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Title: Prophecy
Author: Yokatta, formerly Pepe

Warnings: AU, probable OOC, yaoi, not much else yet
Pairings: 1+2

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A harbinger. I'm sure even on the remotest of planets, they know of these creatures. No one is certain of where they come from or even why they exist, but everyone knows what their true power is. And I've witnessed it. And I'm still alive. One rumor down, hundreds more to go.

I move closer to the fire, only because he implied he would be staying away from it. I sit and face the spot in the trees that he disappeared into. This will be the longest night of my life.
Part 3


I'm not entirely sure that I even realized when morning came. I never looked away from that spot, just kept staring. I knew that he was staring right back at me, even though I had no idea where he was.

Now that the sun has risen, I can see a darker contour amongst the foliage. He's lurking there, crouched low to the ground.

He can't come out into the light.

It never registered before that he was avoiding light, but now I know for certain. Across the dying embers, I watch him hesitating. This gives me more comfort than my access to a weapon. He has a weakness, one that I can't fully exploit, because I remember all too well as he crossed a sun-filled clearing to "mould" with me, but a weakness nonetheless. But everything that I know, he knows as well.

"If we're going to hike to the medical facility, I need to… well, you know." Even his voice is hesitant.

"Come here then." I need to test my theory.

"You know that I can't."


"You know that too." We're both struggling for the upper hand and neither of us is getting it. Stalemate.

"You entered the sunlight once before."

"We don't have time for this. I can just impart all that to you when we mould." He's trying effectively to portray his urgency. I stand up, grab my pack and take one hell of a deep breath. The point of no return.

I'm so out of touch, that I think he's the one moving closer. I've walked to the edge of the trees and he's now standing before me. Blurred form continuing to dissipate. The mist floats up, concentrating into a slightly oval shape.

I play the difficult role of the intended victim who must stand still and wait. My panic only increases as he drifts closer. And closer. And so close that I can actually see through him to the trunks beyond. There's something so delicate about his current form. I wonder what it would feel like to pass my hand through. I never get the chance to find out.

He surges forward the last few feet and I feel absolutely nothing when he absorbs into my skin. No pain. No fire. And most of all, no weight on my brain. But there is something entirely new to deal with. I can hear him. It's as though his words drift through my blood and into my head. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever felt and at the same time, the most comfortable.

He's telling me how to get to the medical facility. I follow his directions and start the journey. He's silent now, something I'm glad for but also not. It's hard to remember that he's in me.

I suddenly feel the organs in my body shift and settle. I run to the nearest bush and promptly expel everything in my stomach like there's no tomorrow. Wiping my mouth on the back of my hand, I realize that that doesn't happen normally.

"What the fuck was that?" Silence. Maybe he can't hear me. A slight poke at the very lower back of my head and I know. I just know everything. He can hear me, but if he "speaks" again it'll only make things worse. He didn't mean for my insides to move, but he was interrupting my lung function and had to maneuver outside my rib cage. I don't remember learning these things, but I know them to be fact. Is this what he referred to as "imparting"?

I gather my scattered wits and continue through the forest. The terrain is easy enough. The hidden serenity of this place is enough to calm me down and I let my mind wander for the rest of the hike.

I don't stop to rest until I can see the outstretched medical buildings. Large, flat, gray structures and all identical except in size. The compound is beyond the edge of the forest, a wide grassy plain between the two. That same poke to my head and I know two more pieces of information. I need to go to the fifth floor of the central building. And also, to prepare myself for the pain. What the-

I open my eyes slowly and once again I see treetops above me. It's still daylight. I passed out? From the pain. I remember now.

"What did you do to me?" Another poke. He fused temporarily with my skin so that I could enter the building unseen. But I need to leave my pack here because it doesn't affect nonliving things. Incredible. I'm invisible? Poke. No, not invisible, just undetectable. Which means I need to avoid contact with things. Infiltration, no problem.

Deep breath. I get up groggily and shake my head to clear it. I seek out the central building and start walking towards it cautiously. I see only one entrance on this side, but there are plenty of windows, small and square. There are few people around, but I must wait for one of them to pass through the door. I can't move it myself without being noticed.

As a short nurse steps outside for a cigarette, I slip in. The interior is the same gray metallic as the outside. I take the stairs up to the fifth floor and hunt around for the coma ward, maneuvering around the medical staff as I go. Success.

There are only three people stretched out on beds. The first two are elderly and I count them out. Further down the aisle is a young blond man, short and frail-looking. His eyes are closed and his arms are folded onto his chest, giving him the appearance of a living corpse. I take the chart out of it's slot at the foot of his bed and flip through the various sheets.

Quatre Winner. Age 20. Born with a degenerative heart condition and slipped into a coma after a heart attack six months ago.

Because of this planet's primitive technology, I hadn't expected them to be using internal respirators, but we're in luck. Quatre's got one and that should keep him alive long enough to get us out of here. Maybe even longer.

"In you go," I whisper. Nothing happens. Poke. I need to touch Quatre's body and he'll just go through the link. I tense up against the pain and grab Quatre's arm. The closed eyelids slide open as soon as the agony diminishes. He sits up, disconnects from the various machines, and finally swings his legs to the floor.

"Now, let's get out of here, Heero, before they notice him missing." The voice is different, softer and higher, but it clicks somewhere and I know that it's Duo.

We make our escape back down the stairs and out the building. No one seems to notice our presence, even though Duo is still clad in the light short-sleeved shirt and pants that all the patients were wearing. We step outside and immediately Duo hisses and runs for shade. Quatre's pale skin can't stand the volatile sun. I signal him to stay there, cowering in the shadow of the building, and run towards the trees and my pack.

The area is deserted as I run back towards Duo. I pull out an extra set of clothes that are too big for him but will suffice. The too-long sleeves and pants cover his hands and feet. He puts his arms up over his head and we both run for the forest. Back in relative cover, we catch our breath.

"What now?" I ask.

"We find a ship that's leaving soon and get on it."

"The closest port is on the other side of the forest."

"Damn. Look's like we'll be doing some more walking."


"What do you mean?" He looks startled.

"I mean that I did all the walking."

"Technically, we both did the walking during the mould, but that's all past and I don't feel like starting an argument."

"Only because you know you'll lose." Glare versus glare. And stalemate. Again.




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