Title: Prophecy
Author: Yokatta, formerly Pepe

Warnings: AU, probable OOC, yaoi, not much else yet
Pairings: 1+2

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The mist has invaded me and is turning me away from the men, walking me further into the woods. I hike deep into the forest at an almost frantic pace. It's nighttime before I'm being seated on the ground again, exhausted and beyond panicked. The initial shock had worn away long ago and being trapped within myself has taken it's toll.

All of a sudden, the weight that I thought would be with me forever vanishes and once again I feel ripping pain. The mist floats above me, coalescing into a more solid form, but I don't get to see it finish because I am soon unconscious.
Part 1


I first become aware of a crackling sound, then the smell of smoke. A fire. I'm lying down on the ground, no doubt in the same spot where I passed out. My eyes finally slide open and I notice that it was I who willed them to open.

It's dark, so dark that I can only faintly make out the shapes of the treetops. I keep staring up, not wanting to come into contact with that hunted black creature, but knowing that it made the fire and is somewhere nearby.

"Shlouw." It can speak. But I can't pinpoint where the voice came from. I also have no idea what it just said.


"Human." I suddenly have a very bad feeling. I knew well beforehand that this thing was not human, but was hoping it wasn't hostile. I was wrong.

"Who are you?"

Silence. I move my head around, trying to find it. Realization hits that it now has many more shadows to hide amongst.

"Are you with them?" I'm puzzled at it's question.

"With who?"

"The seven." I remember the seven armed men who confronted me soon after this creature attacked me. It wants to know if I am friend or foe.

"No. I've never seen them before. I am alone." I swear I hear a sigh of relief, but it must have been the wind.

"Are you alright, Heero?" The sudden concern in it's voice startles me. Wait. It just said my name.

"How do you know my name? What did you do to me?" I ask sitting up slowly, my guard up. It doesn't answer, but I catch movement off to my left, well out of range of the firelight. I can only tell that it's moving by the disturbances in the plant life surrounding it. It's coming closer, but it's dark form is still indistinguishable. Finally, it steps into the circle of light. The mist is still surrounding it, but it abruptly coalesces once again into a completely solid form.

This is the moment where I should run like hell.

It's skin is completely black with a smooth, sleek texture, like living obsidian stone. I've never seen one of these creatures, but I know what it is and I also know what it's capable of.

A harbinger.

I have never been more scared in my life than I am right now. Where are those armed men when you need them?

"Please, Heero, don't be afraid," it pleads. "Let me explain first." I'm too petrified to do anything but stare.

"Yes, I am a harbinger, but I am not going to harm you. I am being hunted, and I moulded with your body to evade them. That's what you felt. I know I had no right, but it was either that or be dead. I remained with you because I need your help. It seems that the people of this world hunt my kind. I need to get off this planet, but I can't do that alone, I'd be killed for sure. I can offer you something in return. A glimpse into the past that you can't remember."

During it's speech, the creature has stepped closer to the fire, the orange glow reflecting off that unnatural skin. It's male. I would call it beautiful, but fear keeps me from doing so.

"Let me say this, Heero. You carry a weapon with you, and yet you do not kill everyone you meet, only those that would attempt to kill you. I am the same way. I carry a weapon, but I would only harm those that would harm me."

"Is that supposed to reassure me?"

"Would you believe me if I told you that all the rumors of my race are untrue?"

"No." I don't mistake his sigh this time. His. Not it's.

He moves away from me and towards my pack on the other side of the fire, picking it up and coming back with it. His movements made fluid by sleek skin. He stops in the same place, still away from me, but close enough that I'm on guard.

"Here's a show of faith, Heero," he says and tosses the bag to me. I don't move to catch it, so it drops to the ground beside me. My knife. He's allowing me that one small comfort, though I still would have no chance against him. Perhaps I'm not his prisoner after all.

"What if I decide not to help you?"

"Then you will leave tomorrow as planned and I will be killed."

"How did you know I was going to leave tomorrow?" That's one more thing about me that's he's known. This can't be good.

"I know everything about you, more than you yourself know. From the moulding." He was inside my head, literally, and now he has another advantage.

"No, I don't, Heero." My head snaps up. "I don't have an advantage."

"Are you reading my thoughts now?" I accuse.

"No, I can't read thoughts from outside, but from knowing you so completely I can predict what you'll be thinking." He moves closer, coming to sit directly in front of me, back to the fire. "I also know that you are afraid, but that you would help those in need."

He's sitting so close that I should be scurrying backwards, but I feel a strange sense of calm. He must be manipulating me again.

"I'm not." His voice is defensive.

"Then why am I no longer afraid?"

"Maybe you've realized the truth behind what I have said." He's right. Something about his vulnerable state is making me feel less threatened. Logic is gratefully returning, but curiosity is taking over.

I notice now that he's naked, but it seems natural because his black skin looks like a layer of clothing. He's completely devoid of hair and any other type of markings. It's the grass underneath him that alarms me. It looks as though it has been burnt away. So not all of the rumors were untrue.

"My race has been misunderstood, but I still am what I am." He knows I've seen the grass.

"What is a harbinger doing off of his home planet?" Even though his eyes are also entirely black, I can see the emotion cross over them.

"I'm in exile." He chuckles harshly. "I've been outcast from a race of outcasts."

"Will you really tell me of my past if I help you?"

"Yes and no. I can tell you some things but not others. You've been forbidden to know most of your memories."


"Because of your prophecy." I shudder inwardly at his words, they sound ominous. "You shall become a wanderer at the end of your childhood, moving without reason across the universe, and at the end of your journey you shall embrace death." I nod as he recites the fate of my life, my prophecy.

"I wander and then I die. It seems as though we are both outcasts."

"All the more reason for you to help me." He's as smooth as his skin.

"Tell me your name, since you already know mine."


The name is strange and his pronunciation makes it sound like a familiar word.

"How about I just call you 'Duo'?"




Oh what have I done to poor poor Duo? Hehehe More anybody?