Ok... so the writing slump isn't over. I think it's because I only have a vague idea of where this fic is going. So I'm just kind of winging it and not really liking what it's turning into. -_- sigh...


Title: Psychopath
Author: Yokatta, formerly Pepe (though still a Pepe at heart)
Warnings: this ficcie has a little of everything: AU, probable OOC, dark, angst-ish, violence, death, yaoi, lemon-ish, weird Duo, hysterical Heero
Pairings: 2x1, 1x2x1?
Disclaimer: *draws line* this is my half of the fic and that's your half... you stay on your side and we should get along just fine
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blah = flashback/narration


"What are you talking about? I don't even know you!" Heero replied, voice still high because of his hysteria.

"How about we get acquainted as soon as I clean myself up?"

"No! Get out! Get the fuck out!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Heero," Duo said with frightening calmness.
Part 3

The modern kitchen of Heero's apartment had become a battle ground. Duo leaned heavily against the wall he was thrown against, one arm lightly clutching his bruised ribs. Heero stood opposite him, a few feet away, eyes and stance both showing apprehension.

"I can't leave until I get what I worked for," Duo said forcefully.

"Explain yourself! Stop trying to confuse me!"

"I'm here to collect my reward. I did, after all, just commit murder. I'd like to think that there's a reason behind it. A good one, in fact."


"Must I elaborate everything for you? You're smart enough to realize that I'm here for you."

"Me!? What do you want with me?"


Heero was about to yell for more to Duo's cryptic answer when he was suddenly pinned to the floor, a hot tongue shoved in his mouth and hands seemingly all over him.

After a string of unexpected events, including Duo's latest actions, Heero's capable mind lost its capability to respond. But in that twisted way of the world, his body didn't lose much of anything. On the contrary, he gained something… a very stiff something. [1]

Heero returned the kiss viciously, gripping whatever parts of Duo he could reach. Duo broke away and reached into a boot for his knife, stabbing it into the linoleum near Heero's head.

Limbs clashed, intense and bruising, struggling for dominance. Loud grunts and ripping clothes. The squeak of sweaty skin sliding across the floor.

Duo winced in pain as an elbow collided with his tender abdomen and returned the favor to Heero's unguarded midsection. Sex became just another excuse to hurt each other. Red marks and welts appeared all over both men.

Heero became all too aware of just what was going on when he felt the searing pain of penetration.

"What are you doing!?" he yelled.

"You ask too many fucking questions," Duo replied with a groan. Heero wavered between giving into the sick pleasure Duo offered or reaching for the knife to end this rape of his body. Pleasure won.

Duo moaned loudly as he hit release, waiting just a few moments before pulling away and gathering his tattered clothing. Heero remained spread out on the floor, eyes closed and head to the side, severely disgusted with himself for surrendering.

"One last thing, Heero," Duo murmured from beside him. He extracted the knife from the floor with one hand while reaching for Heero's arm with the other. "This will only hurt if you let it." Heero whipped his head up in time to see the knife slice into his upper arm. He scrambled away until his back hit the lower cabinets, clutching his wound. Duo stood up from his crouched position and held the knife up before him. Slowly, his tongue moved forward and licked the blade clean.

"The first of many I hope."

"Get the fuck out!"

"I'll oblige you this time, Heero, but don't doubt that you'll see me again."


"Did Mr. Maxwell cut you often?" inquired Dr. Shaffin.

"Often? That depends on what you define as often."

"Once a month? Once a week? Every day?"

"No. Only after he killed somebody."

"Was the mark in the same place every time?"

"No, just where ever he felt like it."

"Did he tell you why he cut you?"


"When was your next encounter with Mr. Maxwell?"

"Exactly one month after Relena's death."

"Did he ever contact you in that time?"

"Yes. Every Thursday he sent me a blank card with drops of blood on it."

"How many of these cards did you receive?"


"Mr. Yuy, did you know that the blood came from three of his victims?"

"I figured as such."

"Why did he approach you again a month later?"

"He wanted me to be a witness to his next killing."


Since Relena's death, Heero had become a victim to paranoia. His anxiety and fear mounting with each bloodied card. He constantly looked over his shoulder, watching out for a killer named Duo.

But even for all his precautions and worrying, Duo's return caught him surprised and utterly off-guard.

He returned home from work late, opened his front door, flipped the light switch, and there he was, standing in the middle of his living room, omnipresent grin gracing his face.

"Hi Heero. Miss me?"

"If you're going to kill me, just get it over with already. I'm not amused by your antics." A mask of anger successfully covered his fear.

"Now, now. Where's the fun in that? And how many times must I go over this? I'm not going to kill you."

"Then why are you here?"

"We're going on a little adventure," Duo said obscurely.


"Yes, of course, `we'. Now are you going to cooperate or do I have to tie you up? Your choice. The boring way or the kinky way."

"I'm not going anywhere with you," Heero replied with defiance coating every word.

"Kinky way it is then."

"You really think you can get me tied up?" he sneered.

"Ooh! I like `em feisty! I'm all for a little rough and tumble, but you've got a point. So how about you come quietly?"

"Tell me where we're going."

"We?" Heero glared at the return of his own question. "The only thing your glare does, Heero, is turn me on. And where we are going is a bit of a surprise."

"Either tell me or I'm not moving."

"Fine. I knew you could be difficult but sheesh, this is ridiculous. I'm taking you on a hunt, so there really is no exact location."

"A hunt?" Heero asked skeptically.

"You'll see. Oh! I almost forgot." Duo reached into his coat pocket, bringing out a pair of black gloves. "I told you I'd get you your own pair."

"You're going to kill someone again?"





[1] Oh man... I couldn't stop laughing after I wrote that. It's soooo cheesy!!