. "Hn."

Then they heard it: "Injustice! Have you know honor, you onna!"

"It is Wufei!" Duo jumped up and pulled Heero out into the hall.

Wufei stopped mid-rant in front of room 27. He looked to either side of him. ::blink-blink:: Yes, they were still there, all four of them, looking just as confused as himself as each pair spotted the other one.

And then the reason for Wufei's screams walked out of the room and all 5 ex-pilots shuttered simultaneously. Relena Peacecraft.

"So much for a nice quiet year." Wufei thought to himself.


After they had Wufei calmed down a bit they were sitting around in the cafeteria talking, or rather staring at each other blankly.

Duo, always one to break the ice, decided to state the obvious, "Well, this is weird."

"No shit, Maxwell." Wufei retorted. Then turned to Relena. "And why the hell did I end up in a room with you, woman?!?"

"There weren't any girl's dorms left and you were the only single." She explained.

Quatre and Duo chuckled at the situation. Causing Wufei to bang his head on the table and mutter things like, "injustice," "no honor," and "why me?"

Quatre suddenly looked around the table as if he finally realized how odd the situation was. "What are the chances that we would all end up at the same college?"

Relena squeaked and then all eyes were focused on her. "Um, I kinda mentioned to Dr. J that this was a good place to go so that he would send Heero here and then I could see him. I guess he told the rest of the doctors too, cuz here we all are." Wufei narrowed his eyes at her. "No, the room thing was not my fault. I would not voluntarily stay with you." Then she turned to Heero and winked.

All they guys rolled their eyes. They didn't mind that they were together again but Relena??? And she still hadn't given up on Heero. One collective thought passed through all of their minds: Will peace suffer if we kill her?

Well at this point there was nothing that they could do about their living situation. They just had to hope that another war didn't breakout because of it.

-end part 1-

(1)ok so the room number thing is stupid but oh well, I couldn't think of anything else.
(2)Yea, I know dorms don't usually have bathrooms in them but lets just say these are high-class dorms
(3)The song is called "send it back" and its by Mustard Plug


I dunno how this is gonna go over but if you guys like it stay tuned for part 2 featuring:
towels and feelings, or rather lack there of.