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Pairing: heero and duo of course!

One more thing: If the format is screwed up, you can read this at http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/kasagirl/steam.html and you *should* be able to download the zipped up mp3 of "Steam Will Rise" that's it, now the fic!

"Steam Will Rise"
a GW songfic by: Zim

"Contain yourself I will compress what i am too"

Heero casually brushed against Duo's arm as they passed on another. Such a light touch, and yet it meant so many things. The two pilots turned toward on another and while their faces showed no emotion their eyes exchanged an infinite amount of love and caring. Without uttering a single word they pledged their lives to one another forever, and it all happened in an instant.

"Replace yourself with what you have your subsitite"

Heero saw Deathscythe go down, but there was nothing he could do at that time. He had to keep fighting, though the back of his mind raced with possibilities. He had to keep fighting. Had to keep fighting. Keep fighting. Fighting.

"Only wanted a peice of myself. Steam will rise. Esteem will rise. Steam will rise."

Duo was badly injured. His breath came in short rapid gasps as he lay on the ground surrounded by the other Gundam pilots. Heero desperately wanted to run to him, hold him, tell him how we felt... just in case... he didn't make it... but he couldn't. Heero knew he could never do such a thing. He was, afterall, the perfect soldier.

"Refrain confess contain repress pretend I'm dead."

Heero stood alone next to Duo's hospital bed. He watched as his beloved Duo slept, now breathing normally as he was doing much better. But Heero was still afraid. After what had happened in the Gundams he had realized just how much he loved his best friend. Sadly, he had also realized that he would never be able to express his love. With tears in his eyes Heero lightly touched Duo's hand. He wanted to say it. He wantd to tell him he loved him but... he couldn't.

"Abuse myself confuse myself I won't be led."

He had become weak. He was no longer the perfect soldier. He had fallen in love with a fellow pilot and would never be able to express it. The cold metal of the gun was pressed agains his temple. He squeezed his eyes shut and whispered almost inaudibly before pulling the trigger... "Duo, I love you."

The end

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