Title: Psychopath
Author: Yokatta, formerly Pepe
Warnings: AU, probable OOC, dark, angst-ish, violence, death, yaoi, weird Duo, hysterical Heero
Pairings: brief 1+R, 2x1, 1x2x1?
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blah = flashback/narration


psychopath n. 1 a person who is mentally ill or unstable. 2 a person having a disorder of personality characterized by antisocial behavior, indifference to morality, and abnormal changes in mood and activity.


"Did you love Mr. Maxwell?"


"Did he love you?"

"He loved me, but it was twisted. I was his obsession. And I let myself be," Heero replied blankly.

"Why?" asked Dr. Shaffin.

"Why not?"

Part 2


"Answer the doctor's question, Mr. Yuy," grumbled Detective Alsher, who had remained quiet. Heero looked at him with disinterest clearly showing.

"Why did you let yourself be his obsession?" Dr. Shaffin asked again.

"It was either that or be dead."

"What do you mean?"

"If put into my situation, which would you rather do? Play along with some sick man's fantasy or be his next victim? I chose the former because he was insane. I kept him happy and he kept his knife away from me, for the most part."

"You 'kept him happy,' as you put it, for a year and half?" the doctor asked skeptically. Heero merely shrugged his slim shoulders.

"Did you become his companion out of fear?"

"Yes and no. Like I said, we both knew that I could have easily snapped his neck. It was common knowledge. But he was right about the surprise thing. He had an inherent capability for stealth, and if he had managed to catch me unaware, I wouldn't be sitting here right now."

"What happened after you disposed of Miss Peacecraft?" asked Dr. Shaffin, his tone halting on the word "disposed."

"He dragged me back to my apartment and fucked me."


The narrow street was deserted except for the two men carrying a dead woman, trying to be silent despite their hurried shufflings.

"Try not to get any blood on you, Heero," whispered Duo. Heero looked down to where his grip clutched Relena's bloody arms.

"Too late."

"Shit, is it on your tux?"

"Not yet."

"There can't be any evidence on you. Well, let's just drop her here and run," Duo said and ungraciously dropped her legs. Heero gently laid her torso on the cold ground.

"Too late for sentiments now, don't you think?" Duo asked. "Now let's get the hell out of here." He took off his gloves, turning them inside out, and put them back into his pocket. Grabbing Heero's arm, he starting sprinting, further and further away from his victim. Heero let himself be pulled along. He recognized the direction they were going, back to his apartment.

Duo stopped outside the building, catching his breath, smiling wickedly. He spread his arms wide and started spinning around, laughing, halting suddenly when he became dizzy.

"Doesn't that give you such a rush?" he asked jovially. Heero just stared at him. "We'd better get inside and start working on your alibi. Undoubtedly, the cops will come by soon and start asking questions. She won't go unnoticed for long," Duo rambled, moving behind Heero and steering him towards the front door of his apartment building.

"You know where I live?"

"Now, now, Heero. I wouldn't be much of a sta-... I mean watcher if I didn't at least know where you live." Heero glared and his hands clenched into fists, movements slowed because of the drying blood caked on his palms. Implications of what this person had just done finally came spiraling down on him.

"Just what the hell do you want?" he snarled, moving to face Duo who chuckled.

"Heero, Heero, Heero. Do you really want to be having this conversation now of all times? Have you noticed what's on your hands and just where you are standing? This can't possibly look good to anyone who might happen to stroll by."

Blue eyes narrowed darkly.

"Hey, don't glare at me like that. I'm just trying to knock some sense into you," Duo said defensively. Heero lowered his glare to less harsh levels. Duo took that as a sign of concession and moved to open the building door.

Heero stalked past him and up the narrow stairs, keeping his hands from touching anything. Duo followed and the pair climbed four flights in silence. Reaching the apartment door, Heero stood there, bringing his hands up before him, practically staring through his own appendages.

"Hmm... keys," Duo thought out loud. "In your pocket, perhaps? Don't mind me," he said lightly, lifting Heero's jacket with one hand, the other reaching into his pants pocket. He expected a violent reaction to his questing fingers, but to his surprise, nothing happened as he pulled out a set of keys.

"Remind me to get you your own pair of gloves, Heero." He unlocked and swung open the heavy wooden door. Heero once again moved past him and into the darkened apartment, apparently to wash his hands. Duo flipped the light switch, knowing without searching as to its location. Running water from the kitchen drew his attention and he watched as Heero became frantic in his attempts to scrub off the dried blood.

"Calm down, Heero, you're going to take off your skin as well." He walked towards the man, hearing mumbling above the sound of draining water.

"You killed her... you killed her... you killed her..."

"Welcome to reality. That's what happens when you slice through someone's throat. No one cheats me, so yes she's dead and I ended up being the one killing her," Duo reasoned.

"You killed her! You fucking killed her!!"

"I already admitted to doing just that."

"YOU KILLED HER!" Heero screamed, launching himself towards Duo. He slammed him against the wall, his hands splattering water and leaving red marks from his punches onto Duo's maniacally smiling face. Punch after punch on his jaw, his cheeks, stomach. Grabbing his forehead to smash his skull into the solid wall. Nothing he did could take away that smile. Chest heaving from the exertion, Heero lurched backwards as he discovered yet another person's blood on his hands.

"Finished yet, Heero?" Duo asked through bloody lips.

"What do you want from me?" he whispered hysterically.

"Right now I wouldn't mind a band-aid. Make that several."

"Why did you kill her!?"

"It seems as though you are quite the repetitive lad, aren't you? I already told you that she was in the way."

"In the way of what!?"

"Of us being together."

"What are you talking about? I don't even know you!" Heero replied, voice still high because of his hysteria.

"How about we get acquainted as soon as I clean myself up?"

"No! Get out! Get the fuck out!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Heero," Duo said with frightening calmness.





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