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Title: Prophecy
Author: Yokatta, formerly Pepe

Warnings: AU, probable OOC, yaoi, not much else yet
Pairings: 1+2

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"Tell me your name, since you already know mine."


The name is strange and his pronunciation makes it sound like a familiar word.

"How about I just call you 'Duo'?"
Part 2


Now for the planning session. How to get him off of this hostile planet? His first suggestion does not go over well with me.

"I can't walk around without cover. Meaning I need to hide in a moving object, preferably one that's living." He looks at me pointedly. Uh oh.

"No. No way in hell are you entering my body again."

"Please, Heero. It would only be temporary until we could find someone else," he pleads. "I won't take control this time, I'd just be… in there." He gestures towards my head.

"How can I know for certain that you won't control me?"

"You can't. I see it's going to take a lot to get you to trust me."

"That's an understatement." He's practically begging me, but I refuse to give in. Now that I know what he is, I want him where I can see him and preferably well away from my person.

"It won't hurt this time. That only happens with a full moulding."

"I'm more concerned about letting a harbinger come within three feet of me, let alone inside." He actually looks hurt.

"Did I hurt you the first time?"

"No." He doesn't need to know that it hurt like hell. Although, I'm sure he already knows.

"So why would I hurt you this time, when you're the only one who can help me?" Any rationality I ever had is screaming at me to not give in, to grab my shit and leave, to not look back. Who said I was rational?

"I'm going to regret this."

"Is that a 'yes'?"

"Yes." The bigger his smile becomes, the more I frown.

"There's a medical facility on the other side of the forest. Half a day's hike from here. We should go there in the morning. The main building houses a coma ward." I see now that he had everything planned out. He knew I would agree.

"What do we do in the meantime?" It's taken me until about now to really understand that I'm out in the woods, alone with a harbinger. That's something equivalent to just throwing away my life.

"Well, you should get some sleep." He's skirting the issue at hand.

"What about you?" I have no intention of sleeping tonight.

"I'm going to be over there in the shadows. This light is too much for me."

"Doing what?"

"I'm going to knit you a sweater. Why, what did you think I was going to do?" Was that supposed to be a joke? He stands up and moves away from the fire, towards the opposite side of the clearing where he emerged from earlier. My eyes are glued to his feet and sure enough, each step burns away the grass underneath. Is it too late to change my mind about letting him into my body?

"Yes, Heero, it is." He never even turns around as he says it, just keeps walking away, back to his temporary home. It looks as though his form relaxes and dissipates until his outline is no longer as clear and I see the mist surround him again.

A harbinger. I'm sure even on the remotest of planets, they know of these creatures. No one is certain of where they come from or even why they exist, but everyone knows what their true power is. And I've witnessed it. And I'm still alive. One rumor down, hundreds more to go.

I move closer to the fire, only because he implied he would be staying away from it. I sit and face the spot in the trees that he disappeared into. This will be the longest night of my life.





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