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"Duo wake up," Heero said, nudging his koi gently.

Duo rolled onto his stomach burying his face in his pillow.

"Duo no baka, you lazy thing! Wake up! Don't you know what today is?" Duo turned turned one eye on the Japanese pilot, but kept the rest of his face hidden. "Hn?"

"Duo!" Heero sounded hurt. "It's the wedding rehearsal!"

The braided boy sighed and sat up in bed, finally letting his love see his face. It was red and tearstained, and it looked like he hasn't slept all night.

"Duo what's wrong?"

"Heero there's something I need to tell you... before we can get married."

Heero sat on the bed and took Duo's hands in his own.

"There's some things you don't know about me... about my past that is..."

~"I can't seem to fight these feelings
I'm caught in the middle of this
My wounds are not healing
I'm stuck between my parents."~

"Daddy stop!!! Please stop! Please!" the girl cried out. She held her little brother close to her, trying to cover his eyes with her own tinyhand. She couldn't stand to see those innocent violet eyes witnessing such horror.

"Shut up Jessica!" the man roared.


Again and again he slammed the children's mother against the wall, until her body went limp and blood oozed from within her thick chesnut hair.

"Mommy!" the little boy screamed, as her body slumped to the floor.

~"I wish I had someone to talk to
Someone to confide in
I just want to know the truth
I just want to know the truth"~

The children ran as fast as they could through the trees surrounding their house.

"C'mon Duo! C'mon!" the girl screamed as she ran, holding onto her little brother's hand.

"Jessie what's wrong with daddy? Is mommy okay? Jessie? Jessie?!" the little boy begged.

"Mommy's fine Duo," Jessica lied. "And daddy's just... he's sick Duo..."

It sounded like a bear was after them, and as the two children slowed the bear got faster. That's when Duo heard Jessica scream.

~"Broken home
All alone"~

Duo hid in the woods until morning, alone and afraid. Jessie was gone, daddy had taken her, and now he had nowhere to go. Pulling his jacket close to his tiny body, Duo layed down in the grass and cried.

~"I know my mother loves me
But does my father even care?"~

"Duo! Duo get your ass back here!"

Duo leapt up and tried to hide, but he wasn't fast enough. The rough hand of his father grabbed his hair and yanked him back.

"We're going home!"

His father dragged him home and threw him inside. There on the couch was his mother, almost unrecognizable beneath the bruises.

"Mommy," Duo whimpered.

"Mommy's fine!" his father growled.

~"If I'm sad or I'm angry
You were never ever there
When I needed you."~

Duo spent the next few years of his taking care of his bedridden mother. Though she'd never been to a hospital to get help after the beatings, it was obvious that she had been badly brain damaged. Naturally his father wanted nothing to do with either of them and soon left. Duo never did see his sister again...

~"I hope you regret what you did
I think I know the truth"~

Standing before the two homemade gravestones Duo cried softly. After years of struggling his mother had died in her sleep, leaving the ten year old to fend for himself.

Beside his mother's grave was his older sister Jessica's. No body lay beneath the ground marked by the stone, but Duo knew instinctively what had happened. He knew his big sister was with his mother now.

~"I'm crying day and night now
What is wrong with me?
I cannot fight now
I feel like a weak link"~

Life on the streets was a tough one. Duo cried a lot and was beaten nearly as badly as he had been at home. At first he didn't care, all he wanted was to die and finally be with his mom and sister, but he knew he couldn't do that. He had to be tough, even if it was just an act.

~"Push it back inside
It feels bad to be alone
Crying by yourself, living in a broken home"~

He had no choice, he always told himself. Duo hated stealing, he hated lying but it was the only way he could get by. Every day he faced death, sometimes seeing it in the streets, sometimes in the alleywasy. Adults, children, babies, they all lived and died on the street every day. It was better to be alone... that way there was no one to miss when they died, or no one to miss you when you did.

~"How could I tell it so ya'll could feel it
Depression strikes me hard like my old earth would tell it"~

The church was different. The people there treated Duo like he'd imagined a normal family would. When they took him in he got to leave the world of pain and death behind him and finally just be happy. He could finally be a kid.

~"To me, her son, she told me I'm the one"~

They even helped him deal with the memories of his past.

"Duo, I have a surprise for you," he was told one morning as he came down for breakfast.

With a childlike curiosity he followed the procession of nuns to the back of the church. There, among the scattered headstones were two new ones made of polished marble. Duo dropped to his knees and clasped the cross that hung around his neck. Not long ago his home had been destroyed, taking with it all the evidence that his mother and big sister Jessica had ever existed.

Now here, two proper headstones stood in a real cemetery, forever marking their lives. It mattered little that no bodies were in that ground, for Duo knew that their hearts were.

~"Pain bottled up about to blow like a gun"~

The desctruction of the church marked even more loss in Duo's life and left him with even more anger. But again, he would not let all this loss be in vain. He would rise above it, he was damned sure of that!

Not long after he became the pilot of Deathscythe and met his beloved Heero Yuy, a man who though he might never be able to tame, Duo certainly would love forever.

And now, in just two days their wedding would make the pact official.

~"Stories that I tell are nonfiction
And you can't take it back 'cause it's already done"~

Duo sat in silence awaiting his love's response.

"I... I don't know what to say..." Heero stammered. "I'm so sorry."

Duo shook his head. "I just thought you should know, that's all." The braided boy stared down at his hands which were resting in his lap.

Heero gently lifted Duo's chin with his curled index finger and stared into those violet eyes. "They're proud of you y'know... your mom and your sister. I mean, look what you've become. You're a terrific pilot fighting for peace in this chaotic world. You're fighting so other families can live in a world different than the one you... we... grew up in."

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero and hugged him tightly. "Thank you," he whispered, nuzzling his face to Heero's neck. "I know..." he pulled away and smiled. "I know that they'd be happy for me. And I'm sure they'd love you. I love you."

Heero smiled back at his fiance. "I love you too."

~"Broken home"~

The End

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